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Unhappy Starving Days

I was wondering if anyone ever has days that they are hungry all day.

Yesterday I could not get enough to eat . I ate breakfast (pb on english muffin and milk) and I was starving in an hour. This usually holds me over until lunch. Lunch time came and instead of a small sandwich and a salad I ate a large sandwich and a salad . I was still hungry right after I ate it. I had my afternoon snack (100 cal. snack pack) and had to fight with myself all afternoon not to eat another one. Then last night I had to work late and on the way home stopped at a fast food joint and got a large hamburger and medium fries . After this I was finally satisfied. Not stuffed - Just satisfied.

Now today, I have been fine. I couldn't even hardly finish my 6" Subway Club at lunch and it's about time for my afternoon snack and I'm not really even hungry. What is that all about!

I have been doing pretty well on my weight loss journey, losing slow but sure but I don't know where that starvation came from yesterday.

Has anyone else had a "Starving Day"?
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Originally Posted by abbyin View Post
I was wondering if anyone ever has days that they are hungry all day.

Yesterday I could not get enough to eat
That was me last Friday. I didn't think lunchtime would EVER come! Then Saturday, no appetite whatsoever! Go figure!

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I do the exact same thing. Some days, I feel starving. Other times, I could go most of the day without eating. For me, the days that I feel starving are pretty few and far between. Doesn't seem to ever happen 2 days in a row. Thankfully. When the bad days do happen, I'll sometimes wonder how I ever am going to keep this wt. off. Next day, I'm fine. I had wondered if this happens to anyone else.


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I'm like that too and can't figure it out. Might have something to do with blood sugar or insulin.
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I have my share of starving days. They usually coincide with my period.
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Interesting that you should ask this. Today was my "starving day." I was just talking to a co-worker about it earlier. I have been hungry ALL DAY!

I hope I'm back to "normal" tomorrow!!

Glad to hear this happens to other people!
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I'm glad to hear that this happens to other people too!

And lillybelle - I thought the same thing yesterday. "How am I ever gonna lose weight and keep it off eating like this".

Thank goodness things are back to normal today!
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I often find I have a starving day the day after having eaten more than average sugar (for example a sweet dessert after dinner the night before). It seems to get me every single time.

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I'm exactly like that a few days before my TOM.
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It's really hard to limit calories day after day, week after week, and not feel hungry sometimes. I find that when I have a really starving day it's sometimes because I haven't been taking my vitamins--so I really am starving for something. Sometimes it's also because I haven't been eating enough protein. Usually protein will satisfy my hunger when carbohydrates just will not.

I'm a happy chick today because I've finally dropped firmly below 180 and it doesn't look like I'm going to bounce back again. Been trying to get past that number for three weeks of pretty rigorous program eating, what with Christmas and all. YAY!

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Default I know exactly how you feel

I know exactly how you feel. Somedays I don't get hungry until 2:00 p.m. Other days, I am hungry from sunrise until way past bedtime. (Once I ate 12 cheese and crackers at 3:00 a.m. because I woke up hungry in the middle of the night.) Adrenaline plays a part, as well. On really stressful days, I don't notice that I haven't eaten until late in the day. After that, it's anything goes.

I would recommend increasing water intake and decreasing empty carbs. Water fills you up, and the reduced carbs lowers sugar in your bloodstream which can trigger hunger pangs. I try to drink 8 glasses (16 oz glass) of water per day. That's 128 oz. (8) 16 oz glasses, rather than 64 oz. (8) 8 oz cups. It's hard, but I have to keep trying. And I've also started substituting veggies for bread and pasta. Eating nuts helps too, as long as they are unsalted and unsweetened. Finally, if my carb cravings will simply not let up, I try to pick whole grain breads and crackers.

Good luck and don't give up.
Wish me luck!

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Yep, I've been there too! They don't happen often, but on those occassions I have to work hard not to eat my way through the day. I never noticed it before I started losing weight, but maybe it's because I'm way more conscious of what I put into my mouth now. On the up-side, at least you know you're not alone! My DD has quit having those days, I think! She's 14, 5'0", and weighs about 97 pounds. We used to always laugh because she eats very little, and about once every 5-6 weeks she'd have one of those days and would literally out eat her 200 pound father. She would eat a full plate of food at dinner - normally unheard of - and get directly up from the table and open the pantry doors looking for something to eat. We used to just stare at her in amazement!
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Days that I feel really hungry are those when I have eaten less protein, fiber, and/or had enough water. Try adding these and you may notice a difference.

If I forget to eat something every three hours, my body yells at me with loud growling!


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Jay: Congrats on comfortably reaching the 170's! Excellent job.

I'm usually starving most days. The least I can manage is one or two days at around 1400 to 1550 calories, the rest I'm at 1700 to 2000. I'd be losing a lot faster if I could eat less but it is coming off slowly so I'm OK with that.

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How ironic I was having "one of those days" as well. There are so many things that play into those days TOM stress, what you eat, the smells around you, so much. I think the trick is not to stress over those days but to try to eat "good food" For me cottage cheese can really curb the hunger. Nuts are also really good.

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