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I can do it !!!!
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Default Is there ANYONE who is pretty much in the same place today as when they started?

Long thread title - sorry!
Anyway - I will fess up that even though I've "tried", I'm still pretty much at the same place as when I joined 3FC.
I am 5 pounds lighter grand total than when I first joined the site. No - I take that back - I bet I'm heavier than when I first joined. I guess I'm thinking my weight from a year ago - didn't realize I've been here since Sept 2006!

I've been as much as 12 pounds lighter - but that's when I get stuck.
I hit 212 and the scale just won't budge. I will work hard, walk a LOT, eat healthy -- and then NOT drop an ounce, or worse -- I'll gain 3 pounds !
This is when I say "screw it"...and I don't try as hard. I will eat an Oreo and a coke.

It's been the SAME cycle since I joined. I can not get past 212, and 14 pounds lost. Right now I'm on the up-swing. I had been 216 on Friday, today I'm 219. And I did my 10,000 steps yesterday! I didn't eat "perfect", but I don't think I ate enough to gain.

How do I get over this rut? How do I stop kicking the scale and toughen up? Where is my drive to beat this? I do NOT want to go the lap band route. I have some "hydroxycut" but I am afraid to take it. I want to do this the "old fashion" way....but in all this time, I'm pretty much at the same place.

Is there ANYONE else out there who is also pretty much in the same place? My goal for the LONGEST time has been to break 210. I can't even do that !
My summer goal was to get to 190. Ha ! As if that will happen!

We have a thread over in the weight loss groups for people trying to lose 70 pounds - give or take -- many people have joined in -- just for a short time-- then they are gone forever...right now there are TWO of us, and this makes me wonder if those others are just like me -- they quit posting because they aren't dropping the lbs. If so - please come back and join our "that 70s show thread". We have one fabulous success story there - and she is the only reason I keep checking in.

just looking for support.


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I'm not in the same place as I started, but I can certainly sympathize. I have been there in the past, and I think it's a common problem!

It sounds like one problem might be that you expect a close connection between your behaviors and the weight on a scale. In my experience, it can take days for good behaviors OR bad behaviors to show up on the scale. In part because it takes food a while to get digested and for other metabolic functions to occur, and in part because our weight on the scale is ALL of us (including water which fluctuates a LOT).

It sounds like you get discouraged when the scale doesn't show quick response... and then sabotage yourself (or I read your post wrong)

Maybe you should pay less attention to the scale? Weigh less often and look for other ways to measure your progress?? (fitness goals, clothing fit, etc)

Please don't give up! I think if you can stay committed you can get past this!!!

My 5 C's of healthy living: Commitment to conscious control, with the understanding that choices have consequences

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I can do it !!!!
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Thanks for the post Heather, and for the confidence. Your pictures are awesome by the way !!

I have gone in phases of not touching the scale - then when I do it, it's just the same -- and then I try to get on each day. Then I get mad and won't get on in weeks.

I think one problem is -- when I don't get on -- and don't know the "true" number I figure - okay I can eat this oreo and the next oreo..because "I have time before I get on the scale again".
So not getting on it is probably doing more harm than good - least in my case.

I know you are right - it takes days for for good behavior to show up on the scale. We have a trip to Disney planned in the fall - and I thought once the plane tickets were purchased I'd really have to force myself to drop weight...but I can't get over this bump.
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No description available.
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If you would have asked me a year ago, the answer would have been yes.

I joined 3FC nearly 4 years ago. I got down to 178, couldn't break through, stopped my health behaviors and bounced back up to 204.

Two years ago, I recommited. Worked hard, got to 178, freaked out at the plateau, reverted to old behaviors, bounced back to 204.

September 28, 2007, I'd had enough. Jumped back into my healthy behaviors. 178 rolled around in February. I started to freak a little. My dreaded plateau, that destructive number. I signed up with a personal trainer. Learned how to lift weights and to eat to build muscle (previously I was a calorie counter). I blasted through 178....and that was 20 pounds ago.

Wow. That's the first time I've done that math. Heh.

