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Exclamation The Dreaded Employee Barbecue

The place where I work has an "Employee Apppreciation Barbecue" each year, including today. But you'd all be proud of me...I only had one serving of meat (American as the employees are, they usually have two or three), small bites of things (whereas they load themselves down), and I loaded up on salad greens and fresh fruit.

Then they whip out the big one-- a cake. But this time, I only ate one small piece!

I'm so proud!

But there's just one question I'd like to ask...does anyone else face all this at their work place? And if so, can you give me tips on how I can improve on watching what I eat?
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Our company's employee association has lunch catered once a month.
They publish the menu ahead of time and they're slightly sensitive to the fact that a moderate percentage of our employees are vegetarian. (This means they label the coleslaw and rolls as vegetarian items, not that they make sure there's a real vegetarian meal included in the menu). I usually look at the menu ahead of time and pre-select what I'm going to put on my plate. That sounds like the strategy you used. Usually by going heavy on salad and vegetable when there is one and going light on the greasy sugary stuff, I can end up with a pretty good lunch.
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My work is horrible, donuts every few days, cakes, cookies, people bring in cakes from the house that are half eaten, and bring all their leftovers to share, muffins, candy sitting out for you to walk past... a birthday party every week or so with pastas and pot luck lunches.
It's hard but, a few of my work co-workers and I are now in a competition, so that helps A LOT!!!!
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I often eat before I go to any sort of event, have a light meal of good food at home (or I've even eaten in my office before heading to the staff-room!). This way I'm not hungry but I can still eat (I hate not eating at all around other eating people - eating is just so social!). I also often go to the gym earlier and do an extra 20 min and say ok for this you can eat one of the tempting foods. This last strategy usually works well for me because it isn't something I often do so I don't fear it becoming a regular thing (i.e. I only do it for special occasions, not daily).

My work isn't too bad with this sort of thing but when we do it is usually beer, soft-drink (no diet stuff) and pizza. Not a lot of healthy choice!
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We will have a barbecue a few times during the summer. Last year, I remember eating elsewhere once or twice on the day of the barbecue (but I was not trying to lose weight then). I just don't particularly enjoy the burgers they get, and there is usually just store-bought potato salad, potato chips, etc.
But it's a good idea to have a salad at your desk beforehand, then you are not that hungry any more. But you did good!

We also often have meetings or presentations over lunch hour, in which case the company supplies pizza (in 99% of cases). It is hard not to eat when everybody else is, and I quite love pizza, so I have some but I try to make up for it on the treadmill in the evening.
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I like to bring my own marinated chicken to throw on the grill, along with a side dish if it's a potluck. Cucumber-Tomato Salad goes over really well.
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Old 03-31-2008, 09:46 AM   #7
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Every year my hubby's place has an employee day....and frankly I find it easiest to do what you did...nibble on things..don't feel compelled to eat all of everything. And in the end..those foods aren't likely to trigger eating like crazy in the week following so I try to take it easy, not be as anal as I usually am and have fun....
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I think you did wonderful- great job!!!
I'm a stay-at-home mama, so I don't have work-related food things to deal with (just my own home with my own food demons when I'm home with a 2 year old!). But, when I used to work and I had lost all my weight (90 lbs), we would have picnics.. really, the best thing I could do was practice my moderation.. I would still partake in the picnic, I would just take small spoonfuls of everything, and not load up. And have fruit and salad if they offered. Sounds like you did just that, so kudos.
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Hawaiian Wonder Woman
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Thank you so much for your replies. They really helped a lot, and I'm going to remember to do some of them that I can. I work at a fast-paced grocery store, I'm lucky enough to be on the go, and I can do a workout at home to make up for everything, but these tasty bites of advice you gave (no pun intended) really helped.
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good for you! My old job used to have a BIG company party every month to celebrate that month's birthdays. And all KINDS of delicious food. Not to mention there was ALWAYS something someone brought to work on the kitchen counters...

My new place is with teh government--- no so family friendly anymore--- so there's none of those big parties to deal with. And if people leave food in the break room, I wouldn't know about it. I close my door at lunch time so I don't smell people's delicious fried foods... and I'm across the building from the break room and NEVER go in there... I don't want to see, hear, or smell it if it's there, and the best way to avoid it is just not to be around!!!

But, yeah--- I don't like denying myself stuff. And at a picnic like that, there's usually alot of new things to try. So do what you did- TRY them--- don't inhale them! Good for you!

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