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Default My goals, and what I've been doing.

I've been doing this diet thing for 5 days. I know I'm still not eating the right foods, but at least Fitday says I'm burning more calories than I'm eating. I bought a scale today. I stood on a $5.95 one in Wal Mart, and it weighed me TWENTY pounds too light, so I got a $10.95 one. (Yes, I weighed myself in the middle of Wal Mart.) I've started walking. I haven't lost any weight in 5days, but I suppose it hasn't been long enough. However, if I want to weigh 125 by the time I'm 30, (March 24, 2008) I have to average 2 pounds a week. Or something like that. Even if I do lose 4 or 5 pounds by next week, I can't see myself getting excited about weighing 230 pounds. I don't think I'll be excited til I'm down to 160, and that will be a while. I know I'll have to do it even if I'm not excited, for my health, and for my children. I like to be excited about things, though.
My goal is to lose 110 pounds in a little over a year. I want to be hot when I'm 30. I want to feel better at 30 than I did at 18. I want to have energy and be able to run around with my kids. I want to be able to get more accomplished. I'm worried that I won't be able to focus on that goal. I have a lot of stresses going on.
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Congratulations on starting your journey. I wish you lots of perseverance to help you through. Have you considered making some short term goals. How much do you want to lose by April 1? Those little goals really make the process not so overwhelming.

Good luck.

Check out my blog as I try maintenance:

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Default Breathe!

Hi Jessica!

Take it easy on yourself! BREATHE!!!! You can do this! Don't think about the 110 pounds right now. Think of the first five pounds.

I checked your Fitday and journals there. Sounds like your stress is getting you down. Exercise will really help that! When I first began I walked and CRIED! I walked and YELLED! I walked and PRAYED! It really helped! I came back home and felt SOOOO much better. I kept a journal to record my successes. That was a big help, too. I'm filling Journal # 6 right now!

Try adding more fiber to your diet and drinking water instead of anything else. Have grilled chicken and turkey and make sure it is breast meat. The regular has other parts and is less healthy for you. Stick with it! Weight doesn't always come off gradually. One day you may notice your body voiding a lot, and the next day you may be two pounds less. I know that it happens that way for me! Fiber is a GREAT help in eliminating toxins/fat from the body. Water is fiber's buddy!

Good Luck! Keep at this! You can do it!

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Hey JessicaBT!

Sounds like you're going in the right direction! 2 pounds per week is possible, but it will need some commitment on your part. If the calculations are right, 2 pounds = 7,000 calories. So, in 1 week that means a difference of 1,000 calories per day, on average, between what you burn and what you eat. Is that possible?

You could consider changing your goal if you find it's too hard to keep going on that plan.

You're right, a 5 pound loss may not be exciting if you have a lot of weight to lose. So, one thing you might try is to break your goal into smaller mini-goals, such as, 6 or 8 pounds per month, and just focus on that. The numbers will go down if you stay with your plan.

It took me three months to lose 15 pounds, from 11/26/06 to 2/26/07. It is possible to lose faster than that, but I was comfortable with that plan. Sometimes for me the scale just doesn't seem ever to move--but eventually it does if I keep on going.

You can do it!

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I also recommend making small 5 pound mini goals for yourself. No, you may not be excited to weigh 230, or 225, or 220...but do something to MAKE yourself excited about it!

Make a plan-when you lose 5 pounds...plan to buy yourself that new lipstick or book or whatever, that you have been wanting, but have never bought. When you hit 10 pounds lost, go to the nail place and get a manicure. (You can get a regular manicure for $10-$15...your own nails, you don't have to get acrylics or anything fake.)

Make a small reward for yourself-something that you want or like to do, but "never do" for yourself. Make every 5 pounds a reward to yourself, for doing so well.

There are women who "collect" things as well...who buy those Italian charm bracelets, and buy a charm for every 5 pounds...or buy a Beanie Baby to represent every 5 pounds...there are lots of things you could do.

The next thing you know, you will have a real reason to get excited-because after 4 or 5 of your 5 pound rewards...you might have to go buy a new pants size, or new bra size, or something like that!

Honestly, if you weigh 235 right now...I think you are going to start getting excited WAY before 160...once you really see the changes in your body through proper diet and exercise, or someone notices your loss when you hit 200, or 190, and SAYS something to you about it.

Start weight after baby #3: 233.9
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Hi Jessica-
I think the advice that the other posters gave is great. I especially like Aphil's idea of buying yourself something for when you reach your mini-goals. I'm going to have to do that! I am focusing on losing ten pounds at a time. I get too anxious when I think of all the weight I have to lose. We are about the same age and same weight. We can do this. I'm already starting to have more energy which is the biggest motivator. Keep working at it. You will reach your goal.
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