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Default Incentive to use my treadmill...

I have a treadmill at home and feel so unmotivated to use it until I read this today, thought I would share this article with you guys:

Theoretically, 3,500 calories equals 1 pound of fat. So if you walk around 60 minutes per day, you can lose 30 pounds in about seven months. You can speed up the weight loss by making small calorie reductions in your diet (for example, saying “no” to regular desserts or using skim instead of whole milk).

If you are not yet fit enough to do a lot of exercise, take it one step at a time. Start with 10-minute sessions and add a few minutes per week.

Most important, wrap your mind around the idea that you need to be active for the rest of your life. Walking may melt off the weight you want to lose now, but if you stop moving once that extra heft’s gone, it’ll soon be back. Plus remember that every time you make your body move, you’re burning more fat and fine-tuning from the inside.

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I think you finally got your "AH, HA" moment....

and Mayouta!
I l e n e
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Yes an AHHA moment, however whilst 30 pounds in fat is correct, as you exercise your muscle weight will increase, which of course ways more than fat, so I would suggest measuring yourself regurlaly as well as weighing to keep the motivation going. I made that mistake earlier this year, Iwas convinced my exercise regime at the gym was proving fruitless until I started goinf or regular measurement checks.....

godd luck & keep treadmilling or better still run in the fresh air


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Thanks for posting that article! It makes me feel even more inspired! I love my treadmill!
~ Tracy ~

My fitness journal
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I love my treadmill too but haven't been on it regularly lately. This just gave me the motivation to do so. Thanks!
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I try to use my treadmill 3 times a week. I'm doint the couch to 5K program. It's taking about twice as long as it should but oh well! I'm really enjoying the program and i'm trying not to pay too much attention tothe scale. it's too frustrating to write down everything you eat and exercise regularly and not see much of a reduction on the scale. GRRRRRRRRRRR I keep telling myself it's that i'm gaining muscle!!!!!!
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