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Unhappy In need of moral support :(

Aghh, I seriously need to rant:

Number 1:
I haven't been able to lose any more weight, and it is really getting hard. I know that I still have a lot more to lose, and I have a lot of body fat- and I mean it. There's a lot. It's really odd though, because there are girls that weigh as much as me, but they look skinny. I know it's because they have much more muscle mass. It's so frustrating!!
I've been cutting back on my food intake, and have increased cardio, but there is still no difference on the scale. I don't even notice a difference in my clothes. I actually feel like I'm getting bigger.
I was so frustrated that I completely over-ate yesterday and today.

Number 2:
Whenever I do good during the day, I get the WORST urges to eat a ton of food; most of which is all junk food.
Whenever I don't eat the food, I get really irritable. But then whenever I do give into my temptations with food, I feel so guilty/bloated/terrible. Then I keep telling myself that I will do better the next day, but I of course screw up. It's like a never ending cycle, and it's driving me mad.

Number 3:
What is up with skinny girls that eat more than I do in a day?!?
There's a girl who sits in front of me in my summer class everyday, and you would not believe how much junk she consumes within the 3 hours of the class. I watched today, and she ate: a bag of flaming hot cheetos, a bag of cheese-its, 2 bags of sweetarts, a pack of fruit snacks, a cliff bar, and 2 grandmas-brand cookies. (we get 3 breaks, and she gets it all at the vending machines, AND brings her own things in.) Everyone jokes about how much she eats, and so does she.
It literally tears me apart, because I've never had that much junk food in a very long time. And she's so flipping skinny!!!

Ugh. Sorry for my psychotic rantings. ......

Anyway, I feel like I have no motivation anymore, and I'm so tired of everything. I hate how much fat I have, and I want to get rid of it so desperately, but I just can't seem to. It's not just one problem area either; It's EVERYWHERE!

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If you need support- you've come to the right place! I'm sorry you're feeling discouraged and down, but trust me, falling off the wagon and going back to old habits is only going to make you feel worse. Try not to compare yourself to others too. Just like cars have different engines, we all have different metabolisms (sucks, huh?).

Try some new healthy recipes, maybe some new outdoor activities, anything but your routine. Your body has hit a plateau and it's time for a tune up. Forgive me if I'm stating the obvious, I'm trying to think of stuff that I would want to hear if I was in your shoes, and truthfully, I'd want an easy answer. But the thing is, none of this is easy and that's why goal is so much more fun, because not everyone can do it! But you can- you're here, so you obviously care enough about results!

I wish you the best of luck in getting out of your slump and back on track!
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1) Maybe instead of increasing your aerobics you could try adding some strength training. It will really tighten up and tone your muscles and give you that firmness you're seeing in other girls.

2) I think we have all been here. I wish I had decent advice for you, but I'm two years into this weight loss effort and I still want to go get some Oreos right now, so I can only sympathize.

3) Some people just luck out in the metabolism area. It may catch up with that girl someday, but then again, it may not. I started out over a hundred pounds overweight, and the kicker is that I never really ate that badly. I was always pretty health-conscious; sure, there were sugary binges during PMS and all, but for the most part I was pretty careful. But I gained a ton of weight anyway because I'm carb sensitive and I didn't know it. All those peanut butter sandwiches at 10:00 pm were sabotaging my weight loss efforts and I had no idea. It sucks, but now that I know about insulin resistance, I'm finally losing weight.

What I'm saying is that yes, it's easier for some than for others. Being jealous of those girls will only drive you crazy (believe me, I know), so the best thing to do is forget about them and focus on you. You deserve your full attention right now.
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You know, I have no idea whether this is true, but that skinny girl could be throwing up in the bathroom after she's eaten. Some people do have this illness...

Chubbs, you might want to check out the Chicks in Control forum and see what those members have to say about binge eating and other such issues.


The main thing is that you eat healthy foods, and you eat enough food, that you get good nutrition. You don't have to starve yourself to lose weight, so please don't go that route. If you're hungry in the evening, it could be that you're not eating enough during the day.

Give us an idea of what a typical day's food looks like for you, broken down into meals/snacks? Then maybe we can make suggestions.

BTW, you don't say how much you weigh...

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I hear you ab the skinny girls eating much more and much worse and still being thin! I had a childhood friend who was always SOOOO skinny even though her entire diet consisted of cookies, potato chips and candy. I was *SO* jealous of her what I was little (then when we started developing and I got my shiney boobies and she didn't, I stopped being SO jealous, but that is a tale for another day...). As Thistoo said, some people are just lucky in terms of metabolism.

ThisToo is also right about kicking up your strength training, rather than your cardio -- it will give you the firmness you want AND help you burn more fat.
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I LOVE my furbabies!
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Number 1:--
I hear you! I have a lot of body fat too and I just don't see it going anywhere. I have measured myself and amazingly I have lost inches. But I still get discouraged like you. I've decided to start doing some pilates for muscle toning and such.

