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Default Angry/Sad about a comment that was made when I was pregnant

I just want to vent about something that happened to me when I was in my third trimester of pregnancy.

I was walking to my house after going to the gym, and 1 guy yelled/screamed to me "LOSE WEIGHT". He was sitting besides the driver and they had the nerved to slow down and yelled that to me...A PREGNANT WOMAN!!!!!!!!!!!! I probably looked really *fat* because I gained A LOT of weight, BUT I had my pregnant stomach...............At first I felt like crying, then I was angry and then sad because I was pregnant at that time... It is so horrible to hear someone yelling that to you. I always thought that someone starring at you was bad, but this event was worse than stares.This was a long time ago and I am starting to lose the weight that I gained during pregnancy, but everytime I am walking down the streets I think about what they guy said. My coworkers said that they guy was an idiot and probably drunk BUT STILL!

How can people be so mean?
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Hey new mom,

I am so sorry that happened to you. I was out walking with a friend once and some guys yelled at her from a car because she was heavy. It made her cry. I felt so murderously angry at them!

In your case it's just so stupid because you were pregnant. For heavens sake!

There's nothing to be done but rise above it. Surely you won't let the stupid, cowardly, and idiotic comment of some jackass get the better of you! Think of him as a dog barking in the street--that's about how much importance such a comment has.

"My religion is kindness." --His Holiness the Dalai Lama

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People are not nice. I really don't think they are. When I was a freshman in college---and not all that big, some guy told me that I had a really pretty face but I was just too fat. He was not skinny either!!!!

I hate how people are so quick to judge when they have their own issues to be dealt with. ...and what's with this double standard?

I'm sorry that happened to you. **HUG**
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In any case, even if the victim is not pregnant and weighs more than 800 lbs, this behavior is stupid, rude, and just plain rotten behavior. How many of these morons would do this, if it meant their photograph would be in the newspaper for doing so, or for that matter if they were within earshot of their mother (unless she's who modeled such behavior)?
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I remember back in high school being chubby and some of the others would call me fat. What always blew my mind was yes these others weren't heavy but when their parents were around it always shocked me that they had 300lb parents. Wouldn't these be the people with more sympathy towards heavy people?
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That is RIDICULOUS! People are definitley nasty sometimes! That is very hurtful and has happened to a lot of us in one form or another
I always think of this icon when someone says something nasty....

Keep your head up <3
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I still remember being in college and walking through a parking lot, some balding guy in a roadster sped by, hit the brakes, and yelled, "Lose some weight, fata$$!"

I remember crying about it and then thinking, "Wait a minute! Aw, that's really sad. I, in fact, DO need to lose weight and, good thing, I CAN. That guy? He's ALWAYS going to be an a-hole!"

Be glad that when people are obnoxious like that they're showing you that they live in a world where WE are the one with the problem.

Nope. It's them. Our problem has a fix. Theirs? Unless they were to go through years of therapy or something, they're pretty much just jerks and, the fact that the "yelling at the fat girl" thing made their day just goes to show how very small their lives really are.

Just my perspective.
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This is why I much prefer animals to people ...

Sorry to hear you had to go through that.
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When I was pg with my first I was walking sometime during my 3rd trimester in a heavy winter coat. Some dipwads running whizzed by me and said..."you'll never lose weight moving that slowly"

Where the **** are they now? I'd like to chase them with a heavy object. I'd catch them too

Use it for fuel when you need to pump that workout up a notch. I've run on hard days thinking about if I ever see them again. I run faster then.
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I'm sorry you went through that. The world really is full of idiots. There are lots of nice people too, of course, it's just that the idiots are drawing so much attention to themselves by being..well.. idiotic.
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THanks everybody for their comments . I remember when I told friends and coworkers, they asked me for this guy description and wanted to kill him! Some of my friends said that I should just laugh about what happened because I was pregnant, but even IF i wasn't pregnant I can still lose weight with hardwork;however, the guy will still continue being an a$$....
Now I can see that memory as just awkard! after all I was coming home from the gYM! LOL!
I'm REALLY going to teach my baby and future children that they have to be respectfull!
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I know it's best not to engage these types of idiots, but I can't help but imagine what the look on his face would have been if you yelled back, "give birth" These types are idiots.

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I'll bet that guy had a beer belly and dirty fingernails and BO, too.
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people like that have their own self esteem issues and are very insecure about themselves so they have to make others feel bad so that they feel good! (((hugs)))

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When I was about 175, I went to Dairy Queen to get my then boyfriend a shake (me a Diet Pepsi limeade as I was on my way down, weight-wise) and some horrible high school girls said, as I was walking out of the door, "Looks like she really needs those."

The horror. The absolute horror.

My eyes welled up just reading your story and the others that you guys have posted. WTH is wrong with people?
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