I wish I could say "Do X, Y, & Z" and you'll beat this. I do think that eating very healthy, whole foods, lots of fresh foods, avoiding processed junk; daily weighing (for me); a combination of strength and cardio; all of those have helped me tremendously. Plus the support on 3FC and in my life.

But I know that this time is the time it clicked. Weight loss and maintenance is now more important to me than any food, not exercising, binging, soda, fast food, anything. That doesn't mean I am perfect. There are days that I eat what I shouldn't, or don't exercise, but those days are very rare and I get right back on my plan ASAP. That is the main difference between my other journeys and this one. Getting back on plan, rather than watching my health implode.

I wish I could bottle it and sell it. Heck I would give it to you for free. But I can't. I can tell you this: When you are ready, nothing will stop you. You CAN do this. Never give up.
"And that's how Beowulf rolls"~ my DD
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I'd raise my hand if I could on here

I'll have to look back, but I know I've been on over a year but didn't stop playing games with myself until March and I'm still not totally committed, but I'm getting there

Sometimes the scales are my friend, sometimes I have to throw them away. Sometimes I feel like I can do this on my own, right know WW is doing it with me. It's a constant struggle, but I'm tired of being overweight, out of shape, tired, etc. It may be easier to overeat and not care -- but it's definitely not in my best interest.

My other "scare tactic" is my track record. I would rather try to lose weight and not than my alternative -- I have yet to eat everything I want and not gain weight. I would never stay at a certain weight without some effort -- I will always gain.

You'll get there -- the best strength you have right now is that you are not giving up. You can do this -- I know I could lose faster if I completely stuck to it, but I just can't do that right now, so every little bit is an accomplishment to me.

Good luck, hang around and don't let the 3FC drop outs get you down!!! I bet they all come back eventually anyway

Weight loss is a marathon, not a sprint.
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I can do it !!!!
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Thanks for the support. I guess I feel "hopeless".
Everyone else has this light bulb that goes off - where is mine? Why on earth do I think if I drink a coke - and don't get on the scale, it won't count? Who the heck has that kind of logic?

Then when I'm doing WELL and I see pounds drop -- when I get stuck I get so friggin mad!!! And I give up.

I've heard SO many people say that the alternative is worse and to just keep at it. Yes, I am a victim of the drive-thrus. That is one habit that must go.
As I hang my head in shame.

I have never been a veggies person or much fruit for that matter.
Thanks for the support everyone. I feel like such a slacker, and such a pathetic "dieter". I truly do want to be thin again - for more reasons than I can count.

I'll keep pluggin' along.

Thanks so much.
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Eating for two!
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There have been times on here where I've weighed about 20 pounds MORE than my starting 3FC weight. So, I wasn't in the same place I started--I was regressing

Until I regressed myself right into type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. That's where I am now. I no longer see losing weight as an option or an "it would be nice if..." It's now a priority. It should have been all along, really.

I guess that's all that's worked for me is making my health and weight a priority. Sure, despite the health issues, I'm still fully capable of grabbing junk food and chowing down. I mean, there's nothing wrong with my mouth, my stomach, my digestive tract. I won't suddenly die or lose a foot from having a couple Oreos. But those Oreos are not my priority. Those Oreos will not make me healthier or happier in the long run.

My fiance and I ate out yesterday. They brought bread to the table (Italian bread with the oil and spices to dip it in--YUM). My fiance ate some bread. I actually went as far as putting my hand in the basket and grabbing a piece, but I just dropped it and shook my head. Would that piece of bread have killed me? No. Would a single piece of bread make me gain weight? Of course not. But what it WOULD have done is made me feel guilty, made me feel like I'd done something "wrong," possibly set off cravings for other foods I currently don't want in my life, and not gotten me any closer to my goals.
Highest known weight: 324
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Got down to about 185 before pregnancy;
Benjamin David born March 24, 2012, 7 pounds 11 ounces
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I too have felt that way especially recently. I joined WW over a year ago and i've only lost 12 lbs and I felt like I should have been further along. But then I started looking at it another way. I was 12 lbs lighter and if I was doing nothing I would be way heavier. And even with just 12 lbs, I hit a major milestone, I got my bad cholesteral down to a normal range. So even if the scale doesn't say what you want, look for other positives with the weight you have lost. Keep doing it and the scale will catch up.

