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Default Fit and Healthy enough for ... what?

I just read an absolutely ridiculous article comparing an elite athlete and an aging but fit actress. The responses were even more ludicrous. Myths, lies, conjecture, predjudice and mostly off point!

I thought that what it all boiled down to was that each woman did what she needed/wanted to do in order to do what she needed/wanted to do.

My friend who has a desk job does not require the fitness level that I (a nurse) do.

Since I only started working full-time last year, in order to get a decent pension, I will have to work well past 60. I need to be strong and have stamina for that.

I'd also like to be able to play with my greatgrandchildren.

But I do not want or need to do the things a competative tennis/soccer/hockey player needs to do.

Do you get my drift?

What do you want/need your body to do?

And please remember the no celebrity bashing clause here at 3FC. Thank you.

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I need to be able to be a very active mama for a lifetime. I play a LOT of softball and would like to play until I am at least 65. You laugh, but I come from a long line of dairymen and our bodies are whole milk fed and we're taught to work very hard at a very young age. I don't smoke, but drink occasionally. I also need my brain to last as long as my body because I am a court reporter. That takes a lot of physical (believe it or not) and mental endurance. I am less tired after a full weekend of ball than I am after a three-hour deposition.
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Little Miss Random
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i want to be a very active mum when i have kids....
so they dont go through the journey i have just been through....

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My husband and I want to retire from our current jobs relatively early (late 50's) and become full time RV'ers. We love outdoor activities -- hiking, biking, camping, kayaking -- and I want to be able to take full advantage of an outdoor lifestyle through my 60's and 70's, and heck, as long as I can manage. I will need strength and stamina to really enjoy all of those activities, and I'm starting now!
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I know many older people--in their 70s and 80s. Many of them are obese and have diabetes, heart disease, and all the problems that go along with an overfed, underexercised life. Others, in contrast, are thin and look undernourished and fragile. But every day I also see older people in my community out walking. The ones out walking seem normal weight, more fit, and happier.

I want my body to be strong and flexible.

I want to be able to stand up from a chair without using my hands. (I can do this now--at my highest weight, having a sedentary life, I couldn't do this easily.)

I want to be able to walk a few miles without doing myself in.

I want my bones to be strong.

I want to have good balance.

I want to avoid diabetes and high blood pressure.

I know I won't live forever, but I do want to have a high quality of life, and that means keeping up my physical fitness!


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Michelle the Vegan
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In regular life, I want my body to be strong enough that I can really enjoy my hobbies (running, biking, swimming, kayaking, hiking, beach combing, camping, landscaping, etc.). Anything outdoors!

As a fitness goal, I secretly want my body to be able to complete an Ironman triathlon. And I'm slowly working on that.
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I see my parents (both soon to be 82) going strong and loving life. Especially my dad. He still goes to the gym every day and even substitute teaches once a week. They go places and see things. Then I see my in-laws. Both in their mid 60's, both house bound and obese. I DO NOT want that for myself or my family. My husband takes after his parents, and I suppose I take after mine. I've known for a very long time that I will most likely outlive my husband. I've accepted that. Other than encouraging him and inviting him to go for walks there isn't much I can do for him. I make sure we eat as healthy as we can. He sneaks in the junk food. He's complacent in his skin. I'm not in mine. I think he's proud of me. Anyway, I want to be as healthy as my dad when I get to be his age and I want to feel as good as he does. I want my grandchildren and great-grandchildren to know me personally.
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My parents are in their early 70s. One is fit and strong the other is obese and nearly housebound. I hope to be like my Dad and not my Mum (although physically I'm more like my Mum). As they eat the same things food is not the key here but exercise certainly is. Since retirement a regular part of my Dad's daily schedule is a 4 mile walk and some simply stretching exercises. My Mum has never been physically active (other than housework and carrying food from the store) but my Dad has always been. I know what I need to do!

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Since I am not married and currently not in any relationship, I exercise to be as fit and self-sufficient for many many years to come. I want to continue to have more than just one dog and I enjoy my daily walks with them. I come with a high risk of breast cancer. Varicose veins and high blood pressure are also prevalent in my family. That's just one more factor to keep me going. Of course, there is no warranty that even if I lose 50 pounds I won't get breast cancer but at least I am doing what I can.
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I want to be able to get my underpants on by myself!!! Seriously, I could see the handwriting on the wall before I started loosing weight. I am dressing myself just fine now. I will be 66 this month and I expect to have a few more years where I need underpants.

Aside from that, I just want to be healthy.
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LOL - gail, I LOVE your answer! Honestly, one of the precipitators to my finally deciding to lose weight was my inability to do things with my kids. They are active and enjoy outdoor activities. I want to be able to do things with my grandchildren.

DH and I now LOVE walking and hiking. We hope to travel and hike when we retire.

But, Gail brings up a good point. I want to be able to do for myself for as long as I can.

Jay also brings up an excellent point - I want to avoid as many illnesses as I can, for as long as I can.

Bottom line, I'm talking quality of life more than doing anything extraordinary.

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