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im on my way!
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Default im new to this :-)

hi im 19 and i am coming to this cause my friends dont understand what its like to be overweight. i have been my whole entire life and i think its the perfect time to get on track and start living.
i weight 257 lbs and want to loose 30 by summertime. is that reasonable? all together i am going to loose about 100 lbs because my ultimate goal is 160. which i want to accomplish in one years time. and i really dont know if its do-able? has anyone had this kind of results before? and if so...how!?!
i eat fruits and veggies mainly cause idont care for meat, fast food, but about once a week i get chocolate cravings which for now on are out the window(not the craving but giving into them! of course) and i excercise everyday but sunday. im starting to up my routine to 2-3 hours daily at the gym or riding my bike, except sunday i only do half an hour *rest day* anyway just hoping to hear from some of you on these goals and if its possible or im aiming too high? thanks much!!!!
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Hi firegirl. Welcome to 3FC. This is a fantastic place for support, encouragement and advice.

You most certainly CAN lose 30 lbs, and you can certainly lose 100 pounds. It is doable. With proper eating habits and exericse - sounds like you have a good plan in place. Fruits and veggies are a great way to go. It says you don't care for meat much. Does that include chicken breast and fish as well? Those are great protein sources and a good thing to include in ones diet - if you are agreeable to eating them. If not there are other protein sources such as low fat cottage cheese, yogurt, skim milk and beans to mention a few.

I admire you greatly - this is not an easy thing for a 19 year old to tackle, I have a 19 year old daugher myself and I know just how hard it is to adhere to a healthy lifestyle while keeping up with school work and a busy social life. But again it is most certainly something that can be done and so very worth it. The only thing I will tell you is, I think by setting yourself up for such specific goals as to when you may be setting yourself up for disappointment. The start of summer is the end of June, which is just 2 months away. 30 lbs is a bit much to hope for, not unheard of, but not to be expected. 1-2 lbs per week is a reasonable amount of weightloss per week to expect. And that means one week it could be 1 lb, the next 3 lbs, the next 0, the next 2. Weightloss is not linear and you will most likely get different results week to week even if doing the same thing. We are all different and our bodies lose in different manners. So yes, if you stick to your plan I think you can definitely hit that 30lbs lost mark sometime during the summer. My advice to you is to start your new and healthy lifestyle. Try real hard not to worry about the time frame. Just get to it and the weight will fall off. If you start right now and stick to it, you most likely will have some postive results by the time summer rolls around. Good luck to you. You have the full support of everyone here at 3FC.
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Hey firegirl7,

There is a lot of information here that you may find helpful. Also, we have a lot of different forums on specific topics--check out the 100+ Club, for example.

In regard to your question, you may be setting too aggressive a goal. You didn't say what "summertime" is, but if it's June, no way for a 30 lb loss.

Most sources say that a loss of 1-2 pounds a week, on average, is healthy. By healthy they mean that fat is being lost, without too much muscle also being lost. Average means that some weeks you might lose more, and some less.

At that rate it would be possible to lose 100 pounds in a year. But use a goal to keep you moving in the right direction, not as something "set in stone."

Do you have a plan for how you're going to lose? That is, calories, or portions, or joining Weight Watchers, or some other program?

On the main 3FC page you'll find some reviews of books on weight loss that you might want to check out.

Good luck!
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Welcome Firegirl7! I agree with the others - your weight goals are good, but the time-lines are a little unreasonable. Actually, I would caution you against setting time parameters for your weight loss. I used to do that, and my experience was that they were a constant source of disappointment and frustration, and often sent me straight to the cookie jar when I didn't meet them. The problem is, that even if you only lose 15 pounds (instead of 30) by summer, you end up feeling like you failed, because you didn't meet your goal. When in actual fact, losing 15 pounds by summer would be a fantastic accomplishment, something you should feel GREAT about! I think setting a mini goal (the first 30 pounds) is a good idea, but I would suggest that you focus your energy on following your program, not worrying about how many days left before your goal date. You do the program, and your body will get there when it gets there.
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im on my way!
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hi again. thank you all for your responses, they give me actual hope!
i do not have a program, all i was aiming for was to eat healthier. fruits, veggies, and yes i love FISH- not chicken too much but salmon is my fave! i was hoping that way i wouldnt be consuming too many calories, and then by exercising a couple hours a day i could head somewhere? thanks much for the info on timelines, i never thought it could just lead to disapointment but i get what youre saying now!! so for now my first goal is ot loose 30 pounds. (still 100 overall.) and i will find some way to reward myself! haha. 30 lbs by summer is what i am wanting, atleast by august because i have firefighting academy in fall and its very physically challenging..i wont set it as a goal anymore, just aim for it. thank you again!
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I too find myself falling into the trap of "If I could just lose 15 pounds by June..." and then feeling totally worthless when I don't make that goal. Also, I think it changes your focus away from being a healthy, long-term lifestyle change - which is the only way to keep the weight off for good. It sounds like you're doing some great things already - exercising, eating lots of fruits and veggies and staying away from red meat. Just give it time and focus on sticking with these positive changes - the weight WILL come off!
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Good luck with everything! Glad to see you here hope we all can cheer you on!
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