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Default What's a good way to get started?

Nobody answers my other post anymore, so I'll make another one. I'm in need of support, although I couldn't tell you exactly what kind...
But anyway. I bought two Atkins books, and some recipe books. I went to my doctor today to find out why I'm still tired after three months of CPAP use. She referred me to an ENT and gave me a prescription for Prozac, just in case it's depression. I have eaten healthy for the last two nights, but I didn't count calories or anything like that.. I'm not sure the math's not beyone me. In any case, I ate trukeyburger stirfry last night and chicken stirfry tonight. That has to be better than the way I've BEEN eating. The way I've been eating is just whatever's around. I go out for fast food pretty often because I'm often too tired to cook. I've decided I'm going to have to force myself to cook. Cause what if I'm tired for the rest of my life? What if the doctors never figure out the right pressure, the right machine and all of that... What if it's something else? I can't just get fatter til I can't get out my door, even if I keep falling asleep. I have to lose weight no matter what.
I completely quit caffiene a couple of weeks ago, but I'm still drinking caffiene free Pepsi. I suppose I'll have to quit that too. (Tomorrow.. right after I drink this one.. heh.) I also bought a bunch of tiny pretty plates and got rid of my big ones after reading the "Is this awful" thread. I don't know what to talk about, because I haven't lost any weight to report. As a matter of fact, I found out today at the doctors office that I weigh 235, not 230 like I said in my other posts.
I do have one question... I feel like I need something exciting to get me started... Do any of you have any reccomendations of a way to "officially" start a diet.. Just to kind of make it a special thing in my mind? I know slow and steady will win the race in the long run, but right now, just cooking differently every day one day at a time is not getting me excited. I excercized yesterday and ended up so exhausted that I cried. (That's what sent me to the doctor complaining today.)
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Cause what if I'm tired for the rest of my life? What if the doctors never figure out the right pressure, the right machine and all of that... What if it's something else? I can't just get fatter til I can't get out my door, even if I keep falling asleep. I have to lose weight no matter what.
That's the attitude! I know with many health conditions that losing weight helps people feel better, I hope you will have that same experience

With cooking, I would suggest cooking for several meals at once and freezing each meal individually. I hear it saves time and based on my limited experience, it probably does.

That little extra something.. hmm... I remember someone writing that they particularly enjoy drinking tea, so they have a special tea set that they use to make tea and then relax and enjoy drinking it out of this special china. I'm not sure if this is what you meant?

Good luck! Check in with us

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I know for me that I have to tackle one problem at a time. I started first with eating. Thus far I have been good with eating. I've had a couple of binges since the beginning of this month -- I would classify them as mini binges though because I was still looking at the calories and fat grams of the things I was eating. I also told myself that I would not beat myself up the next day -- I just let it go. I have thus been able to lose all of the weight that I put on during the holidays.

I am now starting to tackle the exercise segment. I haven't exercised since December and even before then my exercise was more sporadic. I am trying to walk more and take little steps instead of an all or nothing approach. I guess in general my apporach has been more about health than about weight. I know that weighing less will be the result of a healthier lifestyle.

My goals aren't hitting a certain number but more of things that I want to do (such as):

* being able to jog/run
* more flexibility

I want the lifestyle of a healthy person rather than just "looking" like a healthy person.

Motivation -- think of a certain hallmark that you would like to see some change in the future. For me it was to be healthier for 2007 and esp. for my birthday -- late July. Or you can plan a fun trip or even to get ready for - a wedding, a party that you want to look nice for and go all out for it.

I hope it helps.

Good Luck!
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Well, I'm just getting started, just like you. I have lost about 2 or 3 lbs so far. What really kick started my desire to change my body is 2 things. This may seem funny, but, one day, I was getting ready to take a bath, and I got undressed. I had just got a fresh haircut, and I took a mirror and was playing around with the back of my hair, and when I caught a good look at my butt from the back, I was horrified at what I saw... I had never really seen myself from that angle before, and I must say, once was enough. The other thing was, I was at the drugstore one day, and while waiting for a scipt to be filled, I used their blood pressure machine, and it says I have pre-hypertension. Those two things combined was like a big warning sign for me. I am in it not only to look good, but to be healthier... My mom is 53 and has had a series of strokes and a heart attack already, and diabetes for the last 10 years or more. and I really don't want that for myself at her age...you know. It's time to do something about this... now.

I started my diet a week and a half ago, and since then, I am trying to limit my intake, especially carbs, and increase my activity. I walk at least 30 minutes every day, sometimes longer, if my feet don't hurt too bad. I have had two special occasion days where I did cheat a little, Valentines Day and Mardi Gras, but I didn't beat myself up about it. I just got back on the wagon the next day, and picked up where I left off. And I intend to cheat again for my birthday, 3-28. Will I mess myself up? NO... It's just one day...

