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Unhappy Ooops, I did it again

Gained back every darn pound that I had lost, that is. I'm SOOOO not happy right now.

I actually dreamed of drowning in a vat of sticky gooey fat. My life is right about to kick into high gear (working two jobs, about to trade one of them for one with more hours so I can get some money in savings, and also going back to school part time so I can go into a career change into the healthcare industry), and I feel like I can't get this one simple thing -- my weight -- down!

For those who have struggled and managed to do it, how did you make the change mentally? I need some tips or something, because obviously I'm not doing it.
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Hey Chrysalis,

Sorry to hear that you're so unhappy... Yeah, I've been there before.

What had to happen for me is that my health and weight loss had to be a priority. Put another way, it had to be more important than convenience or other things I wanted to do. That meant I had to make time to exercise, for one thing.

I was not sure I had the time. In the past I had tried, but "things kept getting in the way," and after a few weeks or months I would stop going to the gym so much, stop riding my bike every other day, stop walking around the track... you get the idea. Yes, I had to work. Yes, I did go to school during that time.

But this last time, I realized, as another 3FC member pointed out, that we all have exactly the same amount of time. 24/7/365. And we do have CHOICES about how to use that time. I figured out that I could afford an hour and a half each day to exercise, whether it was walking, the gym, hand weights, or a combination... And so I made it part of my schedule. It was on there in my schedule book just the same as any work project, any meeting, any chore. It wasn't relegated to a spot after I had done everything else I "had" to do--I found out that it was too easy not to do it if I left it like that.

As for food, I had to make a lot of choices there. I am a calorie counter, because I needed my foods to fit my own style. I figured out how and what I would eat, and I tracked my foods and calories with a computer tool. I still do! And again, I had to realize I had CHOICES, and I wasn't just at the "mercy" of what other people wanted or decided to do or chose to eat.

So, that was how I made this change in my life a priority. It wasn't always easy, but it was better than doing a half-hearted attempt and failing, or starting out really gung-ho and then dropping the plan because "something came up..." I had to keep on going. I used charts, I kept records, whatever it took to stay with it. And, I found it really helped to visit 3FC and read other people's stories.

Good luck, Chrysalis! I hope my experience can help you.


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Don't give up, whatever you do. Every one of us has been where you are. The key is to NEVER EVER EVER EVER QUIT. One day you will hit upon the right combination and it will feel righter than anything else has ever felt. Losing weight will be as natural as breathing. It takes patience and time. It doesn't happen overnight. Hang in there. You'll be all right. Be kind to yourself and keep your dream body in your head.
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Losing weight is not a little thing! It dominates your life!
You have so much going on, its not a surprise.
Firstly time to stop beating yourself up about your gain! Its happened and its not the best, but its not the worst!
Get back on track as soon as possible, try to see your weight loss as important as your other commitments, if not more, because you deserve to be healthy and with all that going on, you need to be healthy.
Always carry healthy snacks so you dont get caught out in moments of stress or lack of time and this should help to encourage you to continue your plan for the rest of the day, and the next and the next and the next....
Good luck
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