Number 2: --
I get junk food cravings all hours of the day. I really really like the Fiber One Bars. They are sweet and feel so much like cheating but you're really not!! I get really p*ssy if I don't satisfy my junk food urges so when I see something I want-- if it's bad like a hersheys bar, I will get it and eat ONE piece a day or whenever I get a craving. But no more than one a day unless it's a really bad day i might have two. But I also get special dark chocolate better than milk chocolate. Or I'll take a bite of whatever I'm craving. Like if my BF is eating a piece of pizza andI want some, I will take a bite... one bite satisfying my urge. If I don't do this the next time when I get the craving I will eat the ENTIRE thing. Not pretty. And then like you, i feel guilty/bloated/terrible and want to cry which makes me want to eat more!! It's a long journey to being healthy and you will mess up some days and be d*mn near perfect some others! But the main thing is you MUST continue on your journey!! I've gained two weeks out of my dieting (2 out of 12 weeks) and thought I was going to die. Well I got over it and worked a bit harder and watched what I ate even closer and added some more cardio in my routine and it payed off I lost 2 pounds the next week!

Number 3:--
Yeah this really irritates me too! I can't stand to watch all these girls who can put away a whole medium pizza and family order of breadsticks and not gain a freakin pound!! Who does that?! I was not blessed with a high metabolism. Before I hurt my back and gained all the weight-- I maintained w/out diet at about 185-190 still over weight but at that point I didnt care b/c i wasnt gaining. Then that all changed very fast. I stopped comparing my food intake to the skinny bean poles! I've decided that she can eat all the nasty stuff she likes and when she has a clogged atery or high cholesterol, maybe she will change her views! In the meantime I am going to take care of my body and get healthy FOR ME!! Not to fit into society or look like the models and actress on the magazine covers! I want to look like a healthy ME!

hang in there...you've come to the right place for some moral support it ALWAYS helps me in my time of weakness.
~*net knee*~

I've gotta do this for myself not for society! I WILL do this for myself!

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In response to your #3: Yeah, I know some women thinner than me who seem to eat more. However, I also know some women who are larger than me and seem to eat less. I don't have enough information about them to know precisely why this is, but I wouldn't want people to make assumptions about me so I try to avoid making assumptions about others.

Ultimately, I doesn't matter to me what anyone else is eating. I have to focus on my own plan.

That's pretty much all I can say - we don't know your current stats, your goals, or your plan. The folks here can give you fantastic advice if you're willing to provide some more detail!
Long term goal:

Short term goal:
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Hey Chubbs...I can totally relate...this process can be so frustrating at times...maybe you should keep a food journal for a week or two that way you can see if there are any foods that might not actually be helping you out in this process...also for exercise...are you doing strength training? That can make a big difference...

...and as for the skinny girls...I can so relate...I have a sister who has been super skinny her whole life and she eats like a horse...she is 5'8 about 120 pounds and beautiful...she used to be a Coyote Ugly dancer in Dallas and gets everything based on her looks...yet she eats like 5 hot dogs in one sitting...always has appetizers and dessert with dinner...it is nuts!!!! And the worst...after she eats her tummy sticks out a little (only to return to flatness later) but she makes comments like "look how fat I am" or "I look pregnant"...uggghhh...it is so annoying!!!
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Join a daily thread. Like this one ...

Log in everyday at least once and hang with folks who are just like you. They'll hold you up, encourage you ....
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Hi Chubbs, I feel like ranting too. These past few days all I have been craving are comfort foods ever since my work has gotten more stressful. I've been eating exactly what I said I would not: grilled cheese, sausage, ice cream, and white bread. Today I've been better. The one thing I think about each day is how to add vegetables to my meal. I know when I do this I can still feel full and not feel guilty about being unhealthy since I don't consume as many calories when I eat a meal with vegetables in it.

One thing I learned from this forum is that every little bit counts. Every time we eat vegetables or try a new lower-cal food, we are making strides. Consciously thinking about the little steps is what will ultimately change us in the future. Think of every step and every new vegetable you try as one step closer to your goal, because when done consistently, you are getting closer to your goal!

Also, I learned that, at all costs, you must try to stay positive, even if it means calling someone up, or going for a walk to build up those endorphins. These things usually help me feel better.
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Hey Chubs, I'm sorry you're feeling this way. It sounds like you've hit a plateau. The best advice I can think to give you is to eat more, and add some weights to your workout. You didn't detail much of what you're doing,so not sure if you enjoy weight lifting. As far as melting away fat and reshaping your body, it is awesome. It takes about 8 weeks of serious determination and then you see amazing changes. I would suggest checking one of the lifters forums here. As far as the skinny girl, well I hear you! I'm jealous too of those girls who can eat whatever and not gain. BUT, they aren't really healthy if they are filling their bodies with junk are they? Actually, you are luckier, because when you eat badly, your body tells you. You can work to change things and really be healthy and feel great. That girl will have health problems sneak up on her later in life, and she'll wonder how she got that way. Hope you find your will to keep going again. Be kind to yourself, you'll get your groove back soon. Keep up the good fight!
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Let's salsa!
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Maybe the skinny girl has a tape worm .....?
Dearest Schumeany: Yes, those are size 4 jeans hugging my posterior. Thank you for being such motivation!!!
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