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Default Back on the wagon, after a tasty Christmas!

Okay...I'm Italian, and there was NO way I wasn't going to eat all our traditional Christmas foods. I came, I saw, I ate.....it's now it's over!
This morning I'm sitting here eating my steel cut oats and happy to be back to my routine again. The Christmas food was amazing, but not amazing enough to tempt me back into my old lifestyle of eating like that ALL year! I know how great I feel when I eat healthy, clean food and I don't want to go back to the headaches, lack of energy or any of the million symptoms that come from eating high fat, high sugar....high calorie foods! It's just not worth it.

Did anyone else indulge in their favorite foods for the holidays?

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ohhhhh yeah!! I was sensible though as well. While we had lots of good foods...I made my favorite food with fat free everything. It's a jello dessert with FF cool whip, FF cream cheese, and FF cottage cheese, pineapple, and walnuts...(actually a good source of protein considering I lifted yesterday morning). I also only ate the ham (with a natural pineapple glaze that I made instead of the honey one that came with it), turkey and a big salad instead of the potato salad my dad made. I needed the protein...maybe ate a little too much meat yesterday, but it's definitly not going to set me back in my weight-loss. I still am planning on a 5 lb weightloss this week and I Know I can do it!!! I even ate some chocolate out of my stocking...told my mom only dark chocolate could be in there because I usually will not binge on it.

I feel good this morning other than still being full and having cousin red visit me. What an icky feeling! I think I"m going to dig into some special K this morning with a couple oranges. Sounds like a plan! The gym is calling my name!
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I definitely indulged. No regrets. Back on track today.
"And that's how Beowulf rolls"~ my DD
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You bet! I indulged, but was also glad to have this morning to get back on track. Although the food was tasty, it feels better to be on plan!
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Well considering I didn't have any breakfast or lunch, I don't feel a bit guilty for indulging in the foods I ate. I enjoyed eating my boyfriends moms home cooking. But now today is the day after christmas....no reason for over eating. So...i am back on track with a healthy plan for eating today. I may have one more party to eat at and that will be on New Years Eve. So...until next monday, it is time to stay on plan and drink my water too.
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Congratulations, friends! It looks like I gained about 3lbs in one day, but I know it is from all the ham I ate. Today, I will drink water and I am about to fix my oatmeal, so I will be back on track with the rest of you! We got a couple of sacks of oranges off of BIL's tree, so I will have an orange or two today.
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What wonderful attitudes! That's pretty much where I'm at as well. Yesterday was like a catalog of foods I don't normally eat...incredible DELICIOUS foods. Today is back to the foods I eat and love on a daily basis...maybe a few pounds of water, maybe even a pound or two of fat (I've been off track for the -week- prior to Christmas...bad, but what is past is past), but it'll be gone soon if I get back on plan.

Congrats to all of you for committing to get back on plan today!
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I too have been bad, not just Christmas day, but for the last few days, between various get-togethers etc. But I figure Christmas only comes once a year, and I'm going to enjoy it. It's a setback to the weight loss, but I enjoyed every bite, so really, no regrets. But.... back on track tomorrow! I will abstain from weighing until New Year's Day. I know I've gained, but I can't see any benefit to punishing myself by finding out exactly how much, especially when I know it will go down fairly quickly once I get back on track. Seeing the "day after" number will just depress me, and make it harder to stay on track. Good luck to everyone else who is in the same boat!
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I've been bad but not with food food...just the crappy snacky sugary kind. But I WILL get on track tomorrow and stay there.

Way to go everyone!
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Christmas lasted from Saturday until Tuesday, so it was 4 full days of eating and drinking like there's no tomorrow. I want to get back on track, but I have two more hurdles: New Year's Eve and then I'm going on vacation the second week of January! Eek!
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