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Default How do you react when someone comments on your weight loss?

It's a bit silly really: I'm still stumped on how to react when people comment on my weight loss. Now I've been down that road more than once - losing a noticeable amount and then falling off track and gaining all or most of it back before coming even close to goal.

Well, it's that time again - 15lbs down and people start noticing. It feels great, but also kind of awkward - I usually say "Thanks for noticing," but how dorky does that sound? Two days ago, when the topic came up, I also blushed, which was promptly commented on too - argh. . So, on the one hand I like the validation, and on the other hand I don't like it to be an issue. It's not a huge problem or anything, just had me wondering about this ambiguity.

Another problem I've had in the past is that once the compliments start to roll in I tend to get complacent, which of course is a dangerous place to be if you want to stay on plan...

I'm really interested to find out your feelings and responses to weight loss comments!

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I say "Yes , thanks for noticing." Sometimes I say "Yes, and I did it on purpose". It is nice if people notice and complement me, but it is totally unimportant whether they comment or not.
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yes it is a little akward at times; i had one friend even ask another friend "what happened to Tiff?" lol, like i have a disease or something. but mostly i just say "thank you, i'm really trying".

good point about getting complecent, i really need to watch out for that one. i have come so far, but have such a LONG way to go. at first the weight was melting off, and now it has slowed condsiderably. the compliments can be a double edged sword i guess, on one side it can be a great ,motivater, on the other it can make you feel like you deserve a break. must be leary of the latter.

congrats on your weight loss!

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"Yes, thank you, I'm trying to be healthier."

It gives them the "Thanks" and gives me the "Don't get cocky and go back to where you were".
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Someone who hadn't seen me in awhile recently said, "Oh my gosh, you've lost a huge amount of weight!!" I said, "Yes, I did." End of comment.

They then asked, "How much have you lost?" I said, "I'm not sure--something like 40 pounds." End of comment.

They then asked, "How did you do it?" I said, "I reduced my food intake and increased my exercise to 5 or 6 times a week." That ended their interest.

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I usually just smile kind of sheepishly and say thanks. I often try to downplay it. Not always, though. Depends on the person and how they say it.

It's a strange thing because for the most part it's motivating and very nice that people notice, but on the other hand....sometimes they make a REALLY big deal out of it and it makes me a little sad. In these instances they're not like, "this is so great -- you look so healthy!" it's more like, 'Oh my gosh, honey, you're so skinny and beautiful!"

I know they mean well, but I really wish physical appearance wasn't so unbelievably important in our world.

However, losing weight/keeping it off is HARD work and most people realize that.

I guess at the end of the day, there are far wore things than a compliment, so I try to be gracious, say thanks, and take the best out of it.

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I just say "thanks for noticing" as well. What I don't like are people who wouldn't give me the time of day before that are all on me now about my weight loss. Why wasn't I worthy before?
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I just say thank you and leave it at that. I still feel embarrassed, not sure why. Even when my mother compliments me!!
If they ask how I do it, I say 'diet and exercise', and most people don't want to hear more. I think they expect me to say surgery, since I have lost a lot. It seems a popular assumption to make.
~ Lori

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Nancy~ I know the feeling. =/

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My reaction really depends on the person making the comment. I know a lot more men than women. Men will just come out and say "you look great, nice job". They get a smile and a "Thanks, I'm working on it." From women I get "Have you been sick?", or "Did you have surgery?" or some other back-handed comment. They tend to get a much more cautious response that tries to avoid the subject altogether.

I'd really prefer nobody said anything and we all just moved on.

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I smile very broadly and say 'ty, ty, ty'. If they ask what did I do to lose the wt, I get all serious (which I'm not), bring my voice down to a very low, deep, and knowledgeable tone, look them straight in the eye and say 'I followed this very new, quasi-retro diet'. After I see they are enraptured and waiting to hear what the 'magic pill' diet is, I say 'I've learned to eat less and move more'.
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lol at your comment JayEll...
people do get less excited when they realize you did it the old-fashioned way.

i usually just smile and say that, yeah, i've been working hard, or something along those lines. it does make me uncomfortable sometimes though.
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See, I definitely LIKE when people notice. Obviously, I did this on PURPOSE and I worked HARD at it... I want people to notice and appreciate what I've done.

So... when they notice.. I just say, "Thanks! You can tell? Sometimes it's hard for me to notice myself!" (usually when I'm in the process of losing)

One for every 5 pounds lost .......

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I say thanks. And I use it for motivation when I'm tempted to slack off.

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I usually try to downplay it and just say, "thanks. I'm trying." Most of my coworkers know, just because I change clothes at work to go the gym, but I haven't made a big deal out of it.

I saw one of my best friends this weekend & hadn't seen her for about 3 weeks. I got to the restaurant first & when she walked in she just had this stunned look on her face. I thought something was wrong. She walked up and hugged me & said, "Oh my gosh. You lost so much weight! You look great! Not that you didn't look great before, but WOW!" I knew what she meant and wasn't upset because she's always been so supportive.

I don't notice any real change when I look in the mirror---I do with how clothes fit. So, it's nice that someone else can tell.

Live the life you've imagined! - Thoreau

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