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Default Does dieting mean no more Starbucks?

Looks like the mocha is out but lately I'd switched to the green tea latte anyways with skim milk. I've been exercising like crazy the last few weeks and changing my eating habits. I've never counted calories in my life so it's been a little shocking to see especially what eating out is costing me - no wonder I gained weight the past year, and perhaps latte's were a factor? What's the slimmest Starbucks drink and can I slip in a few a week. I supose it's more social then anything, just a place to hang out...
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Not necessarily!! If you go check out DWLZ.. you'll see a Starbucks list. There are a lot of drinks that you can get light or non-fat w/ no whip and still come in around 180-220 calories, some even less. Not too awful at all.


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Huh. 220 cals is what I eat for LUNCH. Huh.

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I don't know about you, but for me, if I tell my self: "No more ... fill-in-the-blank." I feel deprived and can't stop thinking about whatever it is I'm not supposed to be having. So, indulge, but smartly.
Go non-fat (or soy) where you can, scale down in size and know what you're ordering. You'll enjoy it so much more when you look at it as a treat.
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Well, I was comparing it to most desserts, haha.. I think 180-220 calories is do-able if you're careful about the rest of your day!

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sugar free syrups in hazelnut, vanilla cinnamon or now caramel and skim milk gives you a sweet treat for just the calories in the milk

iced coffee
hot coffee

or a fat free sugar free latte with no whip....
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Cinnimon Dolce Latte- Non-Fat, Sugar-Free, No Whip 90 Cals.
My Favorite

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It really depends on your overall plan.

For me, I don't like drinking my calories so I avoid high calorie drinks. I'm not a coffee drinker unless I really need a good shot of caffeine. Last time I was at starbucks I either had iced tea (unsweetened, calorie free) or latte with skim milk (sweetened with splenda)
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So weird that I've never had an interest in Starbucks...then again I guess my non-interest with coffee is a blessing. All I have to do is buy those little packets of calorie free/sugar free hot cocoa, and it mixes with water. I think I only have one of those a year....I also like the sugar free hot apple cider packets.

You could get a coffee with a little skim milk and add one of those calorie free hot cocoa packets? It would be a mocha
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I drink Mistos (tea lattes). You pick the teabag and add your own Splenda. About 60 calories for a tall. The Earl Grey tastes a lot like chai. It's also a dollar less.

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Water - lol. I feel your pain, I love their coffee drinks and there are 4 within 1 mile of me (I think it's a city ordinance). I would say stick with a tall, always non-fat and no whip. Lately though, I've been just getting the plain coffees, I like learning to taste the different flavors.

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I love a good Americano (its shots of espresso with water...sort of a richer version of brewed coffee). And it has negligible calories. Iced tea is also a good option. Bottom line - I am at Starbucks daily, and it has not negatively affected my progress...I just have to order more carefully.
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Mmmm, tea mistos are sooo good!
I also drink the sugar-free nonfat no-whip vanilla latte.
If you have a different coffee shop around, some of them make Italian sodas, which are my favorite for the summer - just Club Soda and sugar free fruit-flavored syrup - 0 calories. Starbucks doesn't make them, though.

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Coffee. Black.
Well under 10 calories per cup.
Not quite as fancy as a double-mocha-espresso-latte-mint-strawberry-with-whipped-cream, but it will allow you to continue to enjoy the social aspect of your favorite coffee joint without the add'l calories, right?

My $.02

Steve Shrinkarino
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I work for Starbucks (HQ, in Europe) and I found a lovely alternative for a frappuccino:: Non-fat two shot iced coffee with sugar-free vanilla YUM! It's definitely a good alternative when wanting something tasty and sweet without costing you a billion calories

For me, even if I didn't work there, I would want to enjoy my coffee drinks. I'm not a big chocolate eater (well, don't ask me during TOM...), I don't eat chips/crisps, I rarely have any sort of "treats" whatsoever... my coffee drinks are what I love and I defintely plan them in... though not every day, but they are still planned in

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