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Global Health and Fitness

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Default Global Health and Fitness

Hi there. I have been lurking on 3FC for about a month now and decided to finally join. I have been doing alot of research on dieting, the best way to eat, etc. I recently read Bob Greene's Diet for Life and YOU on a Diet. I went back to the computer to do more research. I have been going to this boot camp in my area for just over 2 months. I can do the work outs (almost) but my eating habits are my downfall. I started looking into a trainer in my area named Roger White. Googling him led me to Global Health & Fitness. It seems pretty interesting and wondered if anyone else has looked into this? The cost is like $20 a month. They do send you 2 free e-books, one that has a eating plan that i kind of started this week. Monday I followed it to the tee, TuesdayI followed it all day until dinner, where I proceeded to have some pita with my salad and then today I follwed it all day until dinner again where I began to stress, thinking my son had cancer or somethingelse like menigitis, so I had 4 tacos from taco bell. Son is fine BTW. I really think I can follow this plan, but I was considering joining the online program. I did google reviews and all have been good. I couldn't come up with a bad review, although that has happened to me before.

Anyways, any advice would be great!!
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it's always something
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Hi Tina, welcome to 3FC

I'd be hesitant to purchase their program because they advertise losing 40 pounds in 12 weeks. If that were possible, it wouldn't be healthy.

I could only find a few reviews online, and they were positive - but they also were being paid for positive reviews with affiliate links.

Is there something in particular you like or dislike about the plan? There's probably a free alternative available
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Hi Suzanne. Well, from what the website says, you have people to email with for whatever you may need. Also they will customize afood and fitness plan that works specifically for your lifestyle. I do know that 40lbs in 12 weeks is unrealistic. The food plan is fairly simple. The e-book is a chart. You have 5-6 meals a day, and it tells you to have protein with every meal,but the first 2 meals you have a starchy carb with your protein, lunch you have the same but also add a fibrous carb (veggies) and then for mid afternoon meal you have a protein with a veggie carb and the same with dinner. I think there is one more meal in there, but after dinner I cannot eat anymore. You know, it's nothing different from what we have all researched. Eat every 3 hours and eat protein to keep the metabolism up. It isn't like I don't know what I shold be eating. I am a diet freak, sticking with it is my problem. I am looking for the one for life. I have probably already answered my own question. It is probably dumb to join because I already know what I should eat and with bootcamp I know how to work out, too.

Thanks for your imput.
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