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Default Help... Crackhead on the loose!!!

I am doing Fat Smash, this is technically day 5 for me but my daughter started yesterday so I started over with her. I have followed the diet and not cheated AT ALL! I know I have lost at least three pounds so far and I am super excited about that accomplishment.

Heres the problem... I want a piece of candy or ice cream so bad. I find myself just sitting here staring at the candy, I opened the freezer and looked at the ice cream mouth drooling. I know what crackheads feel like when they need a fix now. I feel so stupid hiding from my kids looking through their candy. Now in the past I was not known for my self control hence my journey here at 3FC. I think this is the longest I have ever stayed true to a diet the only thing I haven't been good with is exercise.

So here is my question? will it really kill me to have one fun size candy bar? I am on the fence about this, one of two things are going to happen. 1. I am going to eat it, love it, savor it and then get over it and move on. 2. I am going to eat it, love it savor it move on and still see a good number when I weigh myself tomoorw. Then the bad angel on my shoulder is going to say " you ate candy yesterday and loss weight you can have another one" and before you know it I will be having a piece (or two or three) everyday. Whats a girl to do? Anyone have any suggestions?
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ACK!!! DON'T DO IT!! Stay strong!! I know you can! No, No, NO!! Don't listen to the bad angel!! Step away from the candy bars!!!

LOL, sorry...I panicked a little when I saw you thinking about caving b/c I'm having flashbacks to what happened to me the first time I let one little naughty thing back into my mouth. It was the beginning of a three month long plateau of me binging on junk one day and starving the next day to make up for it.

No, one little fun size candy car isn't going to hurt your diet at all, and it won't even be a bleep on the radar or scale whatever...BUT, what will happen after that one little candy bar? I know that most people say you have to allow yourself treats once in awhile and for most people that probably works. For me, it doesn't. The minute I allow myself to give in, I'm a goner and binge for (at minimum) the whole day. I've even spent a while week binging after giving in to one little thing.

Now, having said that, that's just me. Think about how you will feel after eating it. You shouldn't feel guilty and beat yourself up if you have one b/c it's not going to affect anything anyway and guilt will only make you feel worse. BUT, will you feel happy and satisfied and ready to attack the rest of your program eating with renewed vigor or will it be the beginning of talking yourself into allowing "just one more" or worse yet falling off completely? For me it's always the latter.

Only you know how that one little bar will ultimately affect the rest of your day so just be honest with yourself and keep your goals in mind. If you can handle having just the one and need it to feel not so deprived, then go for it, enjoy and don't regret it. BUT if you're going to devour it in 2.5 seconds (like I do) and just keep torturing yourself that you want more (like I do) then stay strong!!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!

Now, if only I'd listen to my own advice!!!

Good luck!!!
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Well, of course it won't kill you to have one. In fact, it won't even show up on the scales, because to gain a pound you have to eat 3500 calories more than you expend. However, it would have been a BAD idea for me to have done it when I was 5 days into my diet. It would have probably set me up to start either bingeing or to have slid back into my old habits. I personally think it is a good idea to not give ourselves permission to have these little cheats too early in the diet. IMO, sugar has an addictive quality, and it takes several days of avoiding it to get it out of our system. If you have that candy bar or ice cream now, it's back in your system again.

Good luck. Also, have you thought about getting the candy and ice cream out of your house? It would sure make your life easier if you could do that. And you know our kids don't need it anymore than we do. You could still buy them the occasional treat - one piece at a time so you aren't tempted.

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My first thought was like Tammy's -- take the temptation away!

I also agree that it's not the scale that's the issue from one fun-sized bar, it's what you will do after you eat it. Are you the kind of person who will be satisfied and move on OR the type for whom that will set off a binge?

Both the glory and frustration of this journey is that it sort of forces us to look at ourselves and our behaviors and figure out what works for US. For myself, I have to keep trigger foods like that out of the house. Then, if I want ONE, I buy one and eat one. If the temptation is not around, that does not set off a binge for me. But if I eat ONE and there are MORE around... the slope gets slipperyer (is that a word?) So, from trial and error, you will probably figure out what happens to you... but you still might want the candy and ice cream out of the house!

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Hey there,

If you were further along in your journey, it would be different--but five days in is not the time to try to "have just one." It sounds like you're a carb addict--as many people are--and for an addict there is no such thing as just one. That's a lie. That's an excuse to have another, and another...

