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Default Ugh. Feel so GROSS

I really kind of feel gross today.

I've been staying on my eating plan. I've been doing real good. I haven't gone over my calories in nearly a month. So far I've been down 5 lbs every 9 days (I don't have a weigh in day, just every nine days I get on the dreaded scale.)

I'm smoking half of what I used to, and yesterday I went to football tailgate (Go Scarlett Knights!) and had only 3 light beers (Becks Light...only 64 calories and 3.5 g carbs btw. Of course it was 9 AM too.) Everyone ate Italian Sausages and ribs and burgers with cheddar with potato salad. I ate my lean ham and turkey sandwich (2 oz. of each) with lettuce, bean sprouts, raw onion .75 oz of fat free cheese and dijon mustard on my 7g carb 110 calorie whole wheat wrap and a granny smith apple. (I packed it in my little cooler bag, I was so proud of myself!)

But today I got home from the gym after dumping out of my run at 1 1/4 miles (I was supposed to do 2 1/4 on the couch to 5K this week) and I felt like CRAP! I looked at myself in the mirror and I just felt so terrible about myself.

Some days I know I'm doing well and I'm SO proud of myself. Other days I just feel like such junk, like nothing is ever going to get better...even if the weight was magically gone the next day.Today is one of those days. I just feel like giving up and calling Papa John's. (But I won't. I can't.) I don't know. Anyone else have days like this? Tell me I'm not nuts?
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You aren't nuts.

The funny thing is, everyone thinks that weightloss is the solution to all life's misery. That as soon as the weight is off, you will be blissfully waify and happy.

Some skinny people are happy, some are miserable, bitter pills. Some fat people are jolly, some are sad.

What is really important to you? What do you value in life? How has that changed in the last 5 years? Other than your body size, how do you feel you will be different once you lose weight?

Ultimately, you are who you are, with fat or without.
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You aren't nuts - most of us have a tendency to take one failure (i.e. "I didn't run as far as I wanted to") and compound it into failures elsewhere. Be happy with how far you did go, proud that you've been doing so well with your food plan, and treat yourself to something nice, like a good book, your favorite movie, or a hot bath.
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Not crazy.

I've lost 70+ lbs. And still some days I look in the mirror and go "ugh!"

Most days I'm proud of myself and I know I'll lose the last 30 or so if I keep persevering. Most days I know I've accomplished something amazing.

And some days I just think "what's the use" and want to give up.

But you know ... everyone has days like that. If it's not weight, it's your job, or ... I dunno. Something. Everyone has something in their lives that they just sometimes want to give up on.

The trick is not to do it.

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Here We Go Again
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I feel the exact way. I'm down about 30lbs from my highest weight and I feel like I look so much fatter then I am. I feel like you can't see any differences. It's really frustrating. But then some days I'm like wow, look at that!

Ugh. I hate it. You're not alone.

It's not a diet, it's a lifestyle choice!
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i would chalk it up to hormones... i find hormonal fluctuations can really do a number on how i feel about myself.

going to scotland mini-goal >> 132lbs >> april 30
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I feel that same way some days too. But look at what you have done and be proud of that!
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Definitely have those days.

BUT the key is remember how far you've come. On days when I just don't feel like I have the energy to workout or whatever, I still give it a try and if after 15 mins or so I still feel like I have no energy I just call it a day.

It's not that I failed, it's just that on that particular day I needed to let myself go easy. Tomorrow is another day!

You're doing great so don't get too down on yourself.
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Thank you guys SO much for your support! I feel much better today and made up for yesterday in the gym.

I also put on a pair of pants this morning I haven't worn in a while so that made me feel good!

I wouldn't be able to do this without you guys!
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Old 11-12-2008, 02:10 AM   #10
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Great to see you feel better.

Girly, I totally feel you. I have plenty of moments like that. I'll look in the mirror and be "EW! Stupid ugly cow!" I'll see my sweet little roommate with her perfect body and jackrabbit metabolism and think "WOE IS ME!" But then I remember that I've been working my a$$ off since summer began to lose 35 pounds. I have changed.
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If it was easy to lose weight, everyone would do it and boards like these would not be necessary. You AREN'T gross, and you just need to hang in there. It sounds trite perhaps but it's true.
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This is so true for me as well. It has been going on a long time, and sadly I have let it get the best of me many times. But having this site to go to for inspiration and support will help me, and hopefully others out there, to get through the icky days, or better yet, turn them around into good ones!
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We all have them! I had that day Monday. I came to work & was like "urgh, I just feel so FAT today!" All my co-workers were like hey stupid, you've lost 35 lbs, how do you feel fat?! And their right! You have lost 22 lbs I believe was the number I just read, that's awesome! Think of what you have accomplished! And look on the bright side, you could of lost NOTHING and then you would be 22 lbs heavier then you are now! How would you feel then?
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you are doing so well and it's SO NORMAL for our minds to try to sabotage us. You were prepared at the tailgate party, you treated yourself a TINY bit and that's okay!!!! And doing less of a run than you had planned is way more beneficial than NO run and a papa john pizza right?

*hugs* This is the hardest thing you'll ever do... but you are! You are doing it!!!!
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Still plugging along on this weight loss highway!
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I know how you feel. Truly I do.

I have a friend who has never been over weight. She's pretty, smart, and has a lot going for her. Great job, awesome kids... Guess what? She has [email protected] days too! She sometimes feels worthless, ugly, lazy; JUST LIKE ME...a fat girl. Everybody has bad days....even little kids without a care in the world. You are not nuts, you are human! (Aren't you glad...)

You are doing awesome. Good job too cutting back on the smokes!
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