I know I'm just starting out now, but this is not my first rodeo. In the past, I have found that it's easier to stick to a diet if you allow yourself a little treat now and then, like maybe one treat every week or two. That way, you don't feel so deprived. If you totally deprive yourself, you will probably fail, because when you finally break down and have that piece of cake, you will end up eating half the cake, or the whole thing.... and then you will give up and go nuts, and gain back all you lost and then some...

Also, walking is probably the best excercise you can do. Not only do you burn fat and calories, but it is relaxing and reduces stress... And, it allows you to be outside in the sunshine, which is good for you. I'm sure it will help your depression as well, to be out amoung people, and not being cooped up all day in the house, feeling sorry for yourself. It will make you feel like you have more energy. All in all, walking is good...do it! Get a walkman or an mp3 player, listen to your favorite music and just go. It will make you feel good, inside and out...

Just take it day by day, one day at a time. I try to eat mostly alot of skinless chicken and fresh veggies or fruit. Also, they say fish is very good for dieting, but i don't really like grilled or baked fish, I only eat fish if its deep fat fried, and I can't have that...I drink mostly unsweet iced tea, but I also love milk, so I let myself drink a small glass or two a day with a meal. Also, flavored teas are good, makes things more interesting. I like spearmint iced tea... As for tea, it has caffiene, but caffiene can help you lose weight, though it can be bad for you if you have blood pressure problems. Thats between you and your doc... All in all, all of what I am doing is an improvement to what I was doing before, pigging out on whatever was available, drinking sodas all day, and not exercising, except at work (waitressing). And, since I aim to make some permanent changes in my life, I have nowhere to go but healthier and thinner... We all pretty much know the difference between healthy food and junk food. That's common sense. Just make better choices, it's as simple as that. Hopefully, you can do the same.

I hope this helps....
Sorry so long, I have a tendency to gab alot....


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I can only speak from my own experience, I am an all or nothing person. I decided to start one day, and that was it. I completely changed everything about my eating. I cleared the house of junk food, gave up fast food, soda, packaged baked goods and made a goal to try to ONLY eat nutrionally powerful foods and avoid nutritionally void foods. 5+ servings of vegetables, 3+ servings of fruit, lean protein, low fat dairy, healthy fats, whole grains (quinoa, brown rice, whole grain bread, whole wheat tortillas/pita/pasta, sweet potatoes).

From the very first day, I was planning on losing weight and keeping it off, which meant I couldn't do something short term (because when I stop a diet, I gain the weight back). I needed something LONG TERM. Which meant I personally couldn't do anything too radical - like Atkins. I love sandwiches and waffles and brown rice and tortillas, I couldn't give that up, I needed a healthy way of eating that I liked and I could stick to for the rest of my life.

So, I looked at how I usually ate, my typical breakfast sucked, I ate too much junk in the afternoons and relied on taco bell/pizza a little too much for dinner. When I did cook, it was pretty healthy, just needed some tweaks.

I started menu planning on Sundays, going to the grocery store and ONLY buying what was on my list, cooking healthy dinners, packing lunches, making snacks. I started checking out restaurant menus online before I got there (to avoid making decisions from a tasty menu, surrounded by good smells), I stopped eating out of the bread basket and started really limiting alcohol (and drinking calories in general).

Most importantly for me, I found healthy foods I liked to eat just as much as the bad foods I liked to eat. I absolutely love to eat, so I needed food I loved to stay motivated everyday. I also usually cook food in big batches, so I can eat it for several days, it's easier than cooking every day. Sometimes I take the leftovers to work for lunch, or freeze them for a busy time when I just don't feel like cooking.

What excited me - the thought I was actually going to lose weight and keep it off this time, I had no doubts AT ALL it would work. I was right I knew I was making great changes for my long term health, I was very excited from the day I started.
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Hi there jessica, and hi to all,

I was just reading the boards before hitting the hay and I saw your post. As for the medical conditions, prozac, etc. I am not able to respond as of course I dont know the history and even then, it wouldn't be appropriate for me to do so but as for the rest , here goes:

I am new here too! I just joined about 3 weeks ago and I love this place! hm, that something exciting you asked about? it can be anything really, something that rings your bell.....as little or large as you want to make it. Clearly, I see your readiness to start and that's, I beleive, a big and paramount step in itself. As for the excitement factor, I give myself little increments or ideas. It can be anything, as long as its something you like. Although I have long term goals , I work best in little increments! day by day, as another poster said or week by week. For example, I m ight plan something next week......like a get together with family or friends or a special night out. Maybe a night away if possible or maybe just planning a special dinner and ouftit........I am rambling now but what I am trying to say is that setting little things to look forward too really helps me.

I started mid january changing my eating habits. I didnt lose anything for 2 weeks but i stopped the late night eating! that was a b ig deal for me! I just made some changes to my eating, as your doing now! like you said, eating healthier, etc. After, I gradually began to change what I was eating. I didn't do it all perfect from day 1 and still don't! Its exactly like you said, how you ate the turkey and this and that but its so much of a difference from what you were doing before and that's progress : ) Your on the right track!

