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Default Bragging Rights

Scale day yesterday. I was down to 241.5. 14 pounds lost since the 4th.

At first, I got a bit discouraged. That's a lot of weight, but I still have 81.5 pounds to go. So I did a little math to perk myself up.

I started at 255.5 with 95.5 pounds to lose. That means...
* I've lost 5.4% of my body weight
* I'm 14.6% of the way to my weight loss goals

I measured, too. I've lost 1 inch from my hips, 3.5 inches from my waist, and 3 inches from my bust.

All the ups and downs this month really got me depressed. Seeing those numbers made me sooo happy.

Anyone else have anything to brag about?
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Success! A bit more to lose, but I met my big goal.
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congratulations! i've not yet done the math like that, but i think i may do it now. i started january 2 at 304 and as of today i am down to 288, so 16 pounds. my goal is around 170, which means i want to lose about 134 pounds. i've lost 8% of my weight (if i did the math right)! i know that my 10% goal for ww is 30 pounds by march 12, so i am 1 pound over half way to that goal i've just begun the measurements. i couldn't find my measuring tape and kept forgetting to buy a new one, but i have it now and measured myself last week. i'm going to wait until the end of february to check and see how many inches i've lost.
First goal: lowest weight I remember being in the last 10 years
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Strong on the inside
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Congrats, Altari! You're doing a great job! 14lbs is a lot since the 4th! I started on 1/5, and I'll be happy to just lose 8-9lbs in 4 weeks.

"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." - Dr. Seuss

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Everyone is different! Congratulations, Altari! And to think you were worried...

Well, I have an interesting story. I had been eating too many snacks the last while, and my weight had just started to skyrocket! I was up to 154.4 one day.

So, I got really strict. I stopped with the snacks that were obviously triggering me to overeat, substituted better snacks, started watching and listing carefully. Oh, and I worked out again. Well, in 2 days I lost 4.2 pounds.

Is this fat loss? Oh, probably not. It's probably 90% water! But, I'm just as glad that my ticker isn't lying now. And, I now know that I can get back on track and tough it out...

"My religion is kindness." --His Holiness the Dalai Lama

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I know exactly where you're coming from! I've actually been weighing in at 177 over the past couple of days..since saturday, actually.. and i was feeling great about it but then two nights ago i made a sodium laden dinner.. and then tonight another one.. i've definitely been off track the last two days and the bloat has DEFINITELY come over me.. today i actually weighed in at 181.. I think that breaking the hurdle from 180 to under 180 came so easily for me when ususually going from any x0 to the x9 that comes below it always seems to be a struggle.. that it allowed me to fall off course a little .. but i'm getting back on track and i feel confident that i'll have this bloat off soon enough. today is going to be fiber and water all day long (i don't feel like all of this bloat is water exactly, if you know what i mean, lol)

ANYHOW.. bragging rights..
I bought two tops yesterday in size medium! and i can WEAR them! I also decided to give size 8 a shot in the dressing room while i was in the store.. and well.. size 8 shot me down.. but not in the manner i expected.. i am definitely in between sizes right now and i don't have nearly as far to go as one would think to get there..being able to put a single digit size ON was an amazing feeling..buttoning and zipping felt ok too but while I did like being able to put them on, i do prefer being able to breathe lol.
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Hey Altari That's awesome! I've actually got a checklist kind of like that. I x out things that I've accomplished.

I've lost about 22% of my starting weight. Holy crap, that seems like a lot more than I'd ever think... O_O And I'm about 41% into weight loss... only another 59% to go! Hey that feels like a huge accomplishment ^^
~Made of star stuff~
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