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Just Yr Everyday Chick
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Hitting sticking points are hard. Mine is 150, and I've been right around this weight for a long time, even when I've been trying to lose.

Not all of us have a light bulb moment--sometimes it's just a decision we make one day. Sometimes it doesn't even feel like anything changed, and yet we're doing things differently. But no one seems to get accidentally "struck thin." Just doesn't happen that way.

This is when I say "screw it"...and I don't try as hard. I will eat an Oreo and a coke.
What's not said there, of course, is that you don't stop at "an" Oreo and "a" Coke... And away we go! I know how that is...

Some of this is habit. I've seen parents shove food at children whenever the children cry or are upset about something. The message is, if you can't have what you want, you can at least have some treat food. Conditioning like that is basic training for future obesity, isn't it?

So--I could suggest that you look at your relationship with food. What are the things that food represents to you? Is food a reward, a soothing drug, a way of relaxing? Does a weight loss program mean punishment, eating things you don't like, never having "good" foods? Do you expect that if the scale won't do what you want, you are justified in eating off-plan foods? Do you think that if you do everything right, you are guaranteed results--and if you don't get them, you have a free pass with the Oreos?

I wish I could use a magic wand and change things for you! All I can say is, Keep trying. Don't give up.


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Originally Posted by 2Bthinagain View Post
.....Is there ANYONE else out there who is also pretty much in the same place?....
What does it matter? It's YOU that matters, and YOU have the power to sort this out. Really.
Where is my drive to beat this?
It has given way to this
My summer goal was to get to 190. Ha ! As if that will happen!
The power of the mind cannot be underestimated, it is colossal. Currently you are telling yourself that you will fail (self-talk) and guess what happens? You fail. Start telling yourself you're going to succeed. Tell yourself you will be 190 by summer. Do it often. Your brain will believe you, your body will follow.

If you don't change direction, you will end up where you are heading. Change your attitude, change your self-talk, and you will see changes elsewhere. You CAN do it! Go for it!
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Losing weight - Toning up
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you're 219, and your goal for summer is 190. it's 29 pounds, and you have 3 months for a summer. I absolutely think you can do it. But as AJ said, stop self-talk that you won't meet that goal. At least, you are the one that should be the one believe in yourself if you want this journey to succeed. If you can't believe in yourself, then it'll most likely fail. So even if your scale doesn't say thing you want (i'm not friendly w/ my scale either), but no matter what happen, tell youself "I DEFINITELY can do it, and surely will succees". So keep trying.
I hope to hear from you and your journey more often

Yes, you can stop eating! There WILL be another meal.

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3 + years maintaining
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I truly do want to be thin again - for more reasons than I can count.
For me, it boiled down to JUST HOW BADLY I wanted to be thin again. You have to really, really, REALLY want it badly enough. That the food doesn't matter anymore. Just the desire to be the very best YOU that you can be. To end the misery, and yes, I was miserable. No more settling for second best when first best is WELL within your reach. I realized, once and for all, that if I didn't WANT to be fat, well then, I didn't HAVE to be fat.

I have never been a veggies person or much fruit for that matter.
Nor was I. I was never a lot of things. But, I became them. You CAN become whatever you set your mind to. That thin, healthy, fit and trim person for one. It is amazing, simply amazing what we are capable of when we set our minds to it. The sky is the limit.
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I've lost just over 50 lbs. Sounds great, until I say it's taken me three years to do it.

That's rather deceptive, because it sounds like I was working as hard as I could have been, and that's not true. There were a lot of factors in why I didn't put more into it, and a few of them weren't even under my control (most of them, however were).

And yet, to be able to go on "autopilot" so often and still not regain weight. I still can't completely comprehend my ability to do it. Up until three years go, I would have told you that although I could maintain a weight "not trying" that is if I don't "diet" at all my weight stabilizes (though at my highest weight). But I've never, ever had a three year downward trend. And at anything other than my highest weight, I have only experienced "rapid losing," and "more rapid gaining."

