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Miss Thickness
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Default help i need advice

what kind of Breakfast can I eat on the go because Iím just leaving the job at 7:30 am to go to sleep. To report back to work at 2:30pm or sometime I just go strait to the next job at 6:30 am and get of at 2:30 and to report back to work at 11:00 pm.
Sometimes I donít even get to eat at all and when I do get a chance I overeat big time
Or on my days off I find myself making up for what I miss out during the week.
My breakfast lunch and dinner during the week is mostly soda I drink at least 5-4 maybe more if available cans of Dr. Pepper in a day. I always envy people who can sit there all day and drink water. I donít snack at all. I donít have a thing for candy or chips just soda.
And every time I eat I have to have rice and beans. Something hearty that will last at least for the next 7 hours before I report back to work. You guys just typing this down make it feel impossible to even start a diet. Itís like When do I have time to do some real exercise.
Like running jogging walking. Will the DVDs be enough?
You guys I need your input.
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The Radiant One
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If you don't want to cook a meal ahead of time - try something like a Luna bar or a Zone bar, paired with some fruit. Get some of those tuna salad kits, those are single meal and very portable.

If you have time, make up some breakfast sandwiches whenever you have a chance. Use whole wheat english muffins, scramble an egg, and reduced fat cheese, or turkey bacon, or a veggie sausage patty. Store in the fridge. Then the next morning - grab one and pop it into the microwave to heat it up and head out the door.

You are going to have to sit down and make a plan for yourself. You need to take the time to do this, as no one else can do it for you. When you have a concrete plan written out - it is much easier to follow. Plan your day, when are going to eat (and what), when can you sneak exercise in. When can you drink some liquids, when can you take 5-10 minutes for yourself to just breathe. It's very important.
~ Lori

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Just Yr Everyday Chick
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Hey! fiberlover has given some good tips. Basically, it sounds like you're letting your jobs run your food intake, rather than you doing it by planning. So, get creative! There are all kinds of pre-packaged possibilities, like the bars fiberlover mentioned. Also, Bumble Bee makes these tuna with crackers packs--very tasty, different flavors, 200 calories each. Those are a great way to get protein, no cooking, ready anytime.

Rice and beans are good foods--the problem is the portion size, if you're trying to lose weight. You can still have them, but you have to measure it out instead of just filling your plate. For example, get yourself some dry measuring cups. 1/2 cup of cooked black beans plus 1/2 cup of cooked rice is about 215 cals. If you have a protein like 4 oz. of meat or fish or chicken with that, and a salad with a lowfat or fat free dressing, you've got a dinner. (Don't add butter to that rice, now! )

You can do this--just start to figure out how you CAN do it instead of why it's hard... we've all had to figure this out for ourselves, and make it work.

Oh, and about the Dr. Pepper. Too much sugar in that, unless you're drinking diet. You can get used to diet soda, believe me--and you'll be better off substituting a more healthy snack rather than all that sugar. I like the Diet Berries & Cream--you can buy it in 6 or 12 packs, take it with you.

Good luck!

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Losing weight - Toning up
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yup. Definitely u have to plan ahead. No one else can make a plan that you can follow all the time and enjoy it at the same time. So take 10-15 mins to plan ahead your week. When you actually write down when you have to work, you will be able to see when you can fit in 10-15 mins to prepare ahead meals, or when you'll be able to have 10-15 mins to do some aerobics. Oh, yes, aerobics are good exercises for people that are busy because all you have to have is a large enough space to actually stretch and stuff. So you can look up few exercises for legs, waists, thighs etc.... Those won't take bigger than 10-15 minutes, believe me.

For breakfast, i think 2 slices of whole wheat bread, apple (any kind of fruits) and milk bag (or yogurt) are enough to fill you up and enough calories. And those are easy, fast. You can just grab them and leave for work. Try to avoid sodas. If you can, make some tea at work instead of drink water (i prefer tea as well, whole day water is just killing me).

Beans are good for diet. But as JayEll said, it's about quantity. Measure how much you need instead of filling your plate. After 1-2 weeks, you'll get use to it.

