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Default Gotta give it up...

I drink one cup of coffee (well, my coffee pot makes a 2 cup cup of coffee) with 2 TBSP fat free french vanilla creamer in it every morning. On Sundays I sometimes drink more. But as my weight goes down and so do my calories I REALLY don't want to be drinking my calories. That's 50 calories every morning right off the bat that I could save for something more filling.

So, my question is, should I replace it with a dt coke or something so I don't go cold turkey without the caffeine or just stop. I only treat myself to a dt coke or dt dr pepper once every 3 or more days. If it's really hot I just continue to drink water and I always make sure I have at least 2 32 oz bottles done before I have the soda so the coffee really is my only means of caffeine.

What would you do? I'm really going to miss it but don't you think it's crazy to spend 50 cals on a drink?
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It depends on what is really important to you. If you love that one, great cup of coffee in the morning, then don't let it go.

I love a latte each day. I make it myself with 1% milk and it is 125 calories. Yes, I am drinking some of my calories, but to me, it is worth it. Having that latte is my little piece of heavenly "me" time. It is satisfying and hot and makes me happy. And, the calcium and protein in the milk are good for me. Yes, I tell myself that that daily latte is health food. That is my story. And I am sticking to it!
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I don't think I could ever give up coffee. Maybe just use a little bit of skim milk instead of the creamer. If you don't like the taste, try to gradually cut back on the creamer, replacing it with the skim milk. Eventually, you'll get used to the flavor. 2 oz of skim milk is 20 calories, but milk is good for you, so it's not as wasteful as most other beverage calories.
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I recently waded into the caffeine controversy. There are conflicting data and, how shall I say, strong opinions yea and nay. I read a convincing book that persuaded me to give it up, for what looks like some very good health reasons. I don't miss it a bit. I still have warm, comforting cups of tea, they're just herbal. I vote you give it a try.
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I would never, ever give up my coffee. However, I use milk instead of creamer. If you switch to that, you it would be a better health alternative than the creamer, so you wouldn't feel so bad about drinking it.
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The whole thing is milk doesn't taste like french vanilla. LOL! If I added milk I'd have to add sweet and low or something anyway. We'll have to see how I do Monday morning.
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I could never give up my morning coffee. I'd be a zombie if I did plus I enjoy drinking it too much. If you truly enjoy drinking coffee, but don't want the extra calories, slowly start decreasing the amount of creamer you use. If you use 2 tbsp now, decrease it to say 1 1/2 tbsp. Once you get use to the taste, decrease it a little more. If you want to cut it out immediately, I believe splenda makes a french vanilla flavored sweetener. That might be a suitable substitute for you.
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What about one of those sugar free syrups (DaVinci I think is the brand)?
I'm sure they have a vanilla version.
I think Splenda also sells some flavored packets for coffee.
How about vanilla flavored coffee? and no creamer????
How about cut down to 1 Tbsp of creamer??
Just some thoughts......good luck.
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I buy flavored coffees and add nonfat powdered milk (I don't drink enough skim to keep it on hand) and a tiny bit of Splenda. Sometimes I add cinnamon (supposed to be good for losing weight!) and nutmeg. You can put the spices on top of the grounds or add a small sprinkle to your coffee after.
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You could add a little vanilla extract...

I won't give up my coffee but learned to drink it unsweetened with milk (for the calcium and protein). I've just recently started trying lattes....

I remind myself that for every 10 calories I give up a day, that's a pound lost every year with no other effort on my part! (10 calories X 365 days = 3650 calories > 1 pound)

That helps me decide how much I have to have something!

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I am scared to give up caffeine completely...the headaches I get are immense! I had meningitis a few years back...very seriously ill and the headaches are nearly on par with that

I get round it, by allowing myself 1 glass of diet pepsi /coke a day..I am slowly reducing the amount I have by a tiny bit each week..

If you enjoy that coffee then keep having it..maybe try and make small adjustments to make it even lower cal...but in all honesty 50 cals for something you enjoy is not being wasteful in my opinion.

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Hi Lynsey,

I know exactly what you mean. I sometimes buy those flavoured creamers myself, although quite infrequently. I think the one that I buy (no idea what brand, since I don't buy them very often I always buy depending on what the label says) is no fat and I believe it 1 tbsp = 35 calories but I definitely use more than a tbsp. I drink one large cup of coffee (which is probably equal to 2.5 measuring cups) each morning and I do like "a bit of coffee with my milk" (meaning I like a lot of milk in my coffee). I drink decaf, but that is not the point here.

My personal belief is if this is something that you enjoy so much, DON'T give it up. I don't think 50 calories is such a huge amount. If the calories really bother you, can't you compensate for it in some way? For example, if you work in an offfice building on the 6th floor, can't you walk the stairs up rather than taking the elevator each day? Or get off the subway/streetcar two stops before your destination and walk the rest. These are just examples, I am sure you can find something similar.

Or, how about yoyoma's suggestion of drinking flavoured coffee with plain (non-flavoured) 1% milk?

But really think that we should not give up on little pleasures like that. It maybe your flavoured creamer in your coffee for you, a scoop of an ice cream for somebody else, etc. - we all have our own preferences.
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I would also vote for just decreasing the cream very gradually. Also, if you're avoiding daily sugar the rest of the day, your sweet tooth will calm down. I used to make chai tea with those dry mixes (yeah, I know), and that was obviously *very* sweet, and thought it had to be that way to be good. Now, I can have a homemade chai tea with 1/4 tsp sugar. Seriously, 1/4 tsp. I started with 1 tsp, then 1/2 tsp, and even that was too sweet after a while (not that long). That 1/4 tsp sugar is the only added sugar I have most days, and I don't think it would taste so sweet if I was having sugar all the time. I avoid the artificial sweeteners too, it seems like that would just keep your sweet tooth strong. I'm kinda surprised, but I just don't miss sweets most days, and I usually end up having something properly a dessert on the weekend. And I enjoy that dessert so much more now, even with a small portion.
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Thanks! I think I will decrease it gradually. That sounds better. And I'll have to keep my eye open for the splenda flavors for coffee too. Thanks again!
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I couldn't give up my coffee in the morning. It is honestly the thing I look most forward to every day. I couldn't give up my creamer, either. If it was a choice between me losing no more weight and giving up my coffee...well, I'd have to think really hard about that. Maybe when I get a lot closer to goal I will have to make that choice. I really hope not.

You have to choose what's right for you, of course, and I totally understand not wanting to waste precious calories on liquids. That doesn't stop me from having a glass of wine now and then, though.
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