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Default Weight Loss Rewards?

Hopefully this is the right place for this question. I was wondering, what rewards have you given yourself, or plan to give yourself, for reaching certain weight or health goals? I have a long-term reward of a new wardrobe and was just wondering if others have intermediate rewards.
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Mostly the weight loss is a reward in itself. But I also get a lot of pleasure out of wearing clothes I haven't worn in a while, or realizing old ones no longer fit me. I also have a 35 dollar gift certificate to Urban Outfitters which I will use once I reach my goal weight. On a smaller scale, though I don't have a "cheat day", I do allow myself two pieces of pizza and a glass of milk Friday nights as a reward for a week well done. If I behave well the rest of the week, I find it actually has little to no impact on my weight loss, and whenever I feel like binging, I can tell myself to wait until Friday, instead of telling myself no forever.

Good luck!

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I like the fact that the weight loss is a reward in itself. And the way the clothes fit is a big plus, too. But to be honest, I'm ambivalent about the rewards. On one hand, it's cool to reward myself with some nice things, but the fact is, I can buy these things at any time... I don't need a reason to go out and buy an outfit or a bicycle.

Also, I like the idea of allowing certain foods at certain times. Where I have gotten into trouble in the past is with always rewarding myself, saying "Oh, I was good today, I'll just have one..." (famous last words, right??)
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One day at a time
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I reward myself with a new book or CD for each mini-goal. But once I reach my ultimate goal I have a charm picked out for my bracelet that says One Day at a Time...that's how I take things. Of course I new wardrobe will be in order too!
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I've used rewards more for when I'm really struggling with motivation or a plateau to keep myself motivated. I just choose something I really want at that point in time & do not allow myself to have it until I reach whatever number or until I achieve a certain number of workouts.

For the most part recently I have found just losing the weight & being able to "shop" in my own closet is the best reward - but that is only just true for me recently. Before that I couldn't see the weightloss & was just frustrated & found I needed more outside rewards.

My big goal though is a tattoo. When I reach 190lbs I will get the tattoo I have long waited for. This is not my end weight but it is the weight I wish to get to & never go above again. I will figure out at that point how much more I would like to lose.
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I don't really have a rewards system. All I do is put 1 euro in a box after each day when I am "on plan", and then when I want something I know where the money is. Although I currently have my eye on a kotatsu (complete with futon and carpet -- and the tangerines! Let's not forget the tangerines!) for next winter, so it's quite the incentive. So yeah, I'm a material girl, but if this is what it takes...
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It's been said already, but the weight loss itself is my biggest reward. However, I did buy myself two new pairs of jeans when I lost 20 pounds. I've promised myself a tattoo I've always wanted once I hit 160.
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I definately use the reward system. It helps keep me motivated. I started out with smaller (cheaper items) because it is always easier in the beginning and saved bigger items for mile markers. i wrote it all down and posted it on the fridge as a constaint reminder.

5 pounds: 5 new songs for my Ipod
10 pounds: blanket for couch
15 pounds: new purse
20 pounds: new workout shoes
50 poundes: white gold necklace

I pick items that i will see over and over again. Example when i am sitting on the couch and thinking about cheating i see the blanket I "earned" and realize cheating is not worth it.
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it really depends on the person. Some people need the rewards for wt loss...others dont. But when you frist start off...rewards really do help. Ultimately when i reach my goal..i'm going on a BIGGGG shopping spree... i also have a massage planned when i meet the halfway goal. Also you will need to sent a goal that is in your monetary budget. Don't go so crazy you go broke...but definately do something nice..weather its a manicure or something small. Good luck!

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I LOVE the idea of putting a dollar in a jar or something for each day on plan. I can't justify buying an ipod for myself right now -- but I could if the 179.00 equaled 179 days on plan!
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I had never tried giving myself rewards for losing,but I'm considering it now.I'm thinking for every 10 lbs. lost,a small item like say: Bath and Body splash,a book,or some expensive(meaning slightly more then I'd normally spend)makeup. This way I have something a little special to look forward to.
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I use rewards related to fitness, usually, and I tie them more to staying on plan and exercising, rather than to weight loss. Mostly that's because I don't control the scale, ultimately. I can control whether I am on plan, but the scale doesn't always cooperate with me.

My favorite rewards are things like a magazine subscription (to read on the elliptical), songs from iTunes (for my mp3 player while I work out), or new gym clothes. If I need an extra push to go to the gym, I make myself a deal - a new iTunes song for every day I go to the gym, a magazine at the grocery store at the end of the week if I went a certain number of times, and maybe a new workout outfit if I go 25/30 days in the month.
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I think rewards work well. And it doesn't have to be something big, just something you want. I am almost at goal, but my rewards have been a pedicure, magazines. Now I am going to do new rewards. When I reach goal i am going to buy myself a charm for every month i stay at goal. I have lost the weight before, only to regain it. i got a pandora charm bracelet for Christmas and I'm looking forward to putting some charms on it!
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I promised my 12 year old daughter that once I lost the weight we'd go bathing suit shopping. So now I have the food police at my house, following me around with her little notebook, making sure I don't cheat.
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