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Default lost weight this week, feel discouraged

Today was kinda rough...

I was afraid of a plateau after not losing any weight last week (for the first time since I started in May)... I found out this morning that I lost at least 1.6 pounds... it was hard to tell, since the scale fluctuated between a 1-3 pound weight loss.

I know I should be thrilled and everything, and while I am happy I'm not at a plateau yet, it's just kind of discouraging ... I was hoping to be under 200 pounds by New Year's Eve... and I have 9 pounds left to go here

I do plan to start a new eating plan next week... (i.e. more veggies than refined carbs in the form of english muffins or white flour tortillas) and I have a new exercise dvd to review that came in from amazon yesterday. And I do understand that these things happen when a person is losing weight.

So I know I can beat this and keep losing weight here. But for some reason this morning, it just kind of hit hard and left me feeling discouraged and somewhat mad... like the 1.6 pounds somehow invalidated the rest of the (now 85 pounds lost) weight I've lost to date.

Anyone have weeks like that, and how do they deal with it?
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I'm feeling the same, even though I've not weighed yet (weigh in Friday). Coincidently I've also been losing since May and have also lost every week. However this week seems to be a bit of a struggle. I think part of it is seeing all the Christmas goodies in the shops and knowing I can't participate. I'm so reluctant to buy anything for fear of temptation and yet I know I'm going to have to for the rest of my family.

BTW your weight lost is phenomenal and with all the effort you must have put in to achieve that you must know that you have all the right tools to get you to goal.

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First of all, let me answer your question. YES! I've had weeks like that. In fact, I just dealt with a couple in November so I know where you're coming from! I didn't really have a plateau (I myself won't be calling anything a plateau unless it's more than 3 weeks) but I had two small "stalls" where I ended up weighing the same two weeks in a row. It was frustrating to know I was doing what's right and there my weight was... the same as if I'd done "nothing at all". (How could I ever make my goals? I'm such a "failure" for two weeks the same... ; ;, etc etc etc....)

A day after my second "stall" I decided I needed to choose. Either I continue to wallow in my self-pity or I simply enjoy the changes that I've made so far. I took some time to look back over the past months of my weight loss. Mostly down, a few very tiny ups. But I kept going regardless back then... why should now be any different?

Now, this is your very first stall. You made it through & you lost the following week! You kept going even though I'm sure last week was a little discouraging. So why should now be any different? Sure it might feel as though all your hard work was for naught... but really and truly, would you rather be 85+ lbs heavier right this very moment just because you didn't lose quite as much as you wanted? I doubt that.

It may also mean that you won't make a time-line goal... but maybe you need to reaccess that goal then. Goals aren't supposed to be discouraging. They're supposed to be something to work for! And if you don't make it quite this time, then gosh darnit you're going to get as close as possible! And next time you'll make a plan that isn't necessarily "timed" so that you can enjoy the next 10 lbs you lose regardless of how long it takes you to lose them!!!

An 85 lb weight loss is AMAZING no matter how long it takes to get it off ^^ So pat yourself on the back, and accept that there will be weeks when you don't lose what you'd like.

Stop focusing on what you would've liked, and start focusing on what you've got or in this case lost.
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Hey sunshine! You and I must be experiencing parallel lives right now. I'm tired of being stalled where I am, but when I look at my FitDay record, it's pretty clear why I'm stalled. I've been at about the same weight for a month now, give or take 2 pounds. Yeah, frustrating! I can't seem to get a handle on it. But I'm going to keep trying, and trying different adjustments.

Here's the thing--goals help you to move in the right direction, but they shouldn't be a reason for beating yourself up. You've set an arbitrary date, and it looks like you won't make it. Well, gosh, here you are 85 pounds lighter? And New Year's is getting you down? Naw!

Change the date, change the weight, but keep going! Try not to feel sad about this! We're not talking Super Bowl, didn't make the playoffs--and we're not talking missed the promotion at work--and the house isn't going to be repossessed--etc.

If you lost 4 pounds by the New Year, that would be fabulous. If you simply held your weight constant, that would be fabulous. Look at it that way!

Good luck!

"My religion is kindness." --His Holiness the Dalai Lama

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