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Time To Do This Thing
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Default struggling to get on plan... sugar addict

have been struggling to get it together and get on plan. keep picking a day, today, tomorrow, sunday, monday, any day.

as a sugar addict it is hard to get through any days at all w/o. but, once on plan even for that one day, definitely notice feeling better, but the cravings and addiction are still there really strong and can undo the plan the next day. have even been on plan for a week or two or more only to go back to sugar.

really trying hard to do this for all the obvious health reasons, and to feel better about myself. but also have a special event in mid-november and starting to worry that time is running out (at least for that event, which is really important, maid of honor at best friend's wedding ).

started off feeling enthusiastic, if a little panicked about the sugar situation, but hoped to have made progress by now and been able to possibly post about achieving a mini-goal of a pound or two and posting what was working for me and offering support to others. now just feel panicked and sort of desparate.

anyone with advice on getting over those intial hurdles and getting started? also, any reformed sugar addicts out there with any advice?

thanks in advance for any words of wisdom!

p.s. realize that some of these themes can be sort of universal, so if topic is covered elsewhere, apologies for the duplication, and feel free to redirect me to other threads to read. thx

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I don't know that I'm quite reformed when it comes to sugar addiction... but I've been doing pretty well at managing it lately. First thing I had to do was find out what it was that would satisfy a sugar craving and, more importantly, what would head it off at the pass so that I wouldn't even have to battle with it. (Part of this is also finding out what triggers one - my strongest cravings were triggered as opposed to a state of being.) Often if I send my brain a signal that I am satiating my desire for sugar, it will quiet down and I can get through the rest of the day without problem. For me, fighting it was the worst thing I could be doing, because I resist myself when I feel I am being too restrictive and will end up in the bottom of a bucket of ice cream.

So if I got a sugar craving, I'd have something reasonably sweet. Toast with jam worked, no-sugar-added fudgecicles worked, and low-fat (but not sugar-free) yogurts worked. These things aren't as bad as a bag of candy, but will still quiet that sugar clamoring. At least, this is how it worked for me. A lot of people are going to say go cold turkey, the first days are the worst but you can just make it through those and you'll be fine -- well, I say one size does not fit all. I certainly couldn't follow that trick no matter how hard I try.

Funny thing is, now that I've taught the sugar craving center of my brain that it won't be ignored, that I will let it have what it wants every now and again (in the form and portion of my rational side's choosing), it's quieter than it ever has been. It doesn't feel the need to speak up as often. Who knows what goes on upstairs but it seems the right part of my brain has won the battle.

As for your friend's wedding, there is still time to lose some weight before then. Don't be too panicked about it. Take it one step, one day at a time. And remember: people are going to that wedding to see the bride anyway! If there's one thing that being a maid of honor and then a bride has taught me, it's that the rest of the wedding party is pretty invisible for a large part of the event. It's just the freakin' bride.
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I completely relate to you as sweets are my big downfall, too. Sometimes what helps is 1) setting a specific date for when I can have a decadent dessert and then, 2) eat it as I imagine a "naturally" thin person would (i.e., a person who has never had a weight problem).

With regard to #1, I think it's important to know that at sometime in the future, you can satisfy your craving. For me, if all I see ahead of me is one long road of deprivation, I'm more likely to chuck the whole plan and pig out. When I finally do have my dessert, that's when #2 comes into play. I'll think of how a "naturally" thin person might eat that dessert. A thin person would enjoy it, savor it, but a "naturally" thin person would not use that one dessert as a reason to pig out on other sweets the rest of that day or the next. Sometimes thinking of myself as a thin person leads to me acting like one.
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Bringin' Sexy Back
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Hey there Sister!

I say sister, because we might as well be...our stats are very close..and we share sugar addiction... I have managed to lose weight while continuing to have sugar but I was still having the sugar moods, severe pms, and symptoms of rollercoasting blood sugar..

I found two books that changed my life...and two websites...3fc has been instrumental in my support...this forum has supported me...uplifted me and gave me most of the tools that I needed to succeed at weightloss so you have a great beginning!!! The other things was Potatoes Not Prozac & Sugar Addict's Total Recovery Program by Kathleen Desmaisons... Don't be thrown by the titles...you really need to check them out if you are sugar addicted...get them at the library if you don't want to take the chance on them at the store...I started with the library and then immediately went and bought them. Also...check out her website www.radiantrecovery.com you will find a lot of information there to determine if the program might be right for you. I have been on it for 1 month and it has changed my life...and my family's life...they are thrilled with the new me! I know now that I am on my way to healing, check out my blog if you don't believe me!!! lol

I wanted you to know that you are not alone...and there is help...you can change your life! I always had it in the back of my mind that I had some sort of Eating Disorder...now I know that I was biochemically set up!!! It is an amazingly freeing experience! I hope this helps...


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Time To Do This Thing
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thank you! suitejudyblueeyes, lynnm39, and ravengirl, thank you so much for responding and for your support, it really means a lot.

knowing that other people have struggled with similar issues, and to hear about the things that have worked for you is very helpful. a great reminder that it is possible to move forward. going to try using the suggestions that have worked for all of you and look into the books and site you mentioned too ravengirl.

dusting off and getting ready to keep going and try again.

thanks again!
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aka Sarah
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The only thing that has ever worked for me with sugar is to quit it completely. I'm not someone who can be moderate with sugar.

However, there's nothing I've had to "give up" in order to quit sugar. If I want ice cream...I can buy sugar-free ice cream. If I want to bake cookies or brownies, I bake cookies or brownies...without sugar in them. This weekend I'll be making a cake or a cheesecake for my husband and I for our wedding anniversary--sugarless.

Since you are trying to stay on plan but then go off repeatedly, I'd suggest taking a look at your environment and habits and see what's triggering you. Do you keep sugary food in your home? Is there sugary food near you in the workplace? Are you snacking regularly so you don't get overcome with cravings and feel like you need sugar? It's really important to pay attention to environment and habits and take control and then fine-tune if you want to get off sugar.
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Karen: La Cicciona
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I beat my pretty intense sugar addiction by giving up all bread, rice, dessert foods, pasta, etc. for a few months. The first two days are rough, but after that the sugar in your system that is making you have these cravings will dissipate. I'm gradually adding some whole grain carbs back into my diet, but only because I feel under control now and now I know what had been causing my cravings, so I can be vigilant in the future and I know that if I eat the recommended 300 g's of carbs a day I will be an unstoppable eating machine. I hover anywhere between 50 - 100g's of carbs a day now and I don't binge anymore.

Give it a try -- the first few days are SO rough, so get rid of anything in your environment that is starchy or sugary and grit your teeth. Check out the low-carb forums for ideas of what to eat and what to avoid during this phase.
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