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Default Broke down at the Valentine's dinner - can't get back to my diet

Hi ppl ,
Last week was amazing for me and I made a wonderful dinner to my gf... Which was really fun and romantic...
But....As you can guess it wasn't very good for my diet.... Too much bread... Too much carbs......
Now I just can't get back on the road to success.... After breaking your diet it's soooooooo hard to continue .....
Anybody else broke dwn last week because of the V-day ?
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Sometimes you don't REALLY want something, until you're willing to sit down and commit to change. We each make choices and everyday you wake up and decide to go off plan... that is your choice, and nobody elses. You have the option of changing things if you really wanted to. It is hard to get started again, but, it's harder on your body to be unhealthy.

Good luck hun, and with a little determination, you can do this!
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Heh, I just posted this on another forum yesterday, crossposting!

One of the hardest things for me to do was to learn to forgive myself for eating "offplan." Life is messy, complicated, things happen that are completely unexpected - that is okay, that is life.

I used to think that if I ate a piece of birthday cake at work, the day was just ruined. I would either 1) starve the rest of the day 2) just eat anything, because the day was "ruined." These were both very bad responses.

Now, after maintaining my weight loss for 2 years, I KNOW, really KNOW that an occasional treat here and there will not derail my hard-earned progress, it really will be okay. I can now FORGIVE myself and get right back on track and just treat the rest of the day normally. It has been an enormously positive change for me.

Now, I try to plan as best as I can. I look up recipes on Sundays, I plan menus, I grocery shop, I pack lunches. I make healthy meals and bring healthy snacks to work. I do try to eat well, I've found it's really hard to eat healthy by accident. I accept and understand finally that life is not perfect and things will sometimes not go according to plan, that is OKAY. I accept that I will have nice meals in restaurants, I accept that I will sometimes drink wine, eat dessert, put cream in my coffee.

My weight/health are more than one fancy meal, more than one truffle, more than one piece of birthday cake, more than unexpected cheese and crackers at a work event - they are the result of a healthy lifestyle, which does include occasional treats - like nice dinners for Valentine's Day.

I am very careful that a treat meal does not become a treat day, or a treat week or a treat month. I enjoy what I'm eating and then I move on. I have my healthy habits in place so I can quickly get back on track with the next meal.
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Matt, I kinda look at "bad" days, holidays, birthdays, even unplanned slip-ups as PART of the plan. I mean they are BOUND to happen. We're not perfect beings, we're HUMAN beings. It's OKAY to go off plan sometimes. But for holidays and stuff I actually PLAN to step a little bit out of bounds, I give myself permission to do so, thus I haven't gone off track and there's no beating yourself up. The key is to not let the slip ups, planned or otherwise turn into days and weeks. Yesterday was history. Gone and done with.

Try to reevalutate why you went on a "diet" in the first place. Remember how good you felt when you stayed on plan. Just as quickly as you got off track you can get quickly right back ON track. Get a few good days under your belt and you will forget all about Vday. Your goals and dreams are right there waiting for you, right within your grasp. Go for it. It's worth it.
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Originally Posted by rockinrobin View Post
Matt, I kinda look at "bad" days, holidays, birthdays, even unplanned slip-ups as PART of the plan.
I totally agree. Holidays and birthdays and special dinners out will always be there and I will always have a treat. I treat losing weight like I would if I was at goal weight (just with less daily calories).

So valentine's dinner I went out and had an amazing dinner and even dessert, I did eat a LITTLE lighter during the day but not too much. The next morning, I got up - got on my exercise bike and was back on track. I didnt think twice about it. I want to lose weight bad enough so I dont even think twice. YES I have times where I might go off track for a week but I always get back on track. This past month has been bad for me, with birthdays, being out of town, valentine's day - I have been on and off for a month now. Just do the best you can.

And I do agree with lovelypupple - if you really want it; you can do it. It gets easier.
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Mattt, I slipped up from Thanksgiving through Christmas. Too many visitors, too much comfort food. It took all of January to get me back on track. Now that it is February, I am about 90% on track. I can't say that I'm 100% just yet, but I'm working hard to get there. What matters is that you recognize your need to get back on track and start trying to do it. You will eventually if you keep trying.

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Valentine's Day was just another day for me food-wise, but I've gone off plan so many other times I can't even count them all. Usually for something that is planned in advance, like your Valentine's Day dinner (dinner out with friends, my birthday, it's Friday and I need a glass of wine). Sometimes for a week at a time (business trip, vacation, houseguests). One meal off-plan doesn't seem to have much of an impact on my weight. One week off-plan, that's another story. Here it is almost March and I'm still trying to lose the weight I put on over the holidays.

I've definitely experienced that it can be really hard to get back on track after being off-plan. Once I have a few good days, I'm usually fine, but getting in the first few days can be tough. During one struggle, I finally just threw out the food that I had around the house tempting me. Another strategy that has helped is posting my meal plan for the day in the planning thread here in the Support forum: it forces me to plan in advance and I'm more likely to stick to my plan once I've posted it. When I was at my absolute lowest, another thing that helped was being accountable to someone else and telling that person what I was eating. In my case, it was my personal trainer, but it could be a friend or anyone. Knowing my trainer was going to ask me what I ate when I went in for training really helped me get back on track.
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Default Vday

For me, It depends on "Am I feeling alone on Valentine's ?"
Cos if I do.... It's really bad for my diet....
Kind of emotional eating I guess....
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Originally Posted by rockinrobin View Post
Matt, I kinda look at "bad" days, holidays, birthdays, even unplanned slip-ups as PART of the plan. I mean they are BOUND to happen.
Yep yep yep! This is how I'm looking at things too. I'm making changes that I plan to keep for the rest of my life. I'm certainly not going to go the rest of my life without eating birthday cake or making a fancy meal for Valentine's Day!

But I also struggle with that feeling of...how will I ever get back on plan? What's the point? I'm obviously not disciplined enough to do this!

What's worked for me recently is just stopping myself when those thoughts start, and reminding myself that every day is a brand new day, and every food choice is a step closer to where I want to be. So, just because I had cake on Valentine's Day (and I did - picked a Weight Watchers recipe so I could indulge a bit by having a bigger piece!), that doesn't mean I have to have bacon and eggs for breakfast the next morning, and then sausages for lunch and burgers for dinner. I can get up in the morning and have my cereal or my eggs and wholegrain toast, and I can have my veggie soup for lunch and something really nutritious for dinner...and look! I'm back on track!

Sorry to ramble on so long - I just so know where you're coming from and wanted to let you know that you can do it!
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