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Default Dialing Up the Calories

Hey everyone,

Over the last 3 weeks I've lost 11lbs, aiming for 1500-1700cal each day. I do an hour of intense exercise 6X per week. At first I wasn't hungry, but now I am getting hunger pangs. I also want a more gradual weigfht loss, one that is sustainable in the very long term. So I'm thinking of increasing my calories to 1800 per day for a month or so, then taking it to 1700 and so on, shooting for a 500cal deficit.

My question is, because I was at a 800-900cal deficit each day, and now I'm decreasing that to a 400-500cal deficit, will I regain some of the weight I lost?

I.e. now that I've started on a 800cal deficit, will I always need to shoot for that to lose weight?

Thanks in advance,

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As long as there is still a defict, you shouldn't gain anything back. You just won't lose as much as quickly.
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What Judith said! The weight will only come back if you end up having a calorie surplus. Well, not accounting for normal weight fluctuations.

Congrats on you progress thus far!
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What the others have said.

Also you might find that you jump start your weight loss a little by eating a bit more. I know that sounds counter-intuitive, but if you're really feeling hunger pangs and doing that much exercising, your body might function better and build a stronger, more active metabolism by having a little more fuel to work with.

I found out that when I was really working out and lifting weights, I *had* to increase my calories or my weight loss stalled. Lately I've not been so good about my lifting schedule (or my entire working out schedule for that matter), and I can cut back a little (I'm also not as hungry).

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I don't have anything to specifically add, except to say I have found this to be an ongoing process and frequently tweak or change what I'm doing. Not just in terms of calories, but often other goals. For example, when I started lifting more, I increased the amount of protein I was eating (promotes muscle repair and growth).

So, good luck adding a little food back in, and give it a couple of weeks to suss out what's going on.

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Yep. As long as there's a deficit, you shouldn't gain.

However, remember that all these numbers are only estimated. It's possible to be off on that, only because the tools aren't that accurate (and can't be--we are all different). So, if after a couple of weeks you're gaining, you'll know that you need to change something.

Water weight fluctuation can often mean a 2-3 pound difference, sometimes more.

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