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It's never too late
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Default Step Away From the Scale!!

That is what I need to start telling myself in the morning. I have let the scale take over my early morning time, and it is not helping in any way, shape or form. I used to only weigh myself on Mondays for my formal weekly weigh ins. Then it was twice a week. The past few months I've slipped into the habit of jumping on the scale almost every morning and IT IS NOT HELPING!!

It's funny because when you get on the scale every day or every other day and see that you are losing, you feel invigorated! But then when you hit a phase of either maintaining or even gaining a little, and getting on the scale that much just hurts you during that phase. I was so happy from about January 1-31st because I was steadily losing and I loved getting on the scale multiple times during the week to see the loss. Now, the past couple of weeks I've either maintained or gained (it's not much, maybe a pound but that's still frustrating after having consistent losses for a month). Like, this morning I stepped on the scale and it said 138 - I was 138 on Monday! Shouldn't I have lost something since then I ask myself? I've been eating clean and getting in exercise every day this week, but no loss? How can that be? I know it's because weight flucuates during the week, and I know that it's really ok to go up and down during the week, but that little voice inside my head still gets a little fussy when I see no loss after 4 straight days of clean eating and exercise.

So, my whole point here, is i need to STEP AWAY FROM THE SCALE!! I have decided it is doing nothing to help me with my weight loss to get on every day. I know some people like to weigh themselves every day, and that's fine, but for me it doesn't really seem to be working. So, it's back to the old Monday weigh ins for me. I have not gotten to the point that I don't let the scale completely dictate how I feel - I let the exercise, the smaller clothes sizes, compliments from people on my weight loss, etc dictate how I feel most of the time and that is a good feeling - but the number still gets me a little bit because it's hard to ignore it completely. I need to get back to the once a week weighing so that I focus more on how great the exercise makes me feel and how awesome it is to put on smaller and smaller sizes. The scale will dominate my mornings no more!! It might take me forever to get to my next goal of 130, but so be it - I still feel better and look better and I know it!! It is going to be pure willpower to step away from the scale in the mornings, but after losing weight for 10 months I know I have it in me.

Thanks for letting me ramble on everyone.
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Good for you! A positive step for your continued mental health!

"My religion is kindness." --His Holiness the Dalai Lama

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good for you. i know its hard..but it sounds like it would be beneficial for you. i can't weigh daily or i'd go nutz!!!! i weight once a week and that's it. good job!

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I could have written everything you just did word for word. Good for you and for making that decision!! It is so hard.......we just want to see the fruits of our labor when we step on that dang scale, is it too much to ask?!?!
Congrats on all of your hard work and weight loss!
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