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Default what food causes crankiness, impatience ?

what kind of food can cause a person to experience impatience, angryness what kind of food can make somebody really moody.

i once hear that sugar could do that...is that true ?
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Sugar, simple carbs and caffeine do a number on a lot of people!
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Splenda brand sweetener causes me massive anxiety, which makes me impatient and irritable.
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I know that this may sound strange.

Certain combinations of food that have high milk sugars. Some brands of skim milk, certain cheeses and egg whites. For some reason these foods make me extra hungry and irritable.
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For me, sugar makes me cranky. Now I can have a few M&Ms or a mini-candy bar and I'm okay, but give me a bowl of ice cream or a slice of cake and I can feel my mood change for the worse. Fortunately, I don't crave sweets.

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Does no food at all count?

Usually, I find that very high salt items can make me a bit on the moody side. This is because they make me bloated which, in turn, makes me miserable.


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Ummm, it's hormonal for me. The week before my period starts---watch out!!

So, not food related in my case.
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It's not the things I eat that make me cranky, but a calorie deficit does. I get cranky when I'm losing weight. Hmm... yet another reason to stop this yoyo thing.

Even if someone isn't losing weight, I imagine that eating a lot sugar or other high glycemic index foods (e.g. white bread and other processed carbs) might spike then crash blood sugar levels. I would imagine the low blood sugar level might be responsible for crankiness.
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For me, it's caffeine (makes me very nauseated), green tea (also nauseating!), high amounts of sodium, preservatives, artificial anything and aged cheeses & red wines (gives me migraines). Sometimes, choclate, but I love it anyway!
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does my husband count?

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