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Default Feet that hurt due to weight gain...

How many of you have feet which ache and are tender under the strain of weight , especially when you first stand up out of bed? The first thing I reach for are my slippers with double orthotics, and I can't even walk barefoot anymore. I have lost 10 pounds, but presently am about to turn 46 years old and my feet hurt a lot in the morning (I hobble down the stairs, clutching the rail with both hands) and I am just TOO YOUNG TO BE SO OLD !!!

In the last year or two I've been doing a lot of hiking in the woods... a lot....due to the fact that I now have a large and very lively dog (my personal trainer!) , and you can bet that I have double orthotics in my hiking shoes. Yes. we walk most everyday, sometimes recently, twice a day. But still, I can't remember how it felt to not have hurting feet in the morning. They started to hurt about 160 going up , and I've not been under that weight for a few years now. Why that reason alone doesn't make me drop 10 pounds, escapes me. Well, I am shooting for 10 pounds right now. I will bring up this thread again , in celebratory victory, when my feet feel better.

I'm really curious how many of you have similar experiences ???

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It is possible that you have what is called plantar facitis [sp] which causes feet to hurt when you first get out of bed and after sitting for an extended period of time. If this is your problem, it is an easy fix - simply stretch your chins regularly! If this doesn't work you should see a doctor.

Good luck!

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I agree, it sounds like it is something more than weight gain. I have always gone barefoot and never really had a problem and that includes when I was at my highest weight.
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If its heel pain then its likely to be Plantar Faciitis. I have it in my left foot only and sometimes I have to hop to the bathroom on a morning. Unfortunately losing 50lb hasn't helped, so I don't think its really weight related, although I guess it could have been a contributory factor as to why I got it in the first place.

If it is plantar faciitis and really painful your doctor can give you cortisone injections which will help for a few weeks.

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I have chronic metatarsalgia (collapse of the ball of the foot) from weight gain and it affects me at anything above 140 now. The damage was done at higher weights. But how much I have to do before it starts hurting again depends on weight and how diligent I am about physical therapy

Talk to a podiatrist about orthotics to support your feet, diagnose your problem and get therapy to heal. Dont just wait to lose weight and assume it will go away. Things can be done to make it feel better now, weight loss can help it from returning.

Kitty - get a new doctor. PF is treatable with physical therapy. You may always be prone to it, but proper stretching along with some other therapies should make it a lot less frequent. No one should have to live with PF.
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It does sound like plantar fascitis, which I used to get in the past when I was (a) overweight and (b) had worn-out shoes.

Most websites indicate that you have to rest from activities like prolonged standing or walking, use ice, use anti-inflammatory meds, and get proper shoe inserts. When you say you are using orthotics, are these prescribed orthotics from a podiatrist or other foot specialist, or just the over-the-counter inserts? You may need the prescribed variety.

Continuing to take long hikes or walks can make the condition worse, and it takes a long time to heal, so take it easy. You probably should see a doctor about it if it continues.

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I had a similar problem when we drove our van; stepping up into the van with heavy weight injured the arches (balls of my feet); my mother and father had the same experience. So, we changed vehicles (went back to a car); my feet then healed, but I do have make sure to wear really good supportive shoes. I notice that if I wear flats or slippers too long, they start to ache again ... ROSEBUD
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it definately sounds like plantar fasciitis with possible secondary heel spur. Definately go see a doctor..however, i also recommedn using some heel supports to help. Sometime you may have to resort to expensive specially made orthodics (inserts for your feet). however, you can also try this if you can't afford 300$ orthotics..i currently am using this..and while it hasn't totally corrected the problem, it is almost gone.
before i bought these, i use to hobble down the steps in the morning..now i can actually walk like a normal person down the steps in the am...every now and then i can feel a twinge of pain...but overall...i'm about 90% better.
in addition other things that help are lots of stretching. I find that if you stand on a step and allow the heel to drop down, it really helps. Also, i find yoga helps too..yoga really helps gets into the deep stretches.
k4kitty- i agree with ennay...i don't recommend cortisone injections alone. There really are therapies that can help other than steroids. and I recommend seeing a podiotrist if that's what your dr is recommending only (no orthotics, inserts, just steroids)...only if the pf is totally disabling you do most resort to steroid injections, but most recommend trying to find inserts and exercises that help so they don't have to do steroid injectons. Really heel inserts (weather online or specailly made) and stretching is the best remedy. Now a days, most drs don't like to do surgery or cortisone injections unles there is absolutely no other relief. I have found inserts really make a HUGE difference. And also...make sure you are buying good shoes with support. and frequently replace yoru exercise shoes.

hermit girl - do a google search on plantar fascitis and heel spurs and you will find a wealth of info..but remember..always consult your doctor. good luck and hope that helped

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