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Default Ever see a co-worker on 3FC?

If you see someone that you know from 3FC because of a picture they posted - would you approach them and say hello? Not sure I would want to lose the anonymity myself; so don’t think I would do it – just curious what others would do or if they’ve ever run into a fellow 3FC’r.
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I don't think I would approach them, if they want you to know they will tell you.
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I wouldn't really care. I would know then that I have something to talk to a Co worker about

I've had coworkers see me on the forums at work during quiet times, and they're like "Three Fat Chicks??". I usually laugh and tell them how great the site is and all the support i have recieved

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My reward...
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my pictures not posted, she wouldnt know
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I tell EVERYONE I know about 3fc, so I've had quite a lot of people join. I don't think there is anything embarrassing about losing weight (and if you have weight to lose, more than a few lbs anyway, it isn't like it is a secret that you have a little extra). It'd be a little scary for a coworker to see my ticker and know my numbers, of course, but honestly? Those numbers are who I am and/or who I was, so being ashamed of them isn't going to get me anywhere and is just going to make me feel bad about myself, so why be afraid for others to know them?

I'd say hello. You might get a lunchtime walk buddy!
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I have always thought it would be totally cool to meet someone in real life that I met here. My office is way too small for that to happen though since I only work with about 10 people. It could happen in my gym or somewhere else and I would get a total kick out of it!

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I guess it would depend. I'm kind of weird about privacy (read: paranoid) but I know that not everyone is. I like that I can be honest through my anonymity. Sometimes my posts reflect on my depression, abusive childhood, and binging behaviors (all of which directly relate to my weight loss journey) and I would not want my coworkers to all know about that.

Of course that is also why I have not posted a picture. Like I said, I am weird about privacy (I can share my emotions but I would not want the entire WWW to link those to me personally. I live with an illusion that other people think I have my act together!!).

I wanted to add that it would totally depend on my relationship with the coworker. We would have to be quite close. If in doubt, err on the side of respecting her privacy.
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I figure if someone posts their picture, they know they might be identified, so I'd say, tell her hello! It might give you a common ground.

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I would definately say hey to them. Because i do have my pic posted so that person from work would know that I am on there. And besides, i don't hide the fact at all that i am on this website. I tell everyone i know about this site. And i know alot of people look to me for advice on losing weight. Now....most, or none, of them ever take my advice, but when you are ready to lose weight, you will do it. It just has to be something that clicks inside yourself that tells you that you are ready. But all my co-workers should know i am on this site, and if they ever decided to join, i would make sure i supported them to the fullest extent of my capabilities. Weightloss is a hard thing to do alone, sometimes (me all the times) we need help and this site is a Godsend!!!!!
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**** yeah I would say hello! I have referred a TON of people to 3FC, but like many people claiming the desire to lose weight, they will talk endlessly about it without taking action.

I agree with lumifan; this site IS a godsend! I decided to really take action after posting here and seeing so many people losing weight successfully, often without a specific diet plan. It's an amazing support system. I would be THRILLED if one of my co-workers joined 3FC... and as you can see, I am not anonymous - I have a clear picture of my face for my icon and another clear picture in my profile. I have my age and location listed; I have nothing to hide and no reason to be anonymous... I was overweight and I fixed it, GO ME, right?!
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I agree with midwife. I want to feel free to say whatever I want to say here without being awkward around a coworker. Most of my coworkers know I'm losing weight, but somehow it is the "elephant in the living room" (really sorry for that saying) in that it isn't openly discussed.

I do think it's interesting that I am perfectly comfortable posting my weight here but would never utter that number to even a very close friend!
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I don't even think there is another North Dakotan on here, I haven't seen them around anyways. Most of the co-workers that I work with directly don't use computers.
But I work in a gym and if there were any members from there on here then I would say hello!
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I'm not quiet either. I've got a handful of referals but ... just like another posters says ... they say they'll try.

In real life? I think I'd try a couple of general conversations. "You look like you're losing some weight. Do you use the internet? Fabulous resources there." If it seems like this person wants a compatriot ... I'd go for it.
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I haven't seen anyone I know. But seeing as that I have my mug plastered in my signature, I'm obviously not going for the "anonymous" thing I doubt I would say anything if I did though....I'm not friendly like that I mean, I'm nice, but not like "OMG hey girl, lets talk about calories and bad-talk pizza together!!" I like to do this solo!
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Maybe you could PM her vs. saying hello in person. Something like, "you look familiar, do you work at (company name)? On another weight loss board, I knew one poster was in the same field and it turned out we work in different offices of the same employer. When I visited that office, I got the chance to meet her & we sometimes e-mail or talk via phone. And on the same board, someone else in the same field referred to "the pantyhose police" in her office. I had worked there previously and e-mailed her to ask if it was (person's name) at (person's company). It turned out it was.

Another consideration is your company's internet policy. While many of them have them in place to prevent abuse, some are pretty strict about it. So approaching her in person could put her in a really difficult position. Even if the policy isn't strict, if she has any enemies at work, they might try & twist it around to her wasting time on the internet if they overhear you. That's another reason I think PMing would be better than approaching her in person.

And if you're in the same office, you can give each other support to supplement what you get here. So I'd approach her, just via PM though.

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