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Default wake up call

So I just got off the phone with my mom. I just had a huge wake up call. I'm still in shock about what she told me. My petite 125 pound 48 year old mother is going to be tested for diabetes this coming week. She was telling me some of the symptoms she is having-extreme thirst is one of them but that's also a side effect from one of the chemo pills she is on which is why she ignored it until now and it does sound like she could very possibly be becoming diabetic. In our family it is actually easier to count the people that do NOT have diabetes. I have already been diagnosed with prediabetes myself two years ago and was told if I lost weight then it would most likely go away. I'm very worried about her since she's already got health problems from being on chemo oral pills and health problems from physical injuries from being in a motorcycle wreck 5 years ago this summer. On top of that this past week she had to undergo some extensive testing to see if her cancer is back due to some of her tests coming back abnormal. So I'm definitely stressed out and shocked. But she begged me to keep losing weight and to keep doing my best and taking care of myself. I've been a bit off track this past week and have kind of been indulging in some binging behavior- not as severely as what I used to do but still- due to stress from school and finances. But no more. I guess I could just use some hugs I dunno.
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I can give hugs! Even if they're only virtual...

That sounds like a crazy situation you have going on... It's really unfortunate that you're mom is going through all of that... It has to be tough for you, especially when you're trying to lose weight. Too much stress + Weight loss = not good. It's a tough situation, but it's nice your mom can still be supportive of your weight loss while she's going through everything. Hang in there!
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Diabetes is a huge thing but it's also something we know so much about and I can guarantee it is becoming easier by the year. Try not to worry too much about it, diabetes isn;t the end of the world when in good control. Everything will be fine though, try not to worry its useless. Just try to be posative and smile and send up some posative thoughts. I hope you feel better soon.
- Lauren
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Here are some for you.
Think about it this way: Your mom is probably equally worried about you as you are worried about her. So if you continue with your weight loss program, your mom will not have to worry about you becoming a diabetic, too. That's one less stress for her.
Keeping my fingers crossed both for your mom and you.
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Your mom's diabetes could be a result of her treatment for cancer. It's not that uncommon for people who have had chemo or other treatments to develop diabetes. So, although you really should continue to lose weight because of your family history, there may be another side to her case...

Keep on hanging in there!

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JayEll- I did not know that people that have had chemo treatments could develop diabetes. That's certainly interesting. I was in shock when my mom told me that then plus our family history certainly doesn't help! But yep it is giving me a kick in the butt today to keep on going and more motivation to say the least. Thanks all for the virtual hugs!
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You know I am here for you...

You know I am sorry for the news you received about your mom...can it get any worse?!

I will tell you...as a parent myself...what she is asking you to do, is the best gift of comfort you can give her, as she continues to go through tough times. Knowing that you are doing well probably means more to her than anything right now.

Prayers for you as always ~ Gary
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Brit, I've got you and your mom in my thoughts. I hope she gets good news from her test, but I'm glad you're there to help her through whatever it is. There's diabetes all over my family too, so I understand your fears. Staying on plan is the best thing you can do for you and your mom. Keep at it and you know we'll be here to support you.

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Prayers going up for your mom and your family. My SF was diagnosed with diabetes after being ill. It is really not that uncommon - and he has no history in his family.

Stay strong, and stay OP - this will help your mother. If she knows you are losing weight and staying healthy - it will really help her fight this.

Mental attitude is so important. If you are doing well, it will go a long ways in helping her - really!

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I'll add my prayers for you and your family as well. Just remember, eating won't change the situation, and it will make you and your mother feel worse in the long run.

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I know how scared you must feel as diabetes runs in my family (at least 6 family members I know of have it) and my dad was only 34 when he was diagnosed even though he was very fit and healthy (he is in the military and is 40 now)
He got tested for diabetes after he collapsed in the gym when his blood sugar got so low he nearly fell into a coma. The excessive thirst and urinating were ignored by my dad because it never occurred to him someone young and very fit could become diabetic.
Do your best to get healthier and give yourself the best possible chance of avoiding this disease, even though sometimes it may seem like your genes have stacked the odds against you (well, I feel this way sometimes)

My thoughts are with you and your mom
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Another person here with diabetes running rampant through both my and mine husband's family. As the wise ladies above have said, knowing about it and quickly getting on top of it is the key to a long, wonderful life that happens to include diabetes. Maybe a nutrition specialist would be able to help your mom handle both the challanges of diabetes with the needs of a cancer survivor in the best possible balance? I agree that you are helping your mom so much by being positive and keeping yourself on a healthy path. She can celebrate your successes with you! And since exercise is great for weight loss AND diabetes, maybe some parts of your routine will be gentle enough for you and your mom to do together! Hugs and positive thoughts are being sent your way!
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