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Question What to eat before working out??

I'd like to know what to eat before working out (cardio& other) to burn fat or fat stores?or should you work out on an empty stomach?

I'm 52 going on 53 and I'm having a terrible time trying to lose weight I'm going thru menopause I know I need to exercise but have low or no energy & I think my metabolism is shot. I eat healthy and started counting my cal,cabs & protein grams .I'm not new to weight loss I've battled my whole life but now it seems sooo hard and sooo slow. I need HELP from ALL YOU CHICKS!!!!
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I recently started to have a half serving of a protein shake before working out, the other half after. If I were to eat 'real' food before working out with my personal trainer or before one of my fast bike rides I think it would end up on my shoes On the other hand if I were to do it on an empty stomach I'd probably faint.

I've found that it improves my energy. It may be my imagination but I also feel I'm a ton less sore afterwards.

ETA: I do eat normally before the workouts, but avoid food for about an hour before starting.

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I have to eat something also before going to the gym. I usually will have some type of protein. A small piece of chicken, some bison or a protein shake. I have tried not eating but I also feel faint. Getting the fat percent down is a constant battle for me.
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I try to have some protein and some healthy carbs before working out (not too much, just enough that I'm not working on an empty stomach). I do *have* to have some protein AFTER I work out or I get so hungry that I could gnaw my own arm off on the drive home.

Usually my late afternoon snack (about 45 mins before the gym) is some string cheese and an apple - something like that.

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I'm different than the above posters: I have to work-out on an either completely or mostly empty stomach.

If I'm really famished before a work-out, I will have some fruit, such as a handful of grapes or a peach.

Otherwise, I don't like exercising when I have food in my tummy: I get crampy, get side-stitches, and it just feels blech to me.
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Professional opinion is divided on the subject. There seems to be no conclusive evidence either way in terms of maximising weight loss, so the best way to approach this is to do what mafes you feel better. If you feel good by abstaining prior to exercise, then do it, conversely if you need to eat beforehand, that's good too.

Personally I don't think it really matters, the equation still remains the same i.e. more energy burned than consumed = fat burn.
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I now run on treadmill early in the morning (I get up at 5:50 am to squeeze it into my day) so I don't eat anything. I do drink water when I am on treadmill.
On the odd day when I cannot run in the a.m., I do it in the evening but it has to be at least 2 hours AFTER a (light) meal.

However, if I go to the gym (to a class or just to lift weights) I do have a light snack. E.g. yesterday, I had a whole wheat tortilla with some peanut butter about 45 minutes before my Pilates class. It has to be a smallish meal, nothing major, otherwise I can't exercise.
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For me, it also depends on the type of exercise. I don't like to lift weights without having eaten anything for the day, in general, I eat before weight lifting! But I don't feel the need to eat before cardio.

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I usually have half a cup of egg whites fried up with some veggies (using cooking spray). It's very low in calorie and it fills me up and gives me energy.
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I'm like the others. I don't like to exercise on a full stomach, but I do need a little something so I don't feel faint. Usually I'll have a small amount of protein before I work out - nuts or a piece of cheese. Then post workout I almost always drink a Boost glucose control shake. It hits the spot every time.
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I don't like to be full, but I don't like to exercise on an empty stomach. I will sometimes if I am running early in the morning, but I don't have the energy to do as much without some kind of food.
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My best time to exercise is in the morning, after a cup of tea and a small bowl of cereal. I run on the treadmill for 30 minutes every day before I go to work.

Only problem...the exercise makes me hungry, and it's a long stretch until lunchtime. I've tried exercising in the evening, and it just doesn't work for me. It could be because I'm a "morning person"!

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THANKS EVERYONE for your great advice !! I need to see what will work for me.right now I'm trying to count cal. protein,carb & fat grams.I eat very healthy but what I've been doing is not working anymore my age I guess (52)& not exercising enough doesn't help. too much of something good for you can make you gain weight that I've learned. Thanks again for all your suggestions I will try them .
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