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Default grrr

It seems like fo the past 2 days everytime I want to exercise something comes up! Like tonight, I was planning to do the walk away the pounds video I have, well my brother comes over to ask if I can babysit while him and his girlfriend go to a movie...so I did. Well now I have a crying baby who will not go tos leep...there aint no way I could exercise while he is crying. Wouldnt be able to concentrate. I did however, do some sit-ups and some leg raises while the baby and my son were playing on the floor, so at least I did something....right? lol. Oh and I did go walking for about 45 minutes this morning, so I dont feel all that bad, but I still wish I could do that video!!!.

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Doggone it! Well, make time for the video tomorrow! You can do that.

It helps to set a regular time that you do your exercise if you can--time when you can be relatively sure you won't be interrupted. And then just stick to it--say no if you have to!

Good luck with doing better tomorrow!
"My religion is kindness." --His Holiness the Dalai Lama

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Life happens, doesn't it?

This might not be for you, but I switched my workouts to 6 am, and they don't get pushed out of the way by other stuff any more. I'm the most consistent that I've ever been.
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Bikini Dreader
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I also work out in the morning before work. Nothing comes up to get in the way. If I end up having a late night by chance the night before, I go after work but I find the mornings are far better for me. I feel like I'm doing something great for myself and I have energy for the whole day. I hate having to tell people I can't spend time with them or whatever because I need to go to the gym. this way I'm free at night and feel great about my day!

If you can't work out in the morning or dont want to, I would suggest allowing yourself to use working out as an appointment. If you have a plan to work out or do a video - that is a date with yourself. You dont need to explain to people why you feel that scheduling in a workout is justified. It just is. Pleasing others is how a lot of us got where we are now and are fighting to get back on track. Treat it like a doctor's appointment. Schedule it in a calendar or your planner and when someone asks you to do something, check your calendar, if it says you are working out then you are unavailable.

You deserve to have the time to treat your body well. If your car needed a tune up and someone asked you to drive them somewhere, you would explain to them that you had an appointment with the dealer to get your car checked. that was a terrible example but the point is, you have to say no if you really want to make sure you get your workouts in!
Thank you WW!!!

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hara hachi bu
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Originally Posted by Bikini Dreader View Post
Pleasing others is how a lot of us got where we are now and are fighting to get back on track.
Great point, Bikini Dreader!! Wow.

I would also suggest exercising in the morning. I am not a morning person - never have been - but one time, for about a month, I was able to work out in the mornings and it is consistent and doesn't get interrupted.

I also am working hard to integrate exercise into everyday activity. When someone asks to meet for dinner, I suggest dinner and a walk, or going rollerblading instead of dinner. I suppose you don't have a 2-kid stroller lying around, but if you did you could plop both babes in there and go for a walk. It's particularly hard to get exercise in when you have little kids, because your life is just not your own all the time.
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The most important thing, in my opinion, is treating your exercise time like an appointment with yourself. If you had a dentist appointment, doctors appointment, a haircut appointment with a stylist that takes 2-3 weeks to get in to see, or something similar-and your brother just popped in wanting a babysitter at the last minute-you would probably say no, you have an appointment, and you can't babysit at this particular time-but you CAN at such and such other time/day instead.

This is what you need to do with your exercise-treat it as an appointment with yourself, and plan other things around it.

Just say "I have plans this evening, but I can babysit tomorrow/Saturday evening/whenever for you, so you can go out."

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i think tonight you should ask your brother to babysit tonight so that you have time for yourself. i too also agree to watch other people's kids, but now i'm on me time. it's all about me as soon as the kids go to sleep 8pm and then i can do my evening workout. yes i try to do twice a day, a little obsessed, i know but i used to really hate exercising and now that i see the results, i value my time.
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