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How Has The Obesity Epidemic Disrupted Romance?

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Default How Has The Obesity Epidemic Disrupted Romance?

Here's an interview with the author of the book, "XL Love: How the Obesity Crisis Is Complicating America's Love Life". The author has collected a lot of information from onset of puberty, attraction, marriage, health and so on.


Sounds interesting and I plan on reading the book.
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I think weight can cause complications but not always in the ways that people think. Although I have noticed that obese teens are less likely to date. My husband and I started dating as teens. He was obese and I was healthy weight. Our arguments weren't about sexual attraction but differences in lifestyle. He wanted to sit around home all the time, eat junkfood and watch movies and TV. I wanted to leave the house more and do more active things. For a while, he got his way and I ended up being obese because of it. But he got health problems and has to fix it because basically it's a matter of life and death. As a result, he is now eating a lot better and doing exercise. Now that we're being healthier it seems to be strengthening our relationship more and I'm a lot happier about our new lifestyle. But the arguments weren't about sexual attraction related to weight. So I don't think that article is entirely correct. When I was in my early teens I had a relationship that lasted more than a year with a guy that was also healthy weight. For most of the relationship we did nothing but argue and it was about how he was attracted to anorexic women. So relationships with both being healthy weight aren't necessarily better.
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Nope. Rubbish.

True love doesn't see the weight.

I'm living proof.

Met my wife fat.

Lost her thin.

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I can only speak for myself, but I can definitely say that my sex life/romantic life was dormant when I was obese. But it was mainly because I was too depressed and ashamed of myself to want any guy to see my naked. I only started to date again a few years ago when I lost most of my weight (that I've recently gained back ugh).

Though now, like VioletDolphin, my bf is kind of lazy and doesn't like to be active. I think that I fell into that habit with him at first. He's a bit pudgy but I still love him and find him attractive. It's weird, I accept him for his weight, but I didn't accept myself enough to date when I was overweight. But he accepts me now that I've gained weight, he still finds me sexy...

So in my case, it did affect my love life completely, both ways!

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Personally speaking, self confidence has had far more to do with romance (for me) than my weight. I've been obese for a while now.. have yo-yo dieted but have not been below 215lbs in about 7-8 years. During the 2-8 year period I've dated 2 guys long term, and a few short term.

I did use to blame loss of romance on my weight with the first long term guy (that relationship lasted about 2 years). Really though, I didn't have any self-confidence. When I really think back we were very romantically involved at the beginning of the relationship, but as my confidence level dropped (he was emotionally abusive, and just kinda a jerk overall) so did romance.

My current boyfriend of over two years (three years coming up at the end of Feb) that has never been an issue. He loves me for who I am and actually helped me gain a lot of the confidence back that the previous guy had destroyed. He is supporting me in my weight loss journey, but only because it's something I really wanted/want to do, not because it's something he requires to find me attractive.

Now if you're talking just one night stands and brief romantic flings, or if you happen to be dating someone who is focused completely on looks, then I'm sure weight is going to have much more of a negative effect.
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If anything being fat is a plus because you weed out all the people just looking for a one night stand. My grandmother always said women who are overweight will end up the happiest. They get the good men who see a woman's soul over her butt. Kind of true in my opinion!
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You are going to lose out on a whole swath of people who are fitness/sports/active lifestyle oriented. And depending on the woman, she may be less sexually adventurous obese (some positions are literally not possible when heavy, plus the confidence issue.)

But many, many people find love while overweight. This is just one aspect.
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Science is a good thing. And I have an appreciation for it. Research is a good thing.

However, there is a big, "but" in all of this.

In the animal kingdom, survival of the fittest, drives, who gets to get who.

In the human kingdom, with it's capability of abstract thinking, and sometimes skewed thinking and emotions, we make choices, that are not always in our best interest.

That being said, why does the fat guy, marry the skinny girl? Why does the fat girl end up with the skinny guy? Whey does the ugly, short, squatty person end up with a tall hottie?

Why do some people, decide, to forgo the whole intimate relationship thing, like their job, and get a dog?

Why do some, like my boss, at 72, and need Viagra, still insist on chasing women? Good night, he's had 3 wives and numerous significant others!

They have all liked his money!

Why do 2 of the heaviest people I know, who have a son who is 17, and were told they would never conceive again, because of their weight, now have 2 little kids, at 40+? They are great parents!
Why does a girl from a reasonably good home, with a high school education, decide it's a good plan to get pregnant, and the daddy is now in jail, and there to stay for a good while. And has 4 other kids he does not support?

But she "LOVES" him.

I could go on and on with examples.

The thing is surveys, studies, and so on. No matter what you do, you will never do a total survey/study that will cover all of the human bases.

There are too many differences, in social structure, beliefs, environment and so on to ever label people!

Case in point, suicide bombers! Seriously, who does that? How do you train for that profession?

Just saying.

3+ year maintainer.
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Default same situation

Originally Posted by IanG View Post
Nope. Rubbish.

True love doesn't see the weight.

I'm living proof.

Met my wife fat.

Lost her thin.
Me too...crazy world
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Not going to apologize, not going to deny. But this is me. I am attracted to what my mind/body/being perceives as a healthy weight. That is usually at the high end of normal BMI for women, maybe slightly into overweight.

Those are often curvy women, but definitely not obese if we are just talking a physical attraction level, not overall attraction. I have never been attracted to obese women or skinny women. It isn't wrong for sure and not sure if it is right or not. But it is what it is. Might as well tell me not to like the color green (I do), and that it is 'wrong' not to like pink (I don't).

I think it is quite normal for people to link attraction to weight somewhat. In fact I would personally be surprised if this wasn't the case for someone. But more power to them. Certainly awesome if weight had no bearing on physical attractiveness but I am not wired this way and it is certainly not something to think is wrong in any way. As I said it is what it is. It isn't a matter of right or wrong, I think most humans are just wired this way. Weight can speak to genetic and overall fitness and our genes are hard wired to translate this to attractiveness for most humans.

Now where it goes wrong is all the manipulation by advertisers. But I think it is just evolutionary coding inherent in most humans to find some linkage to weight and attractiveness. It is just instinctual. But it has been mutated by modern media and ads.

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