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Old 01-31-2008, 10:30 AM   #1
Trying it again....
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S/C/G: 237/237/145

Height: 5'4"

Default what is your goal/dream outfit?

Do you have an outfit that you are dying to get into when you reach goal? What is it. I want to fit into a nice sexy, chic, sleek red (not black because black makes you look skinnier and I will be skinny and I won't need black anymore) dress that will drive my DH crazy.

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Heather 2.0
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Height: 5'8"


I USED to... but it's so out of fashion now that I haven't actually got a 'dream outfit' anymore. For the last six months, all I wanted to do was fit into my wedding dress again... met that goal and packed it away again.

I have no idea what I'll look like 'at goal', so no idea what to wear!

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S/C/G: 250/224/170

Height: 5'4


A cute little summer dress with sandals, something with a fitted bodice and full skirt, kinda old-fashioned and demure...not that I am, that is just a look that I have ALWAYS wanted to be able to wear.

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One For Every 5 lbs Gone
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Just Yr Everyday Chick
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S/C/G: Lost 50 lbs, regained some

Height: 5'3"



It's been so long since I was slimmer, that I have no clothes from then. And, I've given away all my heavier clothes! So right now I'm running around in a few outfits... Today I'm going shopping at Macy's for some business clothes. What I really want is a very classy business suit! The kind that says "executive" in an understated way.

"My religion is kindness." --His Holiness the Dalai Lama

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Senior Member
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Anything I can tuck in to show off my new flat stomach. I haven't tucked a shirt in for years. Apparently I thought that a blouse over my stomach and hips actually would disquise that extra 130 pounds.

I love low-cut jeans with a sweater and a big belt. If you can pull it off, it makes you look really long and lean.

Current Weight: 144 lbs.
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Senior Member
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Height: 5'2"


Well, no matter how much weight I loose, I will never have a tiny waist or be long waisted. My natural shape eliminates all of the styles that I really like.

I think my favorite would be the same as Stormcrazie. On me, that cute summer dress will have about 3-4 inches across the upper back that gapes out and looks very un-cool.

I will be happy if I can ever wear pants with a regular waist band.
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Height: 5'7"


I can't wait to wear heels - comfortably - again. My husband always liked it when I'd wear heels and has said more than a few times how he misses seeing me in them.

Oh, and I would like a little black dress to go with them. Oddly enough, I never owned one - even when I was smaller.


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Senior Member
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Height: 5'5"


Wow...I don't really have a dream outfit anymore. I've actually surpassed all the outfits i wanted to get back into. I didn't even get a chance to wear them before they were too big for me. Honestly...the one thing i am working towards is that 2 peice bathing suit. That is my dream goal. I don't have to look totally flat and perfect, but i do want my stomach to be more flat than rounded out. Or at least be a firm round instead of a jiggly round. I was just talking to my boyfriend about reaching my goal and turning him on...and he said the sweetest thing. He said I already turn him on. That made me so happy. I guess just to hear him say it...ya know????

And I hear ya Jayell....I love a classy business suit that is well fitted but not revealing. There is just something in itself sexy about a well fitted, especially pinstripes, womens business suit. I want to buy some of those too. I like wearing the skirts and knee high boots but i want a couple business suits that look classy and executive but yet conservative.
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ur gettin' schooled, son.
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Height: 5'7"


Oh, gosh... I would love to be able to wear my new bikini! Skinny jeans too with a tank top.. without being embarrassed! Yes, I would love those things.
1st Short Term Goal by July 1st: Drop from 154-148.

July 15th: 145

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Senior Member
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S/C/G: 200/190/165

Height: 5'9


I love jeans, they say flatter what part of your body you like the most, and I like my long legs the most. But I want to be able to wear a cute shirt with 7's jeans again without looking top heavy.
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Height: 5'4


that's a good question.. I have several.. I would like to buy some nice lingerie and have pretty bras and underwear again. I started gaining weight rapidly right before and after I got married due to medication/depression so I didn't buy lingerie only two things and what I did have I really did not like and another one was a gift. Another goal is to wear a bikini again. And a nice classic black dress that I could keep over the years. And I have a couple of more outfits that I kept that I would really like to get back into.
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Paleo-ish Girl
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I have a slinky little black dress from Express. DH said I should buy it as a goal. It's a size 12, and o so cute.
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Height: 5'10ish


I'm not trying to lose weight anymore, but I am toning up. My goal is to look really really good in a bikini. I just looked at all the bikini's at Victoria's Secret and there are some really sexy ones. Plus we're going to Hawaii in December so I want to look really hot while we're there.
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Simply Filling Technique
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Smile Well, how about a whole wardrobe?

Why stop at one outfit? I am too much of a clothes horse to do that.

I was doing my usual weekly online clothing browsing and I noticed that a catalog which I used to get in the mail has now merged with another catalog that I have ordered from BUT the sizes start at Misses: 18. WELL, I went through that and earmarked a lot of "soon to be" new favorites for next fall/winter. I think the one thing that stands out from Plus sizes clothing to Misses is style. There is more high fashion or style to the "normal" size fashions. I have some really attractive Plus size clothing but it doesn't hold a candle to the stuff I was drooling over last week!

I am going to start buying clothes for then so when the time arrives, I will be all ready to "step out".

Ahhh, to only have one body to wear so many fine things......sigh!
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Token Vulcan
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I like suede so I'd like to wear suede pants (either dark brown or tan) with a short jacket, solid color shirt and boots. Something like the picture below. I suppose I could wear them now but I wanna lose some more caboose. I want to shrink into the pants not out of them.
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