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Unhappy advice please

i need to start a diet and dont know the best way to start
any advice would be great!!!

thank you
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Hi Blondage!

How about changing small things, one step at a time, until you've made a whole lot of permanent life changes?

Pick one thing today that you can do that will lead you to a healthier life. Drink your water, or take a walk, or eat all your fruits & veg. Just one. Just for today. And then, tomorrow, do it again When you've got that small thing down, add on another, and the process repeats.

Small changes add up. And if you work on them one thing at a time you might be more likely to stick with them for the long haul.

If you're looking to follow some sort of program, there's the Diet Central area, which may give you ideas about how you can change your eating habits.

You can definitely do this! Make it a commitment.

Best of success!!
~Made of star stuff~
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I would suggest starting with evaluating what choices you make and habits you have in your current lifestyle that have made you heavy. For example, when I first started, I had to face the fact that I ate cream-cheese bagels every day, had a 4-soda a day habit, and frequently liked to polish off a box of yodels (just a few among many bad habits)

Once you identify what you're doing wrong, you can start to make changes to fix it. Now I count calories every day using fitday.com, I eat bagels only once a month as a treat, and I gave up regular soda and yodels cold turkey.

I haven't had a yodel in 4 years lol. Mmm they were delicious! I don't miss the soda though.
Maintenance since October 2008.
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I would start by totalling all the calories you eat on a regular day. YOu might want to do this for a couple of days and see how much you are actually eating. It will be a good place to start. I write down everything that goes in my mouth.
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Perhaps starting with the "Listening Diet"? Listening to your body/stomach... Eating when you're hungry and stopping when you're full...

I copied the following links from the "I can make you thin" show....

1.) When You Are Hungry, Go Eat!
I’ll summarize a few of his statements -
Physical and emotional hunger are different -
Don’t starve yourself -
Stay between 3 and 7 on the ‘Hunger Scale’
1. Physically faint
2. Ravenous
3. Fairly Hungry
4. Slightly Hungry
5. Neutral
6. Satisfied
7. Full
8. Stuffed
9. Bloated
10. Nauseous
Starving does not work - too much guilt - we start ourselves throughout the ‘day’ and then ‘binge at night’
Metabolism is important -
2.) Eat What You Want
OK, I’ll summarize a few things he said about “eat what you want”
Eat what you want, not what you think you ’should’ -
When we eat what we want, we stop depriving ourselves -

3.) Eat Consciously!
Again, I’ll summarize a few of the points he makes -
People who overeat ‘think’ about food all the time, but, when it comes ‘time’ to eat, they ’shovel food’ into their mouths -
Eat slowly, think about each and every food -
Chew the food and think about it -
Like when we ‘drive’ on the freeway, when we get ‘on an on-ramp’, we realize how fast we’ve been driving -
Eating consciously - slowly, no distractions, enjoying the food - allows us to actually feel ‘full’ when we are -
Eat at a quarter of the speed that you normal eat at -

4.) When You’re Full, Stop Eating!
I’ll summarize a few of Paul’s thoughts -
The more you listen to the ‘full’ signal, the better you’ll feel -
We decide how much we want from what we see, not from how we feel -
Our stomach will tell us how much to eat -

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Everything thats being said here is awesome but you have to remember in the end you have to find what works best for you.

"I can do all things through christ who strengthens me"
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