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Default Exercise and Hunger

I didn't know where to post this so I posted it here. . . I hope that's okay?

Anyway, I was wondering if it's normal to be reaaaally hungry after working out. I just started working out and eating healthier and I've noticed that after I work out (45 mins to an hour later) I feel like I'm STARVING! I usually eat a sandwich and some fruit for lunch and about 15 mins before I work out have a slim-fast protein bar. I'm wondering if this is a normal thing or if I'm just not eating enough or what? I know when you don't eat enough or whatever you get more tired but I've been pretty energetic after exercise, just HUNGRY!

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It's because exercise burns your sugars off before it burns the fat, so that's what you crave right after exercise - a sugar boost. You can eat meat or something high in protein and then you'll feel satisfied.
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I usually don't eat much before a workout as I like to workout pretty intensely. So I plan to eat after and yes I am starving. Usually have a protein shake or low fat frozen yogurt within 20 minutes of working out.
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Yep, that's quite normal, and most people go through this, I think. it's a dangerous moment, though--cf. people at the gym who do their workout, then devour three Snickers bars or something right after. A snack with proteins would probably help a lot in curbing the hunger.
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Eat something full of fibre like an apple after your workout and down a glass or two of water that hunger will go away instantly! Trust me it'll really fill you up.

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I don't really get overly hungry straight after working out but I do just before (as by that point I've been at work all day etc). I've taken to having a snack about half an hour/an hour before working out of chicken or some other protein - seems to do the trick

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I don't feel suddenly hungry after exercise so long as I drink lots of water during my workout. I also usually have a protein shake right before I hit the gym, that might help too.
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I definately used to have that problem. The solution for me was a planned snack before working out and a planned snack after working out. I usually always have a yogurt at about 4:30pm, have my gym class from 6p-7p and then a planned snack in my car on the way home to cook my dinner. I don't know what to suggest to you for a snack...the others have come up with some good ones, I used to eat 3 miniture boxes of raisins. It worked for me. You find a snack that works for you...but i think that is the key. Plan a snack an hour before your workout and plan a healthy snack for right after your workout. But the key is to plan it ahead of time. That way you won't go off plan and eat too many carbs or fats or whatever it is you don't need extra of in your daily plan.
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I just saw an article on this very topic. I don't have that problem though. I too drink water during my exercise. I feel more thirsty than anything. But these ladies have some good advice for sure.
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Yeah, make sure you aren't just thirsty. I always feel STARVING after a workout if I haven't had enough water. That being said, you ARE burning off a lot of calories, so it'd make sense that your body would want some to be replenished. Make sure to plan a healthy snack with some carb, protein, and fat at that time to make sure you're satisfied!
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