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Artificial Sweetners Linked to Obesity

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Default Artificial Sweetners Linked to Obesity


Linked to the article -- in short, Nature will publish study results that may MAY indicate a link between atrificial sweetners and obesity due to a change in digestive bacterial flora. Researchers adknowledge that while a link may exist, the study size was small.

This explains why my brother, who is addicted to diet sodas and doesn't eat significantly more than others is almost 400lbs.

SUPERimportant news -- I'm off the artificial sweetner train for good as of right now.

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We read that paper a few days ago at work - it overlaps somewhat with our work in microbiota characterization. It's fascinating stuff. The glycan degradation pathways contributing to "enhanced energy harvest and enrichment" as stimulation for new glucose and lipid synthesis really triggers some interesting questions about the effects of no-calorie "foods" on metabolism. And I'm putting my Splenda away for good.
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When I was researching food additives years ago in university, for a paper, a lot of what I found was about aspartame specifically (e.g. a study where aspartame was put in water for rats, and they ate more food than the rats given regular water). But I wonder if this is aspartame-specific, and what effects other sweeteners have under the same conditions.

For instance, would stevia have a similar effect? It's a naturally occurring resource, and logically people may have eaten the plant traditionally (I don't know much about stevia)... did those people eat more, or gain weight? Would they today?

I avoid the artificial stuff, but I may also consider avoiding things like stevia because it seems like even if people eat the plant, they probably did so in small quantities... the way it's extracted, and the way ANY sweeteners are added to foods in bulk is kind of disturbing...
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I eat a lot of artificial sweeteners. They are not the most healthy but I think any evidence that they promote weight gain is very shaky, at least compared to the alternatives i.e. sugar, honey.

Saying that I do think a healthy gut flora is very important. I have one, despite artificial sweeteners, and I digest stuff quick. Too quick sometimes.

Kim chi has worked well for me.

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You don't get to almost 400 pounds eating normally and drinking diet coke. You can get to almost 400 pounds drinking diet coke and eating normally in front of other people and eating secretly alone. I think I eat more food in front of other people now while restricting than I did 80 pounds ago.

I get that they're horrible for you in a lot of ways and I feel guilty for relying on them as much as I do. Honestly right now calorie counting they get me through the day. When I get to goal and up my calorie intake I plan to switch my focus off of quantity of food and over to quality of food and I'll say good bye to them.
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