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Default Dangers of science journalism

This article is a pretty interesting read. It is one reason that you shouldn't base a lot on studies that have few participants (I'm looking at you Dr. Oz). The scientific method is pretty clear that studies have to be repeatable and you can use certain studies as jumping points, but don't make broad conclusions on small studies

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Thank you for sharing this! The word must be spread! (I refuse to believe a glass of red wine at bedtime is anything but healthy, at minimum, it assists my psychological health).

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That's cute. And good for them! Jimmy Kimmel has done this with social media, too - getting people to believe, tweet and discuss things that are total BS.

I love that they used dark chocolate, lol. I can't tell you how many times people IRL have suggested that I should eat it because it's good for you and helps with weight loss. NOT regular chocolate, they always point out, lol, DARK chocolate.

I don't think there is any harm in *most* weight loss fads. Dangerous drugs, obviously, are to be discouraged, but if someone wants to eat chocolate, cut fat or whatever, there's no problem.

It's fun to kick new ideas around, sometimes, even if you suspect it's total BS.

Like the above poster said, some things help you because you like them and that works, too.

Still, when I pass the Ghirardelli store, I don't go in for the freebie pice of chocolate. I'll skip that help.

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The weight loss industry is full of scams. Buyer beware!

For example, almost all diet pill review sites, presented as some objective resource for the public, are noting but sleazy marketing sites selling these products. Take garcinia cambogia extract for instance. The sellers, and even Dr. Oz, claimed that the diet pill is highly beneficial with virtually no risks but the real evidence shows the product doesn't work too well and most likely is going to incite the development of diabetes in healthy (overweight) people who consume the diet pill and worsen the diabetic situation in diabetics who take it:

Desperate and ignorant people are easily fooled and manipulated by "science" or charming but deceptive celebrity doctors like Oz. That makes up the majority of the public... so this situation won't change anytime soon.
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I remember a course I had in grad school about research papers - 95% of them are bunk. My husband is an economist (and actuary) and he can find holes in nearly every single research study. I've gotten pretty good at it too.

It's just so easy to base conclusions without controlling for all variables.

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This reminded me of this article I read that made me laugh, though they make some excellent points on how easy it is to fool people.

5 BS Health Myths People Still Believe (Thanks to One Guy)

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There must be something in that Activia because when I eat it I sure do poopy a lot! But then okra, vinegar, and white grape juice will do that to me too!
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