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Okay peeps, I need a little collective advice!

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Unhappy Okay peeps, I need a little collective advice!

My first week on my new lifestyle change I lost around 6 pounds. My second week I lost 1 pound. My next week I lost around 5-6 pounds....is this normal...I mean I know everyone says that there isn't anything normal about weight loss....but this week I haven't lost any weight...which is discouraging when I feel like I'm eating right and exercising.....it can't be the exercise....because I'm changing it up so that my body doesn't get used to it...I make it a little harder or go up the next level.

I keep thinking it has to be my food....I have been drinking more diet cokes this week....which probably means I haven't been drinking as much water......so that could be it....or I'm wondering about the content of my diet....I eat no more than 1500 calories a day......usually betweek 1300 to 1400 calories...this is what I usually eat more or less

Breakfast - I will have a turkey sausage, egg, and cheese muffin or cressoint (they are Jimmy Dean delights), or a bowl of oatmeal and toas, or a bacon sandwich with 1/2 oz of chips

Snack - usually a 100 calorie pack of cookies

Lunch - usually a cheeseburger with lean meat, fat free cheese, whole wheat bun with 1/2 oz chips or 1 and 1/2 oz fries, or a grilled chicken cassedilla, or fish sticks or something

Snack - 1/2 turkey sandwich and 1/2 oz chips

Supper - usually some kind lean meat with a couple kinds of veggies like corn, green beans or something like that

So....does it look like too many carbs ...I mean I'm eating potato chips but I'm eating them in moderation....1/2 oz at a time....I'm eating lean meats and wheat breads.....I just don't know!

Thanks in advance to all who can help!
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I think that you should focus on the big picture, which is that in 4 weeks, you've lost about 13 pounds. That's great! Your body will settle into a pattern sooner or later. Weight loss is always a little crazy in the first few weeks.

Your food plan looks good to me. Perhaps you could incorporate a few more fruits and veggies though and maybe a couple hundred more calories. Keep up the good work!

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No loss for a week (or multiple weeks) is not abnormal. The scale measures a lot of things and its not all fat. So you can lose fat one week but see no scale change at all.
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This is normal. And, to be honest, this is a big reason why people give up their journey so quickly into it. They see the big 4, 5, 6 lb loss the first couple of weeks (which is mostly water weight, as you cut back on the salty processed foods) and then when they settle into a 1-2 lb a week loss, they think they're failing and give up.

It is NORMAL for your body to fluctuate day to day and week to week. It is NORMAL to have upswings and downswings, even if you are 100% strictly on plan. Our bodies are not machines that respond with clockwork precision (unfortunately).

Now, having said that, it looks like your diet is awfully full of sodium high processed meats (sausage and bacon are killers in that respect) and prepackaged stuff. I also don't see much (if any) veggies in there and you should be getting 5-9 servings of veggies a day. I'd personally also ditch the 100 cal snack packs. I think they're evil! Substitute an apple or a banana or even a 1/2 peanut butter sandwich on whole grain bread.

I'd start working on more whole foods type of meals and less of the packaged and processed stuff. That will help (to some degree) stabilize your weight loss.

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4-6 pounds in a week? Daaaang, girl! Yes, it is perfectly normal to not lose any weight for a week after a big, quick loss. I know I personally lost around 12 pounds during my first month, then 5-10 pounds every month after that.

I agree that you should eat more fresh fruits and veggies simply because it will help you feel full throughout the day. Are you getting a gallon of water in every day? I don't personally think sodium is that unhealthy, but if you are not getting the proper amount of water in your system to flush it out, your body may be retaining due to the salt you're consuming.
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My Mom tracks her weight constantly, as well as her calorie intake, and she notices that without fail her weight will just go in cycles. She'll drop a lot, then a little, then nothing, then gain a tiny bit, then start the whole thing over. And it has nothing to do with her calories. This may just be the cycle that your body has taken on. I know how hard it is to go for a long time without seeing any change, but you've still lost 10-12 pounds in the process of around four weeks, right? Well by any standard, that's incredible!

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I dropped in cycles the entire time I lost weight, based on my monthly cycle - toward the end, the only time I ever showed a loss was during the week post-period. It's totally normal - weight loss isn't linear!
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I too would ditch the chips, fries and processed meats if you want to sustain your weightloss and improve your overall health. My way of looking at it is this: are you always going to be able to eat just a half ounce of chips or one sausage or once you have lost the weight are you more likely to eat just another ounce more or add on an extra sausage or two? The little additional amounts of these high calorie food soon add up and I know for me that these things are what made me get to the weight I did - it wasn't binging on huge amounts of food or eating regular fast food for me it was the steady 3 or 4 hundred extra calories I was eating a day.

I don't think you need to eliminate these things out of your diet completely, just not make them a regular part. Find lower calorie food that will bulk out your diet. Get used to eating fruit and vegetables so that they become a habit. If its savory crunch you want why not eat rice cakes or crispbreads instead of chips. I can't promise you a regular week on week weightloss by doing this but just suggesting this as a way of making sure all the hard work you are undertaking is not undone in the future.

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Oh yeah, it's normal.

You could do the same exact thing, food wise and exercise wise, 4 weeks in a row and get 4 totally different results. No rhyme or reason. It's just the way it is.

