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Unhappy Week #4, and I'm back to square one! :(:(

I started WW about 4 weeks ago. Week one was great... even though I had bouts of binging (usually when I get home from work, around 4:30, I'm RAVENOUS and could literally eat ANYthing to satisfy it.)
Anyway, at my first weigh-in, I had lost 3 lbs! I was excited... the following week I did SUPER good and lost another 2 lbs but couldn't make it to the weigh-in because of a big storm.
Still, I was pleased with myself because I had wanted to lose 5 lbs by my birthday...and I was 5 days ahead of schedule!

Well, last week...... it was my birthday so... you can guess what happened. First of all, since I hadn't gone to my meeting, I hadn't picked up a weekly journal. So, I didn't track my food until Wednesday or so, when my friend made a makeshift one using excel.. but my birthday was Thursday so I didn't bother tracking. (Oooh, can you see all the excuses I'm making??!) Regardless, I had cake and yummy food all Thursday and Friday and then... I weighed in on Saturday and I was back up to 175... so I lost 5 lbs in total, in 2 weeks, then it took ONE week to gain 4 lbs of it back!!!

I feel guilty and disappointed with myself and I know I should think positive but I'm frustrated!!
I need something motivating... I've booked a 2-week vacation to Paris and Brussels in May.. and I wanted to lose 15 lbs. by then (in 2 months) and I think about it every day, but then I get home and I'm ravenous and I undo all the good work I did.. and I'm always hungry, and I'm always frustrated, and I always want to eat sugar.. I'm addicted to sugar, I'm like a monster! does anyone else have a similar problem??? If looking good in Paris isn't going to motivate me to stick with it, what will??!!!
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If you're starving when you get home from work, you're not eating enough; especially the P work -- PROTEIN!! Protein is our friend in this. It takes your body longer to digest it and your body uses more cals to digest protein vs. carbs. What time do you eat lunch? What do you have for lunch? Prepare and take a snack w/you to work and eat it at 3:00 - 3:30, b/4 you leave for home. A cheese stick (the colby/cheddar are really good) and a serving of wheat thins (veggie or 5 grain are good) seem to really hold me for awhile. I'm a big fan of peanutbutter because I find the combo of fat and protein w/some good carbs (wheat thins, bananas) hold me quite awhile as well. Even a 200 cal balance bar and a water bottle will do the trick w/out blowing your mealplan. Anything to keep those 'eat your arm off' hungries away!!

Don't let this bump throw you completely off course. The very next meal you eat, choose something that fits into your plan. So you fumbled last week; get right back into the game NOW. You'll feel so much better and it will help with tomorrows choices too.
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I have the same problem with getting too hungry. When I remember, it really helps to save something from my lunch to eat on the way home. Or, sometimes I put something in the car just to eat on the way home. It really, really helps to eat something to just take the edge of that ravenous hunger. I just don't always think about it, and that will be the time that I am really hungry and mess up.
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Hey! Why not get back to Weight Watchers? You were having some success before you dropped out.

Yes, you are making lots of excuses. And, as you've discovered, the body doesn't care what your excuses are. Eat too much, gain weight!

It's possible to plan for a snack, either before you leave work or after you get home. Don't try to save your points for dinner, if you've been thinking that way--that will just mean you'll be too hungry.

If you're doing Weight Watchers correctly, you should not be feeling that hungry. There is always something you can eat.

Get back with it again. Don't give up. And get the sugary foods out of your house for now. Maybe you can have them later, but right now they are too dangerous to have around.

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Thanks for all your support... I will have to try the protein thing in the afternoon, for sure. I'll pack some cheese and plan to munch on it at 3... maybe a yogurt, too. For some reason, I thought a granola bar would help, but clearly it's doing more harm, it just leaves me hungrier!

I'm still feeling discouraged, but I can't dwell. Tomorrow is a new day... and hopefully I can conquer the food demon. Ha.
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