Weekend: yah, it's lifestyle change so if you have time weekend, you should pleasure yourself with some nice meals. But just keep it calories count, less sugar and everything is fine. 3FC has so many recipes that are good, and healthy.

But everything starts with a plan. So just write down a plan immediately and you'll see what you have to do ^^
Good luck

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Miss Thickness
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thank you all been good help the yogurt thing is good advice because i don't drink milk. (why) I have no idea i guess somthing happen when i was a kid
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2 wheels is plenty :D
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I usually eat breakfast and lunch at work...it all fits in an insulated lunch box designed for a six pack. (Give or take an apple ) Some of my favorite things?
Turkey wrap made with turkey slices, mustard, bean sprouts or baby greens, slice of lowfat mozzarella and wrapped in a whole wheat low carb tortilla

String cheese

Laughing cow cheese

Plain low fat yogurt mixed with sugar free jam

Cottage cheese and unsweetened applesauce (looks nasty, tastes great)

cup of soup (WW zero point soups are handy) I have access to a microwave

mixed baby greens with cherry tomatoes and spray on salad dressing (or Newman's Own, I take about a tablespoon in a little jar)

Whole wheat lite bread with natural peanut butter and jelly

I lived for a long time on Lean Cuisines & WW Meals for lunch every day. I'm aiming for less processed food now - but they are a great place to start. Good portion control, add a salad on the side to fill up

and of course fruit, apples, nectarines, mandarin oranges, kiwis are favorites

It doesn't take me very long to put together a combo that comes out to about 700 calories in the morning. I like to keep around half my daily calories for after work (and working out which happens on the way home) - but you plan it out so it works for you.

I do not envy your schedule...but you can do this. Do it for ciliciaclark
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Everyone has been giving really great advice about types of food. Definitely try to at least cut down on the soda. It will most likely be really hard at first, but if you replace it with tea and/or water or another healthier alternative you will find that you feel a lot better and will become more accustomed to not having it.

I don't know if you don't get the chance to eat because your jobs don't allow for it or if you get too busy, forget, etc, but if you have the opportunity to eat something during your shift, it would really help keep you in check while not at work. Even if it's just 5 minutes for a quick snack like a handful of healthy nuts or one of the bars mentioned above, I think that would be helpful.

Planning is key when your time is limited so plan, plan, plan. And remember that you can eat any type of food at any time of day, so if you have been limiting your breakfast options to breakfast food, don't worry about that. You can have a salad or sandwich or whatever!
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I blend up a protein shake every morning for breakfast. Protein powder, milk (or water) a banana or some frozen fruit and i'm out the door and can drink it in the car. It keeps you full for a long time & its so easy!
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I have to cook my meals for the week every Sunday. I plan out what I'm going to eat all week, then I grocery shop on Saturday, cook on Sunday, and package it all up. Then I can just grab and go every morning. If I didn't do that I'd end up binging, and that's how I got where I am in the first place. If you can commit to planning meals and cooking once a week, your life will be a lot easier.
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There is plenty to get your teeth in to so far, but don't forget, you may not have any teeth left if you continue with your soda drinking. Have you tried low calorie Dr Pepper?
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Let's salsa!
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Could you drink a protein shake as your breakfast? Mine has only 160 calories, that is not that much and I think should be ok to drink before you go to sleep.

Otherwise, don't go 7 hours without food - I eat every 2.5 or 3 hours even if the meals are small (or snack-like). Try an apple with some peanut butter - I love it. Or, some veggies and hummus. Not too many calories, very healthy and filling.
It would be a good think if you could limit the dr. Pepper intake, There is nothin' in that stuff that's good for you. I you don't like plain water, try flavouring your water with Crystal Light (or whatever it's called). I don't use it myself (I don't like artificial sweeteners) but I checked the labels in store and it has only like 3 or 5 calories.
Dearest Schumeany: Yes, those are size 4 jeans hugging my posterior. Thank you for being such motivation!!!
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