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Default MUST kick it into overdrive!

I'm looking for all the support and motivation that I can get!!! Sorry if this gets long winded!!!! My fiance and I were planning on getting married in Aruba next spring. Well, long story short the process/expense/paperwork wore me out so we decided to get married in September in Vegas instead.

This is my 2nd marriage, so I ordered a very cute dress from Nordstrom in a size 10 (I'm in a 16/18 now). I thought that would be good motivation (considering the original wedding date is over 9 months away). Well since we're moving the wedding up, I've exchanged it for a 16. In the Nordstrom world, I'm sure this will be closer to a 14. I ordered it online so I haven't gotten it yet but I'm just terrified that I won't be able to fit into this by then!!! My biggest problem is that it is a halter type dress and I hate my fat arms!!!! So now I've got 51 days to make some progress!

I was on WW and doing well, I promised myself a while back that I would avoid the get-skinny-quick ideas because of my lack of patience. But now I've got to get busy! I started Atkins yesterday but I'm still just so afraid of how this is going to turn out!!! Part of me says DO IT, buying the dress is the motivation I need, the other part of me wonders if I'm setting myself up to fail??

So many times before I plan to lose weight for something, fail, and then just end up "making do" with the weight, either avoiding the situation or buying a bigger size. I do NOT want to do that this time!!!

Any words of wisdom, inspiration, anything!!! HELP!!!
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We can help ....

We can help to keep you calmer as your day approaches ... congratulations btw

We can help you stay on the straight and narrow. Keep in touch. 3FC is here for you.

1 1/2 or 2 sizes in 51 days??? Have you tried the dress on? That may settle some of your anxiety right away.

Tell us what you plan to eat and do for exercise and we'll help you flesh out your plan.
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I'd say you've set yourself a pretty tough timeline there. If you're a 16/18 now, you can probably fit in the dress, no problem (the 16) but 51 days is not enough time for miracles. OTOH, you never know!

What I would suggest if you possibly can - is hire yourself a trainer and start lifting weights. I know that sounds extreme but I have to tell you that I saw the most best changes in my body when I started lifting weights. I lost weight faster and my body became more sculpted looking - even under all the fat. I wear sleeveless tops all the time now because I'm no longer embarrassed by my arms (I still don't *love* them, but they're acceptable).

Seriously ... a good solid weight lifting routine - 3 days a week, interspersed with HIIT cardio on the non-weight lifting days - abs every day - one day of rest a week ... you'll be amazed at the changes to your body.

it will require dedication and stick-to-it-ness on your part, but you can do it!!!


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Thanks guys----
No, I haven't gotten the dress yet. I had the smaller size one so I had a gauge for that but they only had the larger size online, so I'm waiting for that now. I think it will either settle me down or freak me out more when I see how it fits now! I think what I'm more stressed out about is the parts of me that will SHOW! LOL

I know I can't expect miracles but I don't want this to be like all the other times of just making do, I want to make changes this times. What I don't understand about our mentality sometimes, you KNOW time will pass no matter what you do, yet it doesn't sink in.

I'm doing Atkins and exercising with workout tapes (various kinds). I'm open to any suggestions!!!

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Jeeze, what a lot of pressure on you! I like having motivation for a goal too, but this just seems like an incredible amount of added stress.

Can you at least have a backup dress to take a wee but of the pressure off? I think the days leading up to your marriage should be full of joy, not stress! But that's just me

My words of wisdom are: make a detailed meal and exercise plan and absolutely stick to it. Be as explicit in your meal planning as possible and commit to it 100%.

Good luck!
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I agree on the advice already provided -

- start doing cardio AND hire a trainer. You do want to get as much body sculpting as possible.

- eat healthy - no junk food and no cheating!

- get a backup dress to wear just in case the one from Nordstrom does not work out. IMHO, it is hard to decide what size what be appropriate unless one had a chance to try it one (even in a smaller size). But I hope everything will be ok but in the meantime, you had a lot of work ahead of you. DON'T GIVE UP - YOU CAN DO IT!
Dearest Schumeany: Yes, those are size 4 jeans hugging my posterior. Thank you for being such motivation!!!
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