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Default Calories/Nutrition/Hunger

i am a calorie counter - i am for 1200 calories/day but i'm ok with up to 1500/day.

im also trying to listen to my body more - stop eating when i start feeling satisfied, dont eat unless i am sure i am actually feeling hunger (not boredom, not being emotional...).

but i'm noticing that if i eat like that, my calories fall *way* below where i want them to. - even a cup of easy mac - i only ate half of it before i felt full!
but jeeze! my calories when i "listen" to my body average at 700-900/day.
thats not healthy!

i added a daily multivitamin, and i'm trying to lean towards more protein in my diet, but seriously?

when do you not listen to your body and force feed and when it is ok to?
i KNOW i'm eating way less than i "should", but my body feels satisfied with that.

eating like this i have been losing on average 1.7 lbs/day which also too fast of a weight loss.

ideas ?
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Hey! Hmmm... I suggest you plan every one of your meals and snacks like this: Each meal has 200 to 300 calories, each snack has 100 to 200, and you eat every 2 to 3 hours. Six meals, six snacks. This should put you between 1200 cals and 1500 cals. Eat all of everything you plan. Don't stop because you are "starting" to feel satisfied.

I'm thinking that you may not have a good sense of what satisfied feels like, and so you're stopping too soon. Could be you need some retraining.

I think I'd also consider seeing the doctor just to rule out that you don't have some sort of condition that would be causing this.

Make sure you have a good balance of proteins, carbs, and fats.

1.7 pounds a day is too much. You are probably losing muscle and who knows what else.

Good luck!
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GREAT advice, Jay. Will this work for you, KateRN?
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