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Thumbs down First Week did NOT go well...

Well, my first week back on track did not go as planned and did not go very well at all. I DID exercise four days in a row, which I'm proud of. I was sore as all heck!! Just from walking!! LOL
I tried to stay on track with my eating and I did well the first like 2 days. But then, I let go. Night time would come and I would totally over eat. I told myself I 'd start over again the next day. Next day came and I did the same thing. I'm angry at myself, but I have no one else to blame but me.
It just seems like it was SO easy the first time. I was SOOO determined and strict and it worked. I lost over 126 pounds over 9 months. This time around, I want to lose weight, and I'm determined, but I just can't seem to stop myself from pigging out at night!
Part of me figures, I'll exercise 4 days a week for 2 weeks, then 5 days a week for 2 weeks, then make it a full 6 days.
I KNOW I need to drink more water.
I just don't know what to do about my cravings. I'm on Lithium, which gives me MAJOR cravings (like wanted a cigarette, but with food). And the night time eating is out of control. I'm ok during the day, but when night comes, forget it.
Can a girl get a little support??
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That is so amazing that you lost 126 lbs, and in such a short time. That just proves you have it in you to do it. The beginning of any diet is always hard, at least for me it is. It will get easier. Try and take it one day at a time, or one meal at a time. We're here for you!
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just like paula said: one day at a time!good luck

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Hey! Sorry you had a bad week... You can start again this week!

It might help for you to disconnect your exercise plan from your eating plan. Keep doing both of them, of course, but see them as separate, instead of thinking that if you just do enough exercise, then it's OK to overeat or eat high-calorie foods. It is not, and exercise doesn't work like that. Plus eventually, you can't exercise enough to offset the eating. The tendency then is to give up everything...

Hang in there. Plan for foods you can eat at night, if that's when your worst time is. Make them low-cal, filling snacks instead of high calorie foods. Leave some calories for the evening so that you don't go over your plan. And, try to stop at ONE evening snack, instead of grazing through the evening until bedtime.

Good luck!
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Just wanted to echo Jay -- PLAN for nighttime snack. Find something that satisfies as well as fills you up.

Also, try to decide what other factors feed the craving. For me, if I'm doing something really engaging or social I am less likely to eat than if I'm reading or watching TV.

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Start thinking about how to stop the out of control night time eating.

1. Get out of the house. Book club, work out at night, go over to a friend's house, whatever.

2. Stay busy. Call your mom, write a letter, clean your closet, take up a hobby that occopies your hands - knitting, guitar hero, playing the wii, take a bath, shave your legs

3. Declare the kitchen closed after a certain time.

4. Brush your teeth, floss.

5. Sip a mug of tasty herbal tea - I like Stash Blueberry.
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I personally plan a snack for at night and that's it-- I also shut the lights off in their (a little messing with my head trick ) that lets me know I am not to enter that room again until breakfast!! All the totally successful woman have given you great ideas. Keep busy -- if you normally watch TV at night, maybe your mind has associated that with snacking -- do something else and, if all else fails, go to bed early -- can't eat while you sleep!!

Good luck.

Weight loss is a marathon, not a sprint.
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Remove all food from your fridge/pantry that is bad for you, and restock only with healthy foods. That way when your cravings attack, if you do give in, there won't be anything bad for you to nosh on. Works for me. You can't eat what you don't have access to!
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Hi I am new here too but, not to the diet scene. I too have problems with evening eating. I also work nights every other week so my schedule of eating is changing all the time. thanks for some of the tips, i am going to try lights out do not enter til morning. hope to stay in touch.
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Nighttime eating has always been hardest for me. Especially when I've had an especially stressful day, it's like 'ooo, I've had such a hard day, I'm entitled to eat whatever'. Um, this is not a good idea!

I'm back at this yet again (third times a charm, right? ) and the first week or so was so freakin' hard; especially at night. I'm rarely actually hungry, I just want to munch and graze and graze and munch. You can go the veggie route; personally I've eaten so many veggies by evening that I seriously don't even want to look another one in the face. BUT, they are a good option. Precut carrots or celery sticks w/low fat ranch dressing for dipping. I LOVE popcorn (ah but w/butter and salt ) and bought a hot air popcorn maker. 3 unpopped tblspns yields about 7 cups popped. At 20 cals a cup, that comes to about 140-150 cals. I use non-stick butter flavored spray on it when it's done and hit it w/some kosher salt. Makes a decent size bowl and I feel like I'm chowing down w/out doing much damage. Lots of fiber too. I plan for it during the day w/my cal count and all. For the sweet tooth, hard candies seem to cut the sweet urge (but not the 'sweet and crunchy urge' ). I'll eat a few of these while sipping a glass of club soda. It's all mostly for keeping my mouth occupied rather than actually being hungry. Sometimes, when all else fails, I just say NO. Just for tonight. Seriously, what's the worse that could happen? I won't keel over and die if don't pig out. And I've just gone to bed when the urge gets too much. Sometimes this works (sometimes it doesn't). Pay attention instead of just remotely putting hand-to-food-to-mouth-to-food-to-mouth ad nauseum. You can do this!

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