Also, not all of my progress can be measured in poundage. In the last three years, my sleep apnea has dissapeared, my autoimmune disorder has gone into remission (we think), I can shower like a normal person and wash my hair without pain, I can dress myself without pain, my asthma has disappeared, I can shop small stores, I can shop large stores like Sams and Wamart without an electric cart, I can walk on uneven ground - not just sidewalks.....

All of those things I took for granted when I was younger and ignoring the warnings to get the weight off before my metabolism slowed and my health would suffer. And once I was on the downward cycle at first it was so slow I didn't notice it. So my knees hurt a little, but then it seemed to happen so fast I was able-bodied one minute, and on disability the next.

Of course that's not true. It didn't happen in a minute, it happened over years. So, in a sense it isn't a shocker that undoing the damage isn't going to happen over night. And just like the downward spiral, the upward spiral will actually gain momentum. The more strength and stamina I gain, the more effort I am able to put into this (and hopefully fire up my metabolism, in the process).

It is frustrating to have to work a thousand times harder than I did at 20, especially knowing that if I had mastered this at 20 I wouldn't have wasted so much time and life.

But ALL of that, I can't spend too much time "what if-ing" or regretting. That's just a distraction. The past "doesn't exist anymore," as they say, and neither does the future, so all we have is the present. What am I going to do TODAY to get closer to my goal?

I realize that all of my progress (even though it took 3 years) was a cumulative effects of "todays." All of the todays (days I worked on my goals) were responsible for my progress. My lack of progress can be attributed to all of the "tomorrows" that never became todays. You know when you decide that "tomorrow" you're going to "start" exercisng or eating right, but you don't and instead say to yourself "tomorrow, I really will...." but don't, and put it off for yet another day.

When I think of how many "tomorrows" never materialized into complete "todays," I can get depressed and self-hating, but those are feelings that tend to make it harder to have a real today. I have to put that all aside and do the work to make this a today worth being proud of.
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Red face Were you reading my mind? lol

I TOTALLY empathize.

At one point i was on a "plateau" for 2 years......with the help of exercise, eating and a trainer. Broke the plateau when i went on holidays......go figure. Lost about 50 lbs. Now i'm stuck again. And i just had one of those "frigg it weeks - i don't care ". For some unknown reason i didn't gain weight.
I've bounced around and i'm coming up to my "dreaded number" on the scale ( if i get there again ). Sometimes i wonder if it's some psychological fear that causes certain hormones/chemicals in the body to be released and it totally disables any attempts to get past that number. Doesn't make sense but neither does not being able to get past that number on the scale.

I'm trying some much higher intensity exercise and some thing totally different from what my body is used to. I'm losing a tiny bit again. Have you given that different exercise approach a try? It's not easy....that's for sure. I really have no answer for you.......i've just rambled on here because i want you to know YOU ARE NOT ALONE in this. Don't hesitate to send me a message.... maybe we can brainstorm together if you like.

I"ve decided to keep trying........hope you will too.


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I can identify with many of the successful losers here. There was definitely something different when I commited myself to losing weight (again) this time than before. I really can't tell you what it was but I know something just 'clicked' and I wanted to be of normal weight more than I wanted food. Its like a burning desire.

People comment on how strong-willed I am and how much will power I have. But I've always been strong-willed and I have lost large amounts of weight in the past but never got all the way to a healthy weight for me. I have a lot of self-believe this time around, I've banished the negative self-talk and replaced 'I can't' or 'I won't' with 'I will'. When I started I don't think I truely believed I could get to goal but I know I have the necessary tools to get there.

One thing I have realised that is different from before is that I always used to tell myself that as long as I was 'good' 9 times out of 10 then I'd get there. Now I believe its more like 99 times out of a 100. Yes I have the occasional off-plan moment but it is occasional - like 4 or 5 times in a year not once or twice a week. For me now then if that what it takes to succeed then I'm going with it

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