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Default Who is your weight loss buddy?

For those of you who are going about this journey with a buddy, who is it?

Mine is my mom. She has always been overweight and her whole life has been a yo-yo dieter. Unlike my friends, my mom understands that I have multiple health issues that affect my weight loss, that I have to take medications that make me gain weight, and that one of my biggest issues with my weight is that I used to weigh way less than my older sister and now she ways 130 and I weigh a much higher amount do to the medications and surgeries I have had to gone through. My mom is a great support and she even started us going to Weight Watchers together and we did kickboxing classes together (before I left for college).

Many of us have someone who is our rock in this journey, who is yours?
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Mine, until last year, was my buddy Ali. She and I would go to our college gym 3-4 times a week, chat it up on the elliptical for 30 mins, do about 20 mins of weights, and finish it up with 100 crunchies. I lost 15 lbs that summer, and she lost 20. I moved away to law school, and she is still at home, finishing her masters. We were "over the phone and email" weight loss buddies until last month, when we found out she was pregnant! Yea! She and her man re super excited, so the weight loss is on hold for a year or so for her. But my boyfriend is really great. Although he sometimes makes delicious fattening things right in front of me (I only have a taste!), he is very positive about the changes I am trying to make, and remindes me to eat right and exercise, since I ask him to help. I miss Ali, but at least I have man who is extrememly supportive, and the love of my life.

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My Hubby is my buddy We're doing weight Watchers together and going to the gym together three nights a week. He always helps me eek out that last rep.
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My best friend is my weight loss buddy. We try to meet up at the gym (she works 2 jobs). It is nice to have someone almost in the same boat (1 weigh 368 she weighs 270). When we do meet up (or talk on the phone) we encourage eachother and exchange food ideas.
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I am currently living in philly, and my diet buddy lives in california. We email each other every day what we ate, what we did for exercise, if it's a weigh in day our weights, and occassinally progress pics. We started around the same weight and we're the same height, so we made a progress plan; we made a wish-list of gifts to pamper ourselves. we had a $20 gift for 180, a $25 for 170, a $30 for 160, and a $35 for 150. Whenever one of us reaches a ten pound marker, the other buys and ships the gift to her. Then, when we reach goal, i'm flying out to cali and we're doing a road trip to vegas for a few days, LA and san diego. Whoever gets to goal faster, the other one has to buy a fabulous outfit for when we get there. It's hard that she's so far away, but i think we have a really great support system.
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My fiance is my buddy. He's lost 26 pounds to my 14! So it can be frustrating, but he constantly encourages me to move more.
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I live in Colorado, and my weightloss buddy (aka my BFF) lives in Tennessee. It'd probably be easier for both of us if we lived closer to each other, but ....

We make do alright! I've lost 21.4lbs so far, and she's lost 24.5lbs! We talk on the phone very regularly and we trade recipes. She recently sent me a work-out DVD, and I sent her a "congratulations!" package for hitting the 20lbs lost threshold. We've been friends since high school, and getting in shape together gives us all the more reason to stay in touch. I don't think I could do it without her.

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My hubby is my weightloss buddy and cheerleader. He has been losing weight for the past year and is down something like 40 lbs. He is really inspiring: he gets up every morning at 4:00am to workout before work, and sometimes works out again when he gets home. Very recently, we've started going for walks after dinner and now we've made a plan to go to an OA meeting on Saturday mornings, then biking and then on Sunday morning, we will go hiking. My best friend is also my weightloss buddy, but she lives in another state and is kind of flakey but I'm glad to have her.

Still not giving up, fighting the fight of my life!

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I don't have a weight loss buddy. I've tried many times to get one but no one I know in real life wants to lose weight and do it with me! It is very discouraging sometimes, but what doesn't kill ya makes ya stronger, blah, blah, blah, I guess I'm just really freaking strong!
"I do feel that spiritual progress does demand at some stage that we should cease to kill our fellow creatures for the satisfaction of our bodily wants." -Gandhi
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I don't have one. A friend of mine and I stated together and it was going really well at first. Then she bailed out basically.
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I have a friend who has been losing weight during this same time--she lives in another country now, but we've known each other for many years. Both of us have taken time off from weight loss to maintain during the last year and a half, and then started up again.

But you know, buddy or no buddy, it's really all up me. I got to walk that lonesome valley.

"My religion is kindness." --His Holiness the Dalai Lama

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My weightloss buddy is one of my best friends and housemates. She is bigger than me (only by a couple of sizes) and we started getting serious about our weight loss in January, although I started my plan in June 2007 I didn't get 100% committed until January and it was all because of her support. I don't know what I'd do without her!
We encourage each other so much. I hate talking to people I know about my weight loss as I like to keep it quiet so having her to speak to about it is great. We are both doing really well with our eating and we do an exercise DVD regularly. We will be joining the gym together when we get back to Uni from the Easter break
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When I get to 140 I will reassess my goal (I want to get to 140 by 28th March 2012)
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I don't really have a "buddy" either - I have friends who are also trying to lose weight, but we just don't really talk about it together or whatever. My wonderful hubby is my rock though...he is actually trying to GAIN weight, but in a healthy way (just trying to bulk up on his muscle and stuff ). We eat pretty healthy as a family...and he is totally willing (and wants to) eat the low fat ice cream and baby spinach salads right along with me. Not to mention he used to be a personal trainer, so he is a huge resource for me in this journey!! I know he loves me for who I am TODAY, but wants me to be healthy and most of all, happy with myself, so he is incredibly supportive without being pushy in the least. I consider myself very fortunate for having been blessed with this man in my life!!!!!! (Not that it isn't hard to know that he can eat a chocolate mountain fudge cake and might actually LOSE a pound or two!)

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