Not to jump on your case, you're doing PHENOMENALLY WELL!!! Congrats on the weight loss thus far. Keep it up!!! BUT, I would tend to agree with the others to switch up your food a bit. In the long run, it will be much more beneficial to you. Especially as it may get harder to lose as you go along.

For instance, that 100 calorie cookie pack, well an ENTIRE carton of grape tomatoes is 90 calories and soooo much healthier and more satisfying.

Instead of those chips, maybe some roasted veggies.

I will tell you that my eating most certainly did evolve as I progressed. I didn't have it all down "pat" from the get go. Heck, it's still evolving. .

I wish you continued success.
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You have done great, I personally would cut down on the bread, you are eating muffins, hamburger buns and croissants and toast. Lots of carbs and calories in these.
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Thanks soooo much everyone! You all are pretty much confirming what I was thinking! I just thought it was too good to be true that I was losing all this weight and eating exactly what I wanted to but just watching my portion sizes....I have lost 17 lbs since June 24th....I know that is great...and I'm not lookin' to quit. I'm just looking to do the right thing! I know I didn't gain it all over night so I'm not going to lose it all over night...I also know there will be on and off weeks....I realize I will gain muscle and that muscle weighs more than fat....so I can stand the not losing for a while or a slight loss for a while ...knowing that I'm getting heathier and knowing I may be building muscle that will in turn burn off more fat....I have changed alot of my ways of thinking....but I really think I need a revamp on my food!

I was concerned about the sodium and carbs and that seems to be the general idea in everyone's threads.....I think I'm gonna kick the diet colas for a while...they just keep me from drinking enough water and they do have sodium in them...not much ...but it all adds up!

Sooooo...sounds like I need to work on fruits and veggies, lean unprocessed meats, and cutting out some sodium and sugary sweets that are carb loaded!!

I use Wednesdays to plan my meals for the week and make out my grocery list.....so I'm fixing to go do that incorperating everyone's ideas...if you guys don't mind...please check back later...I'm going to post my menu here and see if I can get some feedback!

Thanks everyone soooo much!
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Like Robin, my eating has also progressed and evolved as I go along. I applaud your dedication---and envy your lovely loss! I used to be kind of a hard core calorie counter---I could eat anything as long as it was in my calorie range. But now I really focus on quality healthy nutrition. I think you are starting off very well, but I also agree with the others that focusing on some nutrition changes might be a good idea.

Leafy greens, fresh fruits, lean protein. Bacon for me is so rare right now. Maybe 3 times a year? Maybe?

Again, I think that overall you are doing great and I think your weight loss will be just fine. But I also think that as you go along, and this lifestyle change starts to stretch out over the years, I'll bet your tastes will change and you will look to pack each bite with as much nutrition as possible.
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On a side note I would consider cutting back or ditching the diet soda. Some recent studies show that it can affect some just as much as regular Coke. Carbonated drinks in general cause bloating for some odd reason. Also, arbonated sodas contain sodium causing your body to retain water.

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McKenzie, I'm so glad you're open to do some "tweaking".

Sure those 100 calorie packs taste good. But the good, for me anyway ends there. I need to keep my stomach full and those just don't cut the bill. They make me munch-y and wanting MORE 100 calorie packs. I need fiber (and protein) and lots of it to keep my going and keep me on plan. Same thing with the bread. It just makes me want MORE bread. When you're eating a set amount of calories, you will see that you want to make every single one COUNT. In many different ways.

Carbs are good by the way. Just the "right" ones. Most veggies are loaded with them. Fruits too. But the difference is, is that along with the carbs, they've got LOTS of OTHER good stuff with them. Like fiber and vitamins. Leaves you waaaay more satisfied.

I'm EXCITED for you as you make this change. Can't wait til you check back in and let us know how you're doing. Good luck!
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Okay I have been studying my healthy nutrition books and cookbooks. This is going to be soooo hard! I didn't have much of a problem coming up with ideas for breakfast or snacks...the hart part wasn't even what to have for lunch or dinner....it was...what do I eat with them! SO, my main problem is side dishes
so this is what I have for next week -

Monday -
B - Oatmeal with a banana
L - Lean Cuisine Meal (anything with less than 400 calories)
D - Baked Tilapia with white beans (cooked from dry beans without salt), and carrots

Tuesday -
B -Corn Chex cereal with skim milk and strawberries
L - Grilled chicken cassedillas (grilled chicken, onions, green bell peppers, cheese)
D - Cornish game Hen (without the skin), left over white beans, broccoli with cheese sauce (its lowfat and only 45 calories per serving)

Wednesday -
B - Bacon sandwich (The bread I use is wheat and only 35 calories a slice, the bacon I use is a ready to eat...it is only 70 calories and 6 grams of fat for 3 slices)
L - Hotdogs (again wheat buns 80 calories) and not real hotdogs they are turkey or something...like 70 calroes and 2.5 grams of fat
D - Sirloin steak grilled with 1/2 baked potato with cheese and sour cream

Okay so you get the general idea...does this look any better...I just don't know what to eat with sandwiches, hotdogs, and burgers anymore cause I always have fries, or chips or something????? I don't think I could do raw celery or carrots but I would be up for trying anything

I'm not thrilled about this menu....I already feel like I'm going to fail
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