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Unhappy Anyone else have an OMG! moment?

You know, the one that didn't just click but literally exploded in your head that this was it, there were no more excuses, and you had to change NOW?

Mine was a picture. I know, I know, we all see pictures of ourselves and think "ugh, I should do something". I had been doing that for years but, no matter how miserable I was, I could always come up with some excuse why I "can't do it now" (I was going on vacation, or to a party, or I just didn't have time) or why "that diet won't work for me". I rationalized that "I'm genetically predisposed to being fat" or "I'm going through menopause". Even going to the doctor and being threatened with a laundry list of meds if I didn't improve things wasn't quite enough for me to believe I had to, or could do it NOW. During all this rationalizing and excuse making I was consoling myself - now this part doesn't speak very well of me as a person, but in my defense, I never once said it out loud to a single soul - by comparing myself to a coworker and telling myself "at least I'm not THAT out of shape, I don't look as bad as SHE does". Then came the picture. I was looking through some pictures of the company Christmas party and came across a candid group shot and thought "oh look, there's 'so and so'." Then it hit me - slammed into me actually. 'so and so' hadn't been at that party - that was ME! I had mistaken myself for the person I thought looked soooo much worse than me! I swear the room actually spun.

Signed up at 3FC that day. That was a little over 20 lbs ago and there's no looking back. Any time I have a weak moment, find something unhealthy in my hand and headed for my mouth, or think of skipping my workout, all I have to do is remember that horrible, horrible feeling of seeing that picture. Amazing what we can do when we stop telling ourselves we can't

Dieting is hard. Maintenance is hard. Being fat is hard. Pick your hard.
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I'm Just a Little Crazy
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Height: 5'9"


That is awesome! (Well, not awesome that you felt that way) but awwesome that you have decided to stop making excuses and just do it.

My ah-ha moment was sort of a two part-er. One was when my mom and dad came to visit me and my mom had a flier for a weight-loss drug. Then the second part was when I went into NY & Co. and could no longer fit into ANY of the clothes there (They go up to a 16). I refused to shopping at what I considered to be 'fat stores' (please, do not take offense - it was just the way I thought of myrself) but I was well into a size 18 at that point. I knew I had to stop what I was doing to myself. I've held steady at a 16 - sometimes 14 since then... I kept saying "when I am done with school, I will lose the rest of the weight" Well... I finished school in December, and now I am working on the rest of it... no more excuses.

yoyo: I LOVE your signature about picking your hard! It is SO true.

"I'd rather waltz than just walk through the forrest"

Little Goals:
- Sprint Triathlon: 9/11/2011
- Half Marathon: 9/18/2011
- Weigh under 210: GOAL!!! As of 7/16/2010
- Next goal: Get BACK to under 210
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The Radiant One
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For me it was when the scale hit 250 pounds. I thought - Oh my god, I am half way to 500 pounds - and I could honestly see myself going the rest of the way there.

It really hit me so hard. That is more than a lot of professional football players weigh. Not sure why that particular number was so concrete for me.
That was 4 years ago, and I am still working towards goal. It has been a long slow process.
~ Lori

My blog
What 100 pounds looks like

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Just Yr Everyday Chick
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S/C/G: Lost 50 lbs, regained some

Height: 5'3"


One of my several "Aha" moments was at my highest weight when I couldn't wear my good clothes to my mother's memorial gathering. They no longer fit. I had to go shopping for the next size up, which was a 20. It wasn't the first time I had worn a 20, but I had told myself that I would "never" go back up to a 20 again. And there I was, having to buy it.

Clearly, what I had been doing was NOT working!

Your "Aha" moment was really a mind-bender, vegas!

"My religion is kindness." --His Holiness the Dalai Lama

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Thanks for complimenting my signature "mantra" SCraver. I'd love to take the credit for it but I actually "borrowed" it from someone else here at 3FC. I've lost track of who it was but if she see's it I hope she realizes how much her quote has helped me.

Slow and steady wins the race fiberlover for what you've accomplished so far! I am always so inspired by the people who are closer to their goals than I am especially when they started farther away. Makes my road seem so short and easy by comparison.

Hee hee Jay I actually went and bought some men's jeans so I wouldn't have to "officially" be in a bigger size. Amazing how creative we can be when we're in denial.

Dieting is hard. Maintenance is hard. Being fat is hard. Pick your hard.

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Let's salsa!
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Height: 5'9"


Great thread!

Oh yes, I did have my OMG moment.

Last fall, I signed up for a salsa class. Nothing better than some exercise while learning a new dance, right? I even consider signing up for a 'cardio salsa'.
Anyway, nobody signed up cardio salsa so that one got cancelled. When I arrived for the first class of salsa, there were only 4 ladies and 1 guy.
I looked at the other ladies and there was one who was closer to my age than the other two, and not entirely overweight but just a wee bit plump. I thought, VERY FOOLISHLY, that we are probably in the same category (in terms of weight).