Step away from the freezer! Get your hand off that candy!

You really ought to get those things out of the house, so you won't be tempted.

70 pounds is a long stretch. You have to be able to stay with a program for more than five days if you hope to make it. You might find that highly restrictive programs aren't right for you--but the important thing right now is that you stay with the plan you're using and not toss it over a piece of candy. A piece of candy???? Are you really going to be defeated by that?

C'mon now, you are stronger than you think! Don't do it! Get yourself a healthy snack, something that you're allowed!

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Im doing a version of fat smash too, and in order for me to be completely successful alot of stuff that I had in the house of *occassional treats* had to go into the trash can. As for my daughters trick or treat bag, eh.. Im not so big on candy so thats no big thing, but I did have some b-day cake in the fridge (which baked goods are a complete weakness) that I HAD to throw out because I know better. I dont know my limits. I cant bring ice cream into the house or anything even comparable to ice cream. If I want ice cream I am better off going to TCBY or something for a scoop or two of whatever.

I would tell you not to do it. Honestly I have been on fat smash for roughly 8 days now, and because of work I have HAD (see post) to eat things not on plan, but it was just very little tasters, and I have still lost 8lbs thus far Granted its mostly water, but hey... loss is a loss is a loss. What really helps me is to go stand on the scale, see the loss, look at my body and the changes I see, and then ask is it REALLY worth it?! Does it taste that good? Is it something I can have later? Ive probably had about 1,000 snickers, baby ruths, milky ways, 3 musketeers, butterfingers..ect. in my life time. Unless you have brought the candy straight from a place where I couldnt read the wrapper even if I wanted too ( i.e. Germany, Belgium, France.. ) I dont really need to try it Thats just my thought process.
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Originally Posted by tjjsmom View Post

So here is my question? will it really kill me to have one fun size candy bar?
Ahh, but here's the thing, will it really kill you NOT to have it? Of course it won't. Nothing terrible will happen to you if you DON"T eat. Only good can come from it. The other scenario - there's lots of uncertainity there.

If we're going to ever make headway in our efforts to lose the weight - permanently - then we must, must find ways to resist tempation. You simply can't give in every time you want something, yet alone 5 days into your journey.

Get the candy out of your home. It benefits no one. Replace it with healthy, low calorie, delicious - ON PLAN foods. Drink some hot tea, seltzer, water - something. Straighten up your house, clean our a drawer, sweep, exercise, shop, talk on the phone, read - something. That craving WILL pass, and you will be thrilled and so incredibly satisfied with yourself for NOT GIVING INTO IT. Good luck.
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Thank you for all of the words of encouragement and no I ddin't eat the candy or the ice cream. What I was considering doing is after each 10 pound weight loss I am going to "reward" myself with a reasonable treat of my choice.
Let's face it there is no way I am to go from a glutten to eating healthy with no slipups along the way. This way I am going to satisfy my craving and get it out of the way while giving myself a goal to work toward. If I know I only have to lose 2 more pounds to get another treat I am going to stick to my plan and bust my *** to get it.
I weigh myself twice a week and tomorow is weigh day so if I have done well I should be at 10 pounds tomorrow.
What does everyone think about that?

Also the candy is my kids leftover Halloween candy, and candy for the treat bags for school/Girl Scouts/Stocking Stuffers. I went to Wal-mart Thursday and they had leftover bags of Halloween candy for 48 cents couldn't pass that up...lol. My daughter and I are going to make the bags up tomorrow or Monday so that they are closed up and and out sight to avoid temptation. The ice cream is leftover from berfore my diet. I will give my kids the rest of it tonight after dinner and I won't buy anymore.
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Very proud of you for not eating the candy or ice cream. However.....

Just my opinion (not that it matters too much ) but I personally am not a big fan of treating yourself with food for weight loss --- seems kind of counter productive to me.... is there anything you'd like, a day to yourself, a new shirt, etc. Just thinking it's like passing up the candy bar today but having it in two days when your weight is down.

Weight loss is a marathon, not a sprint.
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You can look at it all you want, and turn away from it!
Then you will feel better about yourself.
I did that for a few days before I ate my pudding I had in the fridge, and now I cheat all the time. I would wait for a while before cheating. Good Luck
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Ok I will find something else to reward myself with.
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