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Default I make myself crazy lol

I do want to say hello to all of those who know me! lol.. i once was an avid poster but about 10 months my life took a turn which has caused me to be alllllot more busy. Anyways... so .. I havent stopped eatting "right" for the most part, and i still exercise like its my job 5-6 days a week 2 hours most days, sometimes 1 or 2 of the days are 50-60 mins. Anyways.. here is my problem.. food.

Allow me to explain.. I eat pretty healthy but I just have been eatting too much! Arg.. and I *know* I can control this.. so this is more like a vent than anything else.. but here was my menu for the day.. the (*) will denote the items in which were not planned.

B: 1c uncooked rolled oats w. sliced apple, cinnamon and 8 oz milk

L: (post work out) 1 (8in) w.w. wrap with grilled chicken strips, about a deck of cards, sliced bell pepper and a bit of avocado

S: 8oz sliced pineapple drained ( in its own juice), and 6oz low fat vanilla yogurt and 1/4c walnuts

D: * (1) medium baked potato, with a teaspoon of butter, cheese, broccoli, peppers and onions, 4 FRIGGIN' chicken wings ( my dern friend is a bad influence) and then a salad with just cucumbers, peppers, avocado on it, very little dressing, maybe a tablespoon if that.

S: one bowl ( probably 2 servings) of Kashi Go Lean cereal.

I guess it doesnt seem too bad but here is the thing, I hate eatting whats not planned only thing that was planned for dinner was the salad, I wasnt really hungry when I ate the Kashi, but I did have munchies. TOM is coming soon so I am sure thats why Im feeling the munchies, but I have been doing this alot lately, and it just seems like my eatting is healthy but alot of times there is something unhealthy that sneaks in like the darn chicken wings... why dont I just say no friggin' thanks???? Its almost like, since I am pretty much at peace that I am not going to lose much more weight, being that my size clothing ranges from 5-7 depending on the maker, but I KNOW I have at least 10-15 more lbs that will shed, I want to wear a 5 EVERYWHERE! Not just certain brands. I could totally do it with out these frequent intruders!!.. blah.. ok ladies.. no more excuses.. I need to be accountable and come here everyday and "report" because I will HATE having to come here and tell you all that I have broken the vow that I am making to JUST SAY NOOO to the intruders, or instead of 4 wings, just have one, or.. instead of a PIECE of cake just have a slice, equaling a few bites.. I wont restrict, it leads to a unhealthy relationship that I tend to have with food and it completely makes me crazy, and obsessive, but I DO obsess about everything. But I cant let it be a daily or even weekly occurance. I think its because I dont worry about gaining weight because I workout so much, its just I know that I wont make more progress which is my ultimate goal. Self destructive I tell ya!

Ok... sorry about the rant, I just had to get it out, take ownership, of this because thats the only way it will cease.
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I don't know you, but it is nice to meet you! You've worked so hard already, I am sure you can overcome this obstacle- forgive, make a change, and keep going!

I am not losing weight for I have no intention of going out and finding it again.
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Hello! You sound a bit like me... But you see I've come to a point where I'm accepting that I'm quite happy where I am thankyouverymuch and if I eat a few chicken wings one day then it's not going to make me 220lbs the next.

Why not check out the Featherweights Forum, over in support groups. We're a chatty group and most of us are on that last little bit.

Oh and something that might make you want to eat a little less - get some protein in at breakfast and with that afternoon snack. How about an omlette for brekky with egg whites? Or you could add some cottage cheese to the mix in the afternoon. Sounds wierd, but it will keep you satisfied! Protein is a good thing and keeps you feeling fuller longer.

I had oats for breakfast this morning for the first time in a long time and I was ravenous by the time I got to work!
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2frustrated, I've had that reaction from oats, too. I try always to eat protein, like a boiled egg, if I eat oats. It's something about the carbohydrates, although I don't know why oats should be different.

Ready2shedLBS, good for you for coming back! Right now it sounds like you're maintaining successfully--so maybe you're not ready yet to go that last distance. You know what you need to do--it's a matter of digging down and finding the will to go that last bit. Those last pounds are sometimes the hardest.

Eating more, and more protein, earlier in the day can help. Maybe you could add a mid-morning snack--doesn't have to be a big thing--lowfat string cheese is one of my favorites. Anyway, just something to think about trying.

Good luck! You've done well!

"My religion is kindness." --His Holiness the Dalai Lama

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