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Unhappy Eye Opener ~ Belly Buster!

Tomorrow is the first anniversary of my "journey of better choices." As I was going through my journal, and adding things up, I got to wondering how many pounds I have lost due to not fast food eating. Of course I don't really know, but I do know that I have had fast food just a few times this year.This got me to wondering how many calories I did not have this year.

I went online and looked up some of my old normal fast food meals.


1 Sourdough Ultimate Cheeseburger
1 Large Fry
2 Tacos...why not they are only a buck
1 Jr. bacon Cheeseburger...just in case



2 Doublecheese Burgers...small and only a buck
1 Double QuarterPounder w/cheese
1large Fry



2 Twisters
3 Drumsticks
1 Coleslaw
1 potatoes/Gravy
1 Biscuit



2 Crunchy Tacos
1 Enchirito
2 Bean Burritos
1 Burrito Supreme



2 Crunchy Tacos
2 Crispy Fish Tacos
1 Del Beef Burritos
2 Cheese Quesadillas


.................................................. .............

Now it is very-very rare that Angie and I go for fast food for dinner. We generally do KFC once maybe twice a year for that fix, we will go to Rubio's once or twice a year and we have on occasion gone to the burger joints because of various reasons. Most of my fast food was done on the week-ends for lunch, I would run down to the corner, about a mile away where it is a FAST FOOD HEAVEN!, sometimes I would go if Angie was out of town.

I know many of you gals will be floored...but I don't really see these meals as being way too much food! for a man... Plenty of course!

I know people that eat meals like this several times a week, some as much as 5-6 times.

Anyway, not trying to ruin your appetite if you are going fast fooding for dinner...just wanted to share...Lord knows I shouldn't eat all this on my own!
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Definitely an Eye Opener!! lol I used to grab fast food on the way home after work- totally shocking- I love that you say, but its only a buck- because that's how our brains are programmed!!! LOL I will still do that if everyone is having mcdonalds... Oh just bring me two wraps they're only a dollar fifty LOL One of lifes little lessons, that NEEDS to be learned LMAO Thanks for posting
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No description available.
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I think that any of us with binge histories can understand that amount of food---male or female (not saying that you were binging, but some of us women have eaten that much).

Fast food was a large part of my weight problem too.

Congrats on your 1 year anniversary.
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Wowza, Gary! Yeah, from a chick perspective, I'm thinking, "GEESH that is A LOT of food!" BUT most guys I know eat meals like that, it's true!

You also work in construction, correct? I manage the office for a construction/maintenance company; most of the employees are young guys who eat meals like that every day and believe their job is all the working out they will ever need. They are not fat right now, but I'd hate to see how age is going to treat them

Oh... I remember when I was thin (I had a "naturally" thin period of my life where I ate what I wanted, didn't think I exercised, didn't gain weight, but I was more active than I gave myself credit for), I would sometimes go to Arby's when they had the 5 melts for $5 deal. I would usually eat 3 and give 2 to my sister... or eat 2-3, save the remainders for later

It IS really eye opening how many calories fast food has. I rarely eat it anymore and when I do, I get something very small like 5 chicken nuggets or some small fries. In the end, it's better for our health anyway even if weight was not in the equation.
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Question -- when you guys eat this type of fast food, don't you get hungry fairly soon after eating it? I'm not a ff eater, never even ate at a fast-food (McD's, BK, etc.) until I was nearly 20. I don't find it appealing at all and think it tastes disguisting (sorry, no offense ). On the rare occasions when I've eating it, I'm always, always feeling the 'ick' in my stomach and am hungry w/in 2 hrs or so -- like I didn't even eat. It's such a vast amt. of crap (um, yeah I know they call it food) for such a huge amt. of cals that I just can't wrap my head around it. If it kept me full for awhile . . . maybe. How do these young studly guys eat this stuff and have energy to do the work they do? How do they eat this stuff and not spend the afternoon in the spot-o-pot?
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Happy anniversary!!!!

Dearest Schumeany: Yes, those are size 4 jeans hugging my posterior. Thank you for being such motivation!!!
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FRIEDGREEN and BABY CATCHER thank you for the anniversary wishes

HAT TRICK and SHANE...Most of the time the guys I know that go grab fast food for lunch don't eat quite those amounts for lunch...but they do for dinner. I have always brought my lunch to work, you can't always count on being close to a fast food joint or that the coffee truck will come on time at some of our jobs. My experiences with those meals have been to take a nap after, if it is a week-end lunch. If it is a meal for dinner...consider me done, but no, I personally never felt hungry after...stuffed like a turkey would be more like it!

BETTYRED ~ Yep...when it is "ONLY" a $buck$ who can resist?

OH...FRIEDGREEN...NOT! eating that cake until I get down a few more...feel free to share with everyone
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Happy Anniversary Angie & Gary!

Thanks for posting that Gary. I can't seem to "do" fast food anymore. it makes me so sick to my stomach, it just isn't worth it. I do need a fried chicken fix every now & then, but I suffer afterwards. *sigh*

I think it's weird that I can look at a persons plate anymore and calculate about how many calories they are eating, lol! I do it with jess all the time. I'll be like, "Are you aware that you are about to partake in 24oo calories in that one plate?" And he's like "yeah...and?" Naturally skinny people make me wanna hurl.

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S/C/G: 201/186/180

Height: 6'


Thank You DIVA...but just so you are clear on it...the anniversary is for my "journey of better choices" which I started July 23rd last year
As long as I live I will TESTIFY HIS LOVE!
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I never go to those places :x

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Happy Anniversary!

I havn't eaten fast food for years anyway due to being vegetarian and reading about the ingredients they use in everything! I have a 230 cal salad-only-and-nothing-else subway sometimes, but rarely.

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