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Default Ok, this is a tough one

Hi, don't know if you all remember me. I visit, post, then stop, then post, and I lurk a lot.
But I have something I wanted to share, that I hope will help some of you.

Back in September, I started working toward a trip to San Francisco with my husband, to see the Hardly Strictly BlueGrass Festival - I lost 15 lbs, worked out every day, and was starting to lurk again. The Festival was awesome.

A few days after we got back, I found a lump in my breast. And I read about Sarah, and just couldn't post, because I remember her struggle, and it broke my heart. I'm now about 2 weeks out of surgery - I'm going to be ok. My oncologist called me "cancer lite." The lump was small, and they got it all.

But he says I was really lucky. I have a 90% chance of living at least 10 years, and my greatest risk of dying is - other causes. I'm more likely to die from the effect of my weight on my heart than I am of cancer. Chemo would be too hard on me. And I'm not taking the best post-cancer medication because of what it can do to my joints and cholesterol. What I'm taking should work, but... The things I can do most to prevent a recurrence is to lose weight, and to exercise at least 5 hrs a week. Last weeks was 5.5, and I lost 3 lbs.

So I've decided to post about this little-mentioned side effect of obesity. And I'll be here to nag you all about it.
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thank you for sharing
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Yes, thank you for sharing this with us.
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Thanks for sharing your story. I'm glad you are doing well and working on the weight for your health's sake.
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thanks for the reminder of why I am REALLY here.
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I'm sorry to hear of your cancer, but thanks for sharing your story with us. Like a pp mentioned, thanks for reminding me why I'm really here.
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I'm so glad you found it and I'm so glad it was small and that they got it all. Life is precious! Thanks for the reminder that this is about health---bottom line!!

Do your self-breast exams, chicks!!! (and roosters!)
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Default Thanks for your story

You sound very calm and brave in your post, and 's to you. This is a reminder to me why I need to eat clean and stay health/fit/strong.

Good health to you and I will be watching for your health updates.

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Thank you so much for sharing this. I can't even imagine how painful it must be to see your body betray you like this. This is why we're all here, isn't it? So that our bodies will give us the kind of support we need!

I have a lot of diabetes running in my family, so that's another big motivation for me to lose weight. It's not all about fitting back into my size 10s!
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I am a survivor . I also have had breast cancer. I had breast cancer and have had no recurrence. My breast cancer surgery was April 18, 1985. 1985!! I am more concerned that I will get run over by a truck than die of breast cancer.
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Thank you for posting your story. This is something I worry about as cancer runs in my family. I certainly know that being overweight increases my risk. Thanks again for sharing! Good Luck!

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Cancer also runs in my family. My mother, grandparents, maternal uncle, and lots of others on my mothers side have all died of it. My siblings and I are kind of resigned to the fact that we will most likely follow the family history one day.

Thank you for posting, and giving another good example of why it is important to be a healthy weight.
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Thanks, guys.
Believe me, there didn't seem to be much brave about me, although I got up, went to work, showed up at appointments, and only had one huge public hissy fit.

My main concern is to encourage you all to avoid this, if you possibly can.

I don't believe my body betrayed me; I think I wasn't very good to it, and it did the best it could. My turn to take care of it.
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Look at the singer Cheryl Crow, I just read an article about her, she lost her fiance, Lance Armstrong and I believe the jerk cheated, then she found out she had breast cancer... now she's healed, strong, singing and dating she said in the last article I read. I tore the thing out thinking WOW what a woman. I've been through the death of a father to cancer, separation from a jerk and LIFE.... how about women like Cheryl? She said people told her to "keep busy" so she wouldn't get depressed but she chose to FEEL it all, for a few years she did, and a new album has a lot of her thoughts, I haven't bought it yet but I think I'll be able to relate unfortunately and fortunately.

Having experienced cancer with my dad, and death here's my thoughts if they are worth 2 cents:

Eat heathy, clean foods, drink juice, best if from your own juicer

Don't stress, as your body gets chemically imbalanced from stress, cancer strives on a chemically imbalanced system

Listen to healing music, even if it's a bit too new age for you, music is healing

Practice mediation, prayer and somehow believe in a Higher Being

Don't ever think cancer will get you, practice positive thoughts, cut out the negative ones - you can't afford even one negative thought

Read stories about others who have faught cancer like Cheryl, meet people through groups, get support

Exercise for physical and mental health, get the weight off as soon as you can

Count your blessings, be grateful that God saved you from the horrors of cancer, write in a gratitude journal daily, and try not to complain

Best wishes
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Two of my friends have it now, and I lost one of my dearest friends to it in 2006. I myself had a lumpectomy a few years back but it turned out to be a benign lump. I pray every day that they find a permanent cure for this disease. Bless you, you were lucky that they found yours and it's out of you now. Yes, my big fear is that I'm hitting menopause and extra weight after that has been strongly linked to breast cancer as well. We'll all just keep trying to get our weight down to normal. Thanks for the reminder that it's not just to look cute in clothes.
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