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Default It wasn't the one meal..

I have been, more or less, OP for low carb for the last 2 weeks. I've had some slip-ups (like the booze fest last weekend ><) but all in all I'm doing well, and getting better everyday. I weighed yesterday, and was down a pound from Friday.

But last night...ugh...we went out to dinner. I had three boneless wings (w/ a bit of bbq sauce and ranch), some fried shrimp and broccoli. No soda, no desert. I left full, not gorged.

I stepped on the scale this morning and I was up a pound and a half.

I keep telling myself it was just a fluctuation - probably my body reacting to the different, relatively "crap" food. I feel sluggish and weighed down today. I'm hungry, but can't stomach the thought of food (it's my TOM so that doesn't help).

Ahhh my body is punishing me for the fried shrimp!
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1.5 lbs is barley a blip on the radar of the big picture. Remember, TOM tends to make us hold on to water weight, also, the food you ate, while not total JUNK, was probably still loaded with sodium leading to even more water retention. Give it a few days, drink lots of water to flush all that sodium out.

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A couple things going on.

First, wings in a restaurant are about 200-300 calories EACH plus the dip was probably around 800-1000 calories, not including the fried shrimp. I'm not sure how much friend shrimp you had, but your meal altogether was probably around 1000-1500 calories. Shocking, eh?

Second, there is very high sodium in those meals that will make you retain water. So you need to drink water and let it pass.

Remember to keep in mind your "treat meals" and drinking can be much higher in calories and sugars than you think.

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The extra pound and a half are most likely to be attributed to your TOM, and to your last night's dinner.

Edited on Aug 14:
OOPS - obviously, I meant to say "and NOT to your last night's dinner".
I really must proof before posting!!!
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It could also be a reaction to the sodium from your dinner. Don't let that discourage you!
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