You mentioned calories and math, etc. I do my own so called diet and dont count calories per se but am very very familiar and consiencse of them. I noticed that a lot of women here go to fitday.com, maybe you can look around in there and it will help you with calorie information. Another cool site is calorieking.com. For dinner, I basically eat low fat proteins. chicken (white meat , no skin), fish....turkey is good too. I occassionally eat beef (yes i allow myself beef night once a week) and even a brunch night! Im not starving myself, love the foods im eating , yet they are healthy and low in cals and I am losing weight!

I was getting take out a lotttttt before, now I cook but still go out to eat twice a week! Chile's rest. has a great guiltless grill section. If your not up to cooking right now, I would suggest roast chickens from shaws (traditional flavor) , perdue sliced chicken breast from the deli, sliced turkey, etc. Lean cuisines too, though keep an eye on the nutiritional label, some are a bit high in fat. I eat fish about 3x a week, someone mentioned fish? prive me if you want, I found a way to make it that is delicous! I only would eat it fried before too and almost always hated it baked or broiled in rest. It is awesome, though i do use white wine in the recipe and some other ingredients.

Someone here mentioned walking as a way to start exercising! I couldn't agree more! It has been a godsend to me , well the treadmill isn't as fun but walking outdoors is great! Well, Ibest be going to bed. Good luck and keep us posted I suggest thinking about that something exciting and maybe make a date or a plan, a week or two from now to help you along with your jumpstart : )
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We all know the mantra, eat less move more. Easy enough it should be, right? For some, the all or nothing approach like Glory did, works great, for others, like me, smaller steps still bring us to the same spot. I did years of all or nothing and found myself disappointed when I didn't get immediate positive feedback from the scale, stopped trying and got fatter. I don't have your health concerns, so I can't address them. This is what worked for me.

1. I drink water, 100 + ounces a day. Figure out how much you drink a day, and increase it every few days until it's at a comfortable level for you. Our bodies need water, if we don't get enough we retain water, we bloat we feel fatter, scale shows higher. Helps clear complexions, aids in digestion, for me it aids in controlling hunger, many times I would mistake hunger for thirst, so if you think you're hungry but it's not a normal meal/snack time for you, try water first, wait 20 minutes. Reasses.

2. Eat nutrient rich foods, broccoli, sweet potatoes, skinless chicken, beef, pork, squashes, zuchinni, carrots etc. Every week try a new fruit or veggie in the produce dept, one you haven't tried before, bring it home, google it, find recipes for it, try it. You might like it, you might not, but you've tried it. Eat every 2-4 hours depending on your need. Some of us eat every 2-3 hours, some every 3-4 hours, depending on what our bodies need. Make them smaller meals. Eat 3 meals and 2-3 snacks a day. Instead of 3 huge meals and 3 huge snacks, on those smaller plates you bought, try filling one 50% of the way with veggies/fruit, 25% with skinless chicken, pork, beef, fish, seafood, 25% with a whole grain, long grained brown/wild rice, whole wheat pasta<check these carefully, the only ingredient should be wheat>, whole grain breads etc. Take your time eating, enjoy what you've prepared. Even if you're not a cook, you can do this, I use my rice cooker steamer combo 4 times a week, I make a huge batch of brown rice and that goes towards all my lunches for the week, on top I toss in a bunch of veggies and let them steam. Nothing fancy, I toss some Mrs. Dash on top for flavor and color. Or I'll put fish or pork fillets in the steamer basket while the rice cooks, season that midly, let those flavors drip onto the rice. This is doable with the smallest amount of planning. It takes me 30 minutes to decide the weeks entire menu, and with practice and patience, you'll do it easily too. The first few weeks are agonizing as it takes knowledge to know which veggies/fruit pack the most punch for their calories. Each of us had to find what worked for us and what didn't through trial and error. Alot of people use ff jello's coolwhips etc for their desserts.

3. Move more. I'm not suggesting you go out and run a marathon. Simply moving more within our own house helps. I started in a silly way, I use to have this long hallway, you could actually use it as a bowling lane, the back bathroom was at the end of this hall, I was normally in the main living room at the start of this hall, so before I would go to the bathroom, I would walk/jog that hallway 10 times, then go to the bathroom. I made sure I didn't use any of the fancy "make cleaning go faster" caddies. I carried 1 item at a time into the room I was cleaning, forcing me to walk more. I quit using newer cleaning methods, ie, swiffers, bathroom spray for soap scum etc, and got back to using elbow grease, I started dusting the old fashioned way, moving everything off the table/shelf, dusting and putting it back. Stepping in the tub with a scrub brush and scrubbing the tub, all these small changes amounted to more movement, more lbs lost, higher metabolism, allowing me to eat a bit more. Once you're comfortable with what you've added into your day, add more. Even a 10 minutes walk after every meal and snack adds up to roughly 50-60 minutes of walking a day.

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