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Default does it matter how many times i eat?

does it really matter how many times i eat a day as long as i keep my caloric intake down to 1500?
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Nope. Not how many times or what time!

Lots of people say that small meals act as a metabolism booster, but no studies back it up (sadly). I also read a study a couple of years ago that found it didn't matter what time you ate (so, no having to be worried about eating at night).
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I would say ... it depends.

For some people it doesn't and for some it does. For me, I find that my weight loss is more consistent if I spread my meals out throughout the day (3 meals and 2 or 3 snacks). I also find that if I limit carbs at night, I tend to lose weight more steadily.

Some people are fine with 3 meals. Or even 1 meal. Some people can eat carbs at 10 p.m. and never have a problem. Some people can't eat after 8 p.m. or they stall.

We're all weird little biological contructs marching to our own drummers. Mostly I think it takes experimenting and figuring out what works for you and then sticking with that.

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What they said

Experiment. For me, it's a non-issue...if I don't eat at regular intervals, 5-6 times a day, I get starving hungry and then overeat. So I have to eat smaller amounts. But for others, it doesn't work that way.

I will say that, based on National Weight Control Registry studies, people who lose weight and keep it off tend to eat breakfast, so don't put all 1500 calories into one big meal at dinner.
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I agree with everybody too . . . as long as your weight loss doesn't stall and as long as you don't get overly hungry and fall into a binge-eating pattern, you should do whatever works for you.
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Hi there... I eat 3 times a day then sometimes a healthy snack.I just started Herbal Magic on the 10th of June and I've lost 3 1/2 lbs..whooo hoooo. I follow Herbal Magic exactly how they say for the foods, and I find myself hungry still.Don't know if I have to shrink my stomach to not feel full or figure something else out.I told them that I was still hungry after eating and they said I wasnt doingit right so they showed me how and now I think I'm doing it right, but still hungry. I think its just me being use to eating alot of fat and now not.Drink more water feel more full Good luck on losing and hope we lose what we want to lose.

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I eat every two hours during the work day (apple at 10, cheese at 12, banana at 2, pudding at 4...) then have a healthy snack after work (around 5:30) and then wait until 10pm to eat my HUGE dinner with hubby when he gets out of work. I've lost over 40 so far.

So... everyone's different is my answer!

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I've found that in my experience, I can eat as many times as I want(within my calorie range) and at whatever times of the day I want, with absolutely no adverse effects on my weight loss because of it.

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i only eat one substantial meal a day....
the others are a handful of flakes....
a yoghurt....
and a banana....

i dont think it matters really what times....
i spread my food at regular intervals....
say brekkie at 7....
nanaa at 10....
youghurt at 1....
and tea at 5....

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