Hahaha! I really don't know what I was thinking (was I thinking - at all?!?)
Then we went inside the studio which had one wall covered with mirrors. We stood in a line, looking at our own reflections in the mirror, and with a huge shock I realized that I was TWICE the width of the lady who I thought was just like me.
Of course, it did not help that I wore a shapeless oversize Tshirt, but anyway, the difference was very obvious.

I did not start my journey right than, it still took me a couple of more months to kick myself into action. By the way, I did not keep up the salsa, this was at the very end of September and it was unseasonally hot, and the studio was on the last floor of a building and had no windows. Even though we were learning only steps, sweat was pouring off of me and by the end of the class, I was drenched. It was too embarassing.
I don't think the course lasted too long (I showed up for 3 classes) and always there were only 3 of us, plus the instructor. It probably got cancelled due to lack of interest.
Dearest Schumeany: Yes, those are size 4 jeans hugging my posterior. Thank you for being such motivation!!!
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Token Vulcan
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Mine kind of happened in increments in 2006. Two ladies at my work did WW successfully. I took notice to about the extent of "hmmm, okay, that's nice." Meantime, I had outgrown my pants and made my thumb and index finger calloused from having to yank the zippers up so hard. I had to buy several larger pairs of pants in January 2007 just to have some to fit into, even if I would only use them for a few months. Then I got on the scale and went over 200 for the first time. I was like, okay, ouch, that kinda stings. Then some family came for Christmas, pictures were taken with a digital camera and they asked me if I could upload the pics on my computer. So, there I got to see myself on my desktop with several relatives looking on, in this horrible looking picture. I made light of it to them, like ugh, I don't wanna see that, but inside I felt humiliated and disgusted. So, while I normally don't make New Year's resolutions, I did then, and January 1, 2007 became my kickoff date (and I found this place shortly thereafter). I was rewarded with some pretty quick weight loss numbers in the first months (10, 10, 7, 5) just from modification of diet and moderate exercise. Since then it's been a combination of inching along, plateauing, etc. I'm not where I want to be yet but I'm pleased I'm no longer where I was.

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Height: 5'8"


Hello there! I love reading "aha" moments - as I think everyone had to have SOMETHING that made them realize they weren't healthy...
I know mine was (well, when i truly started my healthy lifestyle 5 years ago...) - I realized I needed some new jeans one day as I wasn't fitting into my own...so I went down to walmart - as I knew I could just buy "off the rack" without having to try them on. I picked up a size 18 jeans - bought them and brought em home...when I got home and tried them on - they were WAY too tight! I couldn't even button them. I seriously wanted to cry.

Now, I had lost weight the previous year on Weight watchers, after joining with a friend - but I didn't really "learn" anything other than how to manipulate the program and then I quit and gained it back...and so when I realized I hadn't only gained most of that weight back - but that I was on my way to gaining MORE. I literally - that night - went back to a Weight Watchers meeting.

6 months later I hit my goal of 160 and was down to a size 9! It was amazing. Now as you may see in my siggy i'm not at 160 anymore. :-( But I'm on my way back down (I gained 40 pounds back due to having insulin resistance...but i'm back down to 180 and on my way back down to 160!)

But yeah - those moments are what make all of us who we are! I know I need to always remind myself of that moment.
highest weight - 2001: 220
lowest weight - 2004: 160
slowly gained weight back thx to Insulin Resistance - Weight in 2007: 197.5
current weight - April 2008: 180
goal weight: 160

~Motivation gets you started - COMMITMENT keeps you going~

Check out my DAILY PLATE...
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Don't Take Away My Cheese
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Height: 5'2"


I had been gaining weight steadily throughout college. I rationalized that it wasn't so bad because I wasn't the "fat friend"...there was always someone else around that was bigger. I really started to become addicted to food when I realized that it comforted me during times of stress. The closer I got to graduating, the harder the classes were, the more stress there was. I got married a year out of school and almost could not fit into my wedding dress (I had it altered. Twice.) School was done, now I was starting into a new marriage and a new job (which was not a good job). LOTS MORE STRESS. Plus, working full time and not really knowing how to cook = a lot of going out to eat! I piled on the pounds. I became heavier than my "fat friend" (who actually is doing SO WELL with her weight now, it's such an encouragement!)

This past November I went to the doctor's for my annual exam. I weighed only 1 lb heavier than I did the year before, but THIS time for whatever reason my doctor decided to SCARE THE CRAP out of me about it. I learned that my being 5'2" and 183 pounds classified me as obese. This meant that I was in danger of some serious health risks. What really got me was when she asked if I planned to become pregnant anytime soon. She explained to me that because of my weight, I could have serious problems even GETTING pregnant, and once I was...the chances of me becoming even more obese were very high. I could even contribute to higher chances of my baby having a birth defect or developing diabetes during pregnancy. Not only was I potentially hurting me...I was potentially hurting my husband and my not-even-conceived-yet baby!!

It scared me. But I decided to weight until after the holidays anyway to start doing something about it. The photographs at Christmas time (they were digital and uploaded in front of all my relatives as well)....well, they were the last kick in the butt I needed. I started my life-change on January 28, 2008 (so it wouldn't be a "resolution") and to date am on track to lose 40 lbs by August 25, 2008. From there, I will set another goal to get FIT, but I just need to get out of the danger zone right now!

BTW, this forum has been such an inspiration to me. Esp. when I'm not really surrounded by this kind of peer support in "real life" at the moment. Thanks!
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I've had a handful of moments. The first was when I had to go from regular sizes to "women's" sizes. There was something about having to change departments in the store that prickled. No more cute fun clothing, everything looked like a tent. And a bland, dowdy tent at that. I should have paid attention then, but no.

The most recent was when my kids begged me to go swim with them on an upcoming trip. I hadn't been in a pool in years, so I went to buy a new suit. That was seriously humiliating. I couldn't find anything in the regular suits area, then went to the women's section...built in bras, skirts, wild patterns designed to "hide" your tummy. I thought to myself--I am not old enough for these clothes. And then the real shocker...I couldn't even find one that fit. Seeing my bulges squeezed into spandex and smooshed out the sides...rolls under my shoulders...it was NOT a pretty sight. I refused to let anyone see me, told my kids I didn't like the colors, and slunk back to the rack in humiliation.

I'll never look like I did in my 20s, but sheesh, this has got to improve.

Short Goal--40 pounds. One for every five pounds lost! X X X X X X
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Maintaining :)
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Height: 5'4"


There were several, over a 4 month period.
1st - we visited the children in Oakland. Trying to keep up with the family while walking in Oakland and San Francisco was very difficult. I had taken a fall a few months earlier and seriously bruised my knee. I KNEW that my injury would not have been as bad had I not weighed as much. The combination of the injury and being out of breath climbing hills really got to me. I'm too young to have to stop doing things with my kids!
2nd - I dropped a report on the way to my office. My boss happened to be walking by. There was this very awkward moment when I KNEW I couldn't gracefully bend over and pick it up. Normally I would use my foot to scoot it over to the wall, and use the wall to support myself while bending over. That was really too obvious. After what seemed like an eternity, he reached my location, picked it up and gave it to me. How embarrassing!
#3 - the straw - I was doing dishes and found myself leaning on the edge of the sink, supporting my weight with my forearms. I realized that my back was so weak that I couldn't bend over to do dishes without the additional support. I knew I had two choices at that point. To change my lifestyle and lose the weight or - well - the alternative isn't something I can bring myself to write.

That was July 4th, 2007. I AM doing this - and NOTHING will stop me

Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, which you have from God, and that you are not your own? ICor 6:19
My Pictorial Journey " " My Goal Story

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I see a lot of you refer to them as "aha" moments. I think for me, calling it an AAH! moment might be more appropriate

My heart gets such a sad squeeze everytime I read these posts - those moments can really hurt like heck can't they? I hope I didn't stir up any old hurts by bringing up the subject. But I do think it's great we have a place to come and let it out - and share the hurt instead of holding it in. I don't know about you all, but I will probably go to my grave without ever admitting to any of my family or friends that I didn't have a clue how bad I really looked.

Here's to letting go of the hurt (raising water bottle in a toast) and watching it float away and feeling the weight (both literal and figurative) lift off of us.

OK, getting eeshy here. Better go back to lurking

Dieting is hard. Maintenance is hard. Being fat is hard. Pick your hard.

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No surrender, no retreat
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S/C/G: 170/148! :D /134

Height: Vertically comfy 5'2"; horizontally challenged


When I hit 170 -- for the third time again! I call it my 'frying pan to the head moment'. I am not ever, not no way, not no how, ever going through this again. I've picked my hard -- and it's not fat!!!
Why didn't Noah swat those two mosquitoes?


EZ's 5lb. Challenge:

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Round 2: 5/5 Finally!
Round 3: 1/5

The BIG Picture

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Height: 5'7"


Yay for OMG/A-Ha moments..which ever you prefer.

Mine came a few days ago when I realized that I was losing my personality and was using my school work as an excuse for not being the "fun" me anymore, really, my weight is the reason.
"You must begin to think of yourself as becoming the person you want to be."
-David Viscott

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Height: 5'2"


I read a bunch of books in hopes of motivating myself. Someone gave one of the books I read a really bad review on Amazon. Not only that, she recommended another book. Well since I was really trying to read everything, I read the recommended book and hated it. I felt like the author was shouting at me. So, something came in to my mind that I would "show that woman" that I could lose weight with the help of the book I liked and she didn't . And I did. Is all that clear as mud.

The book that I liked was Small Changes Big Results, by Ellie Krieger. I haven't done everything she says, but she really helped me get started.

I have been short of breath, had high blood pressure, seen ugly pics of myself, been unable to comfortably pick up anything off the floor, unable to put on my underpants without holding on to something etc etc. It seemed like none of that stuff got to me enough. It took someone I don't even know to annoy me